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BMW's New Emissions Free Electric Bike and Folding Scooter


BMW seems to have a strong electric car selection. The company is now focused on two-wheelers powered by battery. The German brand has just launched two new electric motorcycles, which will enable riders to traverse metropolitan streets without emitting any pollutants. The inventive concepts follow BMW's announcement of the CE-04 scooter, demonstrating the company's unrelenting dedication to the electric revolution. However, according to Electrive, the Munich-based firm does not really plan to manufacture the two vehicles itself, but it is reportedly in talks with possible licensees. BMW has produced its own motorcycles and two-wheelers, such as the X2City e-Scooter, which debuted in 2019. With the improved abundance and comparatively big wheels, this was designed to outperform previous motorized kick scooters. It also had distinctive pedal control of the motor rather than handlebars control. BMW has unveiled the idea under the term "Clever Commute," of a foldable electric scooter, which users can take on public transportation or in a vehicle without sacrificing driving comfort and stability. As a result, the vehicle is designed to persuade private clients rather than sharing providers. BMW's new emissions-free electric bike and folding scooter’s initial design includes a dynamic cargo and tiny three-wheel bike.

The concept Clever Commute

Owing to sharing systems, e-scooters have fully established themselves in the city logistics mix. They provide a flexible user experience, minimal local pollution, and the capacity to get those residing in the city to their preferred destination in a matter of minutes across short “last-mile” urban excursions. According to Green Car Congress, the adoption of e-scooters for private ownership has been modest until to date. Because of their size, larger, more stable models are hard to take on public transportation or transfer by automobile, but smaller, more portable ones have poor riding stability. The BMW Group has unveiled the Concept CLEVER COMMUTE, an e-scooter that folds effortlessly for transfer on public transportation and/or by automobile without reducing riding steadiness in any way. The electric bike has three separate modes in total: the public transport mode involves folding the running board up from the side and decreasing the wheelbase. This is done to limit the amount of space needed on buses, trains, and bus stops. The mechanism also reduces the CLEVER COMMUTE's wheelbase, allowing it to be handled on an escalator without any issues. If the trip involves any underground transportation routes, this is a must-have. It can still be rolled on both wheels if desired.

In addition, just because the concept Clever Commute is small, it does not mean it is weak. The front axle of the scooter features a hub-mounted engine, which BMW claims will enable you to climb slopes with ease. When properly folded, the ‘Clever Commute' is said to have a modest pack size, allowing it to slide into smaller vehicle trunks, such as a Mini's trunk and a BMW 3 Series' boot. With the entire large wheelbase, the driving mode is intended to improve stability. The CLEVER COMMUTE is foldable to fit into tiny car trunks, for those with vehicles with bigger trunks, they can fit several of them for family vacations. That means the CLEVER COMMUTE fits lengthwise in the cargo compartment from the 3 Series onwards, for instance, without having to fold down the backrest, and it can be transported crosswise in MINI trunks. The company hasn't revealed any information about the performance or range of each EV. However, it maintains that the electric mileage may be scaled depending on the requirements. BMW also mentioned that the battery pack on each bike can be removed for recharge at home.


Cycling is among the most versatile modes of transportation in cities, producing zero carbon emissions and one of the most efficient modes of transportation. Rainy, chilly, or slick conditions, on the other hand, are usually enough to convince most bikers to take public transportation or drive instead. The same is true whenever one needs to move things that are too large for a typical luggage rack, like a larger grocery shopping or transporting children. A wider selection of cargo bikes is available, providing an alternative option to driving in cities. Due to the limitations for hauling loads and children, most cargo bike ideas are broader and longer compared to regular bicycles? In combination with the greater weight and cargo potential, this results in varying degrees of constraints. According to This is Money, the front main frame, attached to the rear part by a pivot axle that tilts in bends, is the most important element of the three-wheeled Concept DYNAMIC CARGO. Without tipping towards the road, the rear part remains constant in all bends. Along with the cargo bike's electric engine, which kicks in immediately the user starts pedaling and propels the two rear wheels, makes it as simple to ride like a regular bicycle.

The back wheels, featuring their stiff, non-pivoting axle installation, give the foundation for a flexible, pick-up-style transit platform, in addition to providing significantly higher cycling steadiness in all climatic conditions than two-wheeler designs. This may be customized to haul luggage and/or children using a variety of ingenious modular attachments. The modular design philosophy also opens the door to a slew of new applications. The non-pivoting design means that the cyclist is barely aware of any additional weight being carried, allowing for safe and steady carriage of all weights while simultaneously providing a pleasant riding experience. The idea of installing a flexible weather defense mechanism completes the concept. This, combined with the Concept DYNAMIC CARGO's enhanced riding safety, is especially handy in inclement weather, making it an interesting mode of transportation all year. Also, there is the option of a folding deck chair for when you're out and about relaxing and taking in the sights. Fast-food delivery riders can also enjoy the option of a storage compartment to keep hot things warm. Commuters can use the same compartment to put rain gear for the inevitable rains they may experience. BMW, claims it will not produce the Dynamic Cargo directly, but is in talks with potential partners to do so just like the Clever Commute e-scooter. The German automaker introduced its latest CE 04 electric motorcycle early last month, which is expected to cost roughly £10,000. It boasts an 80-mile battery, a maximum speed of 75 mph, as well as a glow top coat jacket to match.

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