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A Closer Look at the 2022 BMW R 1250 GS

2022 BMW R 1250 GS

Are you looking for a do-it-all street motorbike that can help you run errands around town and cruise through interstate highways with ease? Then, you should get yourself the 2022 BMW R 1250 GS. BMW Motorrad has designed this versatile R 1250 GS bike to offer its users excellent utility and a sporty feeling that is suitable in each different terrain. Moreover, this GS bike comes with a standard 3-year warranty with roadside assistance and a pleasurable level of comfort. In this article, we will take a closer look at the 2022 BMW R 1250 GS.


The official specs for the 1250 GS are as follows:

  • Frame: two-section steel tube
  • Transmission: 6-speed/shaft
  • Fuel capacity: 5.2 gal.
  • 102.5 x 76.0 mm bore x stroke
  • Wheels, rear/front: die-cast aluminum; 17 x 4.5 in. / 19 x 3.0 in.
  • Motor: DOHC, 1,254cc, 8-valve air/liquid-cooled boxer twin
  • Wheelbase: 59.6 in.
  • Rear suspension: BMW Paralever, optional electronically adjustable ESA; 7.9 inches. Travel, spring preload, and rebound damping adjustable.
  • Tires, front/rear: Michelin; 120/70-19 / 170/60-17
  • Front suspension: 7.5 in. Travel; 37mm BMW Telelever
  • Rear brake: 2-piston caliper, 276mm disc w/ abs
  • Front brake: dual 305mm discs w/ abs, radial-mount 4-piston calipers
  • Compression ratio: 12:5:1
  • Rake/trail: 25.7°/4.0 in.
  • Warranty: 3 years, unlimited mileage
  • Claimed curb weight: 549 lb.
  • Seat height: (lowered suspension) 31.5/32.3 in. (standard seat) 33.5/34.3 in.


The new BMW R 1250 GS can be described as the star of the touring Enduro as it can easily cruise past adverse weather conditions, impassable routes, and even the most remote locations. It comes with further upgraded features to offer additional touring comfort and suitability. Overall, its top features included an unrivaled boxer engine with BMW ShiftCam, advanced riding modes, excellent lighting technology, and efficient driver assistance systems.

Engine and Performance

BMW Motorrad has an impressive engineering history of over 90 years in configuring the engines of their bikes. This is demonstrated in the horizontally opposed 1,254cc boxer twin engine that roars to life with the press of a starter button. The BMW's boxer twin engine delivers a smooth power output and pleasing engine sound. It is also listed among the top 10 engines of the best-sounding modern motorbike powertrains. In terms of sporting character and overall road performance, the BMW R 1250 GS provides a torque strength of 91.5 lb-ft at 6,510 rpm and up to 117 horsepower at 7,770 rpm.


Power in the 1250 GS is transmitted to the 17-inch golden cross-spoke wheel (featured in the 40-year GS Edition package at $1,1750) through an eye-catching single-side shaft final ride. There is also a Gear Shift Assist Pro option (a bidirectional electronic quick shifter) that is included in the Premium/ Dynamic package at $3,925. The bike's power transmission setup is generally maintenance-free, but it requires oil changes every 12,000 miles.


Despite installing an unconventional 37 mm Telelever to its front suspension design, the 2022 1250 GS bike has a motion quite similar and better when compared to any traditional fork-fitted motorbike. This suspension design helps the bike easily cruise past rugged surfaces and maneuver through a series of sharp turns. Even with a massive 19-inch golden cross-spoke wheel, the GS bike has a good level of rider support and comfort. Furthermore, the Black Storm Metallic GS comes equipped with the BMW's Dynamic Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA), which automatically modifies the damping settings based on the current riding mode.

Ergonomics and Design

For more than 40 years, the BMW Motorrad has been remodeling its GS adventure bikes to improve user experience. Their significant efforts are evident in the 549-pound GS that comes with a slim cockpit and a pleasingly comfortable seat for both passenger and driver. Although the bike’s footpegs are quite small, they are now fitted with easily removed rubber inserts to provide a firmer grip against the sole of the rider boot during off-road or slippery road adventures. Just like in all R 1250 GS bikes, the handlebar has a suitable upright bend that provides the perfect balance between wet and off-road riding escapades. Moreover, these bikes come in four different color variations for you to choose from. A popular favorite colorway is the Rallye Style which has a Racing Blue Metallic/ dynamic Light White/Racing Red color with stylish graphics on the fuel tank. There are also other options, such as the legendary R 100 GS, 40 Years GS editions with the basic Ice Grey, and Triple Black color paint.

Riding Modes and Experience

Like other BMW models, the 2022 1250 GS has a well-metered throttle response and an adjustable combined engine response control. However, the main downside with this bike’s riding modes is that they don’t provide a significant jump between settings. Plus, the engine operates on a large-sized 5.2-gallon fuel tank that offers a riding range of about 200 miles up to the next fuel fill-up. Unlike other traditional bikes, the BMW R 1250 GS ignition and fuel tank cap are keyless and require a proximity key fob to open the fuel cap and start the engine.

Tech Features

There are several technical upgrades fitted to the 2022 BMW R 1250 GS, such as bright LED Lighting lamps, the BMW Motorrad Connected IOS, and an Android app that allows riders to pair the bike to their smartphones via a Bluetooth connection. The bike also comes with a crisp and bright 6.5-inch color screen display, where the display settings can be managed through the BMW’s multi-wheel controller system. You can also keep track of your ride and destination route history, air pressure in the tires, fuel level, and any service information through the 1250 GS free-to-use app. Furthermore, you can get yourself the adaptive cornering headlight for an additional fee of $50 in the Lights package.

Braking System

When it comes to the bike’s braking system, the triple-disc plates provide a pleasant pedal/level sensation in the front and rear wheels. There is also an IMU-powered cornering ABS that offers immediate stopping power.

Other Features

The 2022 BMW R 1250 GS comes with other exciting features that include:

  • Heated grips with hand protection for added rider comfort
  • Easy-to-use cruise control
  • A windscreen whose height can be manually adjusted

Bottom Line

Although most features of the 2022 BMW R 1250 GS, such as the selection of colors and base price of $17,995, remain unchanged, there is a new and improved Select Package that costs $1,900. There is also an upgraded Premium Package that adds an extra $4,000 to the final price of this legendary adventure motorbike.

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