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Remembering the 1949 BMW R24

1949 BMW R24

The 1949 BMW R24 was one of the first postwar motorcycles made by Germany. Its design was inspired by the prewar 1938 R23 model. However, what made the 1949 BMW R24 different from other motorbikes, was that it had no rear suspension. During the Second World War era, the country placed restrictions on BMW. That meant that BMW could not include certain parts in their motorcycle. It would explain why it had no rear suspension and other components. With such restrictions, BMW had to manufacture the model from scratch. So, the company instead focused on improving its features like the gears and head shape. To further understand this model, you will learn of its features. Below are five elements that will help you decide whether this classic model is for you.


This motorcycle is suitable for any terrain. Some of the features that make it ideal for any terrain are its lightweight, frame, and suspension. Due to its lightweight, the rider can go up a hill. In addition, its weight keeps it stable, so the motorcyclist cannot easily fall off a hill. The purpose of a frame in the motorcycle is to enable it to move and jump. Jumping while riding is ideal when you are navigating through rugged landscapes. Its frame is light. If it were to be heavy, it would strain the suspension and interfere with the rider’s control of the motorcycle. Lastly, the suspension system enables the model to absorb shocks from rough roads. To tolerate the shocks, the motorcycle’s suspension is controlled by hydraulic and spring shocks.

Valves per Cylinder

Its engine system has two valves; the exhaust valve and the inlet valve. The inlet valve allows air and fuel into the engine while the exhaust valve releases burnt gasses. The 1949 BMW R24’s two-valve system is advantageous over other motorcycles with at least two valves. For instance, you have a few parts to work with. When shopping for parts, you will need to shop for two valves instead of one with four valves. Another benefit of the engine system is that it allows for faster airflow. With more airflow, your engine stays cool. Therefore, you are unlikely to experience engine problems such as a knocked engine or a decrease in its power. Meanwhile, those with more than two valves restrict the flow of air into the engine. For example, in a four-valve system, the air would first pass through the first valve before getting to the fourth one. As a result, such an engine system is likely to overheat due to insufficient air.

Drum Front Brake

It is amazing how relevant drum front brakes are to this day. In fact, modern cars still prefer this kind of brake. The drum brake works similarly to a disc brake since they both rely on friction to stop the motorcycle. However, a significant difference between the two brake types is how they generate friction. Drum brakes use springs, while disc brakes rely on hydraulic pressure. Since disc brakes rely on hydraulic pressure, they are susceptible to failure. It is not uncommon for them to fail due to fluid leakage from the brake linings. As for the drum brake, it does not rely on fluid, so you will not have to worry about fluid leakage. The model’s drum brake system is enclosed. It is important since it protects the braking system from atmospheric agents like mud, water, or ice. The atmospheric agents would have caused the springs to rust without being enclosed. As they rust, it can cause the motorbike to produce a noisy sound.


The maximum speed the motorcycle can travel is 95km/h. This is either an advantage or a disadvantage based on whom you ask. If you are a lover of speed, this model may not be your cup of tea. After all, some motorcyclists love to show off how fast they can ride. As for cautious cyclists, they do not need to worry about accidentally surpassing the speed limit and getting a speeding ticket. Others know they cannot handle fast speeds, so they would not mind getting their hands on this motorcycle. Motorcycle manufacturers recommend that for new motorcycles, you maintain speeds between 60-80km/h. While still new, the engine parts are rather delicate. The engine will be experiencing higher temperatures than usual. To cool the engine, you will have to ride at low speeds. This is a challenge most motorcycles may have. It is because they can easily surpass the speed limit. Besides overheating the engine, you can also damage engine parts. Thankfully, the model is built only to accommodate a standard speed limit.

Load Rating

Is carrying a load a part of what you do to earn a living? This model may be the best for you since it has a load rating of 290kg. It means that the biker can transport goods of such weight regardless of the speed they are traveling at. Also, with such a load rating, you do not need to worry about causing a blowout by overloading your tires. The odds are even low that a motorcyclist would transport a load exceeding 290kg. Since it is suitable for any terrain, it is easy for the biker to move a heavy load up a hill. This is something even most automobiles cannot do.


Do you think the 1949 BMW R24 still holds up today? Indeed, the classic motorbike inspired most motorcycle manufacturers today. Who wouldn’t be pleased to travel on any terrain or carry a heavy load with ease? Due to its convenience, the model has received a lot of buzz online. With that being the case, BMW has had to continually manufacture this model. If you intend to purchase the model, then it is the right decision to make. You will never have to worry about the brand’s scarcity or of its parts. It is, after all, the law of demand and supply.

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Written by Benjamin Smith

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