The Five Biggest BMW Recalls in Company History

As things stand, these are the five biggest BMW recalls in the luxury auto company history.

Steering Wheel Recall

The problem according to was that BMW had installed the safety feature without first checking its compatibility with the steering wheels they were using.

I3 Recall

What they found was that anyone under five feet in height was at an increased risk of neck injury when they sat in the driving seat without wearing a seatbelt.

PCV Valve Heater Recall

In 2017, BMW recalled 740,500 vehicles that were at risk of their positive crankcase ventilation valves short-circuiting, overheating, and melting.

Coolant Leak Recall

The problem was caused by a leak in the exhaust gas recirculation module. When the leak met soot and high temperatures, fires could, and did, occur.

Takata Airbag Recall

If the 2017/2019 PCV valve heater recall was a PR disaster for BMW, the 2015 Takata airbag recall was an even bigger one.

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