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A Closer Look at The 2022 BMW CE 04

2022 BMW CE 04

BMW unveiled the Motorrad Concept Link for the CE 04 bike in 2017. At the time, most people thought it would be discarded or at least toned down before it went into production. However, BMW pushed through with the plan and launched the 2022 MBW CE 04. This bike looks like something from a sci-fi movie or the future. Moreover, its launch ushered in the next era in the production of electric bikes. Let’s take a closer look at the 2022 BMW CE 04.


  • Quick response and speed
  • Very light for an electric bike
  • State-of-the-art look and design


  • Has storage for only one helmet
  • Very costly when compared to petrol-use bikes
  • Fast charger leads to additional expenses

Riding Modes

It is quite simple to ride the CE 04 bike. All you need to do is press the keyless ignition followed by the starter button as you hold the brake lever, both of which are fitted in front of the bike’s handlebars, as is the case in an ordinary scooter. The stand on the side serves as a kill switch, or handbrake, that prevents you from moving forward with it held down. The bike also features a 10.25" TFT dash that notifies you when to twist the throttle and get moving. The standard version of the CE 04 bike features three riding modes for you to choose from – Rain, Road, and Echo – with each one having its unique engine braking and throttle response. It also comes with an optional Dynamic mode that allows the rider to change the ABS and standard traction control. For beginners, the Rain and Eco ride modes are generally the safest options as they offer a very soft power output, with a high-smooth transition from a closed to open throttle. The optional Dynamic mode and Road mode also make a huge difference in the performance of the bike. For instance, the process of turning the throttle is smooth, but the torque kicks in pretty hard (at 1500rpm). Unlike BMW’s 400cc petrol scooter, the CE 04 model is an instant-drive bike as it has no clutch or lag delay.

Power and Torque

BMW used the same technological know-how and lithium-ion battery module found in its four-wheel category for the 2022 BMW CE 04 bike. This, therefore, means that the CE 04 bike has a maximum power output of 31KW (42 horsepower) in its A2 format. It can deliver top speeds of up to 75mph, which is similar to the A1 and A2 models, although the acceleration is very different. The 42hp CE 04 version can accelerate from 0 to 31mph in less than 2.6 seconds and from 0 to 60mph in just 9.1 seconds. The lithium-ion battery that powers the CE 04 can be charged from an ordinary household socket to full charge within an average charging time of 4 hours 20 minutes. You can also use a 6.9kw charter for an extra quick battery charge in just 1 hour 40 minutes. Moreover, the BMW CE 04 charge can move from as low as 20% to 80% within 45 minutes when using the 6.9kw quick charger or 1hour 40 minutes when using the conventional charger. Once the battery is fully charged, this bike can travel long distances of up to 80 miles. However, this is largely dependent on the ride mode you select and how fast you ride.

Accessories and Additional Packages

BMW offers an additional Comfort package for an extra $510. In this package, you will receive a comfier heated seat, pleasantly-heated grips, and a high windshield protector. Other accessories associated with BMW include a Tokyo Connect GTX jacket with LED light strips and the Sao Paulo rider helmet. The standard CE 04 bike comes fitted with sufficient storage easily accessible from the side – enough to fit a full-face bike helmet. There is also phone storage at the front, which is cooled by an electric fan to prevent the risk of your phone overheating. Furthermore, the phone and under-seat storage are all keyless. Neatly arranged rear and side bags provide additional storage.

Weight, Handling, and Suspension

The CE 04 weighs a respectable 231kg, which is 44kgs less than the C-Evolution but 25kgs heavier than the C 400 X. Nonetheless, it has been fitted with bulky and dense battery cells horizontally on a platform below the bike to improve stability and, at the same time, have no effect on handling. The low 780mm seat height and slimmed proportions of the bike’s bodywork help enhance dexterity in the CE 04. Moreover, the bike comes with 35mm Showa suspension forks and a single, directly-mounted shock-absorber with spring preload adjustment to help regulate the bike’s power and weight.


The 2022 BMW CE 04 comes with an efficient braking system, with two four-piston calipers grabbing two 256mm discs and one disc fitted on the rear. The front brake is placed on the right handlebar and the back brake on the left handlebar. They both do an excellent job of stopping the 231 kg CE 04 bike. Although the brakes come as ABS standard, you can go for the ABS Pro for an additional cost of £380 and access the Dynamic package. This package includes Headlight Pro running lights.

Comfort and Economy

Ergonomics are crucial to BMW designs. The low and flat 780mm seat is far more comfortable than it appears. Also BMW offers around six different seat options to choose from. In terms of economy, the BMW CE 04 features a 10.25" color display screen with a clear visible indicator that shows you how many miles you have left before the battery ends charge.


The standard full-power A2 BMW CE is offered at an MSRP of $14,300 or $11,795 for the base model. Most people consider this complete value for your money as you can easily ride to and from work without needing to buy petrol, thanks to its almost free-running CE-04 engine. BMW's highly-rated C 400 X bike, which runs on petrol, costs $6,795. While the BMW CE 04 costs almost twice that, it is generally cheaper than the C 400 X as it has more affordable running costs and does not include a petrol bill.


The 2022 BMW CE 04 has an impressive battery capacity that can cover long distances of up to 80 miles. Despite its hefty asking price, the bike is generally quick, easy-to-ride, silent, and stunningly stylish.

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