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Remembering The 2012 BMW K1600GT

2012 BMW K1600GT

Two years ago, during the press release for the 2009 BMW K 1300 GT and K 1300 S, the Vice President of BMW Motorrad, Pieter de Waal, announced the new German automaker strategy. This strategy was introduced to get rid of their previous quirky and pricey models and rebuild the brand's reputation. BMW also planned on widening its product supply and making some improvements to its existing models, like removing the three-button turn signals. BMW also made tremendous changes, like launching the 2012 BMW K1600GT, a fairly-priced superbike with an increased road performance. The all-new K 1600 GT is listed among the luxury-tour- and sport-touring categories. The 2012 BMW K 1600 GT boasts sportier ergonomics, upgraded suspension, and an appealing engine sound. This bike is also designed with a larger fuel tank, better wind protection, comfortable seating, and sportier ergonomics best suited for long-distance adventures. The K 1600 GT is fitted with a central Xenon high-intensity discharge (HID) headlight, perfectly highlighted by a set of high halogen beams with white LED background. The rear and front level sensors are able to communicate with the new BMW's Xenon control unit, which adjusts the GT's model lens to compensate for the variations in braking and acceleration. Read on to learn more about the 2012 BMW K 1600 GT Superbike.

Engine, Power, and Transmission

At the center of the 2012 BMW K 1600 GT is a powerful 1,649cc in-line, liquid-cooled, four-valve engine. The German automaker claims that this engine weighs 226 pounds and measures 21.9-inches in width. It also delivers an impressive 160 hp and a peak torque of 129 lb-ft at the crankshaft. The 2012 1600 GT engine has a slender beam that is attributed to a narrow 67.5mm stroke and 72mm bore. In addition to the drive and electrical components placed above the gearbox, the 2012 GT comes equipped with an in-line six-speed transmission that eliminates the use of counter-balancers used in the previous models. As with the previous K-Superbikes, the 1600 GT engine is constructed from lightweight materials that effectively save weight and space.

Center of Gravity and Torque

Additionally, the K 1600 GT's six cylinders are tilted forward about 55 degrees, which helps lower the bike's center of gravity and exert more weight on the front wheel. You will immediately fall in love with the GT's appealing rich, and deep engine sound that is maintained even under strenuous road conditions. According to Motorcycle, the BMW engine is decently smooth with minimal vibration and never feels dull. The engine power steadily climbs from 1,000 rpm to an outstanding 8,500 rpm, reaching its maximum 160 horsepower at around 7,750 rpm. Even more impressive with the 2012 BMW K 1600 GT is its large amount of readily available torque. The German automaker claims that the 1600 engine produces a peak torque of 129 lb-ft at 5,250 rpm. Weighing about 700 pounds, the 2012 GT comfortably reaches blurring highway speeds and has a lightweight clutch that allows you to change gears easily. With a 12.2:1 compression ratio, the BMW K 1600 GT has a decent fuel economy with a combined Highway and City mpg of 52.


In addition to a fuel-efficient engine, the 2012 BMW K 1600 GT has a highly responsive throttle, electronic cruise control, and several riding modes that include: "Road" for general purpose riding, "Dynamic" for sport riding, and "Rain" for wet, slippery road conditions. These riding modes help determine the bike's throttle response, Dynamic Traction Control level, and power output. For example, "Dynamic" mode has the quickest throttle responses, minimal DTC levels, and maximum power output; "Rain" reduces throttle response, maximum DTC levels and reduces power output; and "Road" cuts down the throttle response and increases DTC intervention. When developing the 2012 K 1600 GT, BMW mainly focused on lowering the center of gravity to allow for better handling. The aluminum sub-frame and cast aluminum bridge-type frame are made of lightweight materials that reduce the bike's overall weight.

Suspension, Chassis, and Brakes

The 2012 BMW K 1600 GT bike comes with a rear Para-lever and front Duo-lever suspension with a cast aluminum single-sided Swingarm that is sturdy and highly responsive. The optional Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA) allows for push-button adjustability among the several possible damping settings that include: Normal, Comfort, or Sport mode. Braking in this superbike is handled by 320mm BMW Integral ABS, which links the front and rear wheels for responsive braking. The triple-disc brakes are powerful and include a pressure sensor for improved brake sensitivity. In addition to the reliable suspension system, the 2012 K 1600 GT has improved wind protections and a generously padded seat that ensures you remain comfortable during your long road adventure. As mentioned above, the 1600 comes with a standard 32.7-inch seat height. According to Topspeed, the 2012 K 1600 GT bike has received many positive reviews in terms of rider comfort. This superbike feels very relaxed, with its footpegs set at a higher height and hand grips placed farther forward. Another notable feature of the BMW GT bike is its electronically adjustable windscreens that automatically slide down to the lowest position when the bike is powered off.

Bottom Line

The 2012 BMW K 1600 GT provides everything a luxury- and sport-touring rider could want. This bike boasts highly responsive handling, rider comfort, and high power transmission, which rivals the other competing models. The several riding options, optional Dynamic Traction Control, and Adaptive LED headlights to allow you enjoy state-of-the-art ride safety. The K 1699 GT will be available in three trim levels that include; the standard, which costs $23,045, the premium for $24,540, and the base model for $20,900. The K 1600 GT bike will be presented in two color themes; royal blue metallic and mineral silver metallic.

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