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10 Motorcycles Similar to the Honda Rebel

Honda Rebel

People are passionate about their motorcycles. There isn't a human being alive that would argue that fact. Some motorcycles are definitely more popular than others and some take that popularity to an entirely new level, achieving something that more closely resembles cult status. One search bike is the Honda Rebel. The bike that most people are accustomed to today has been around since about 2017.

There are definitely a lot of things that people love about it. In fact, they have a tendency to love it so much that they end up trying to figure out what other motorcycles are very similar to it so that they can truly immerse themselves in an experience that really speaks to their motorcycle loving souls. If you've never ridden one of these motorcycles, you might not understand why they are so popular. In order to gain a better understanding, it's important to learn just a little bit about the Honda Rebel.

About the Honda Rebel

As previously mentioned, the current iteration of the Honda Rebel that has become so immensely popular has now been around for roughly five to six years. It definitely looks the part (for those individuals who are interested in a cruiser), as it is a very specific type of motorcycle that has been heavily popularized in the United States since roughly the 1930s. If you're not sure what a cruiser would look like, think about the classic Harley-Davidson. This particular bike looks very much like something from that era, only it's made by Honda.

It also has plenty going for in its own right, not the least of which is the fact that it's capable of running without any problems whatsoever for at least 80,000 miles. That definitely puts it in a league of its own, as there aren't a lot of motorcycles that are designed to go that far. This is also a bike that sits fairly high off the ground, with a seat height of 27.1 inches. It also weighs just over 400 pounds.

All of that girth is moved by a 471cc parallel twin engine. The engine gives the bike just over 45 horsepower. More importantly, the bank's torque is rated at 29.9 ft-lb. That's more than enough to get you where you want to go and it lets you have a little bit of fun in the process.

10 Bikes That Are Like the Honda Rebel

Now that you know more about the Honda Rebel (and why people have a tendency to love it so much), it's time to learn more about 10 other motorcycles that are quite similar to it. Some of the bikes on the list might surprise you. Before you know it, you may be out there shopping for a new bike based on the information you’ve read.

Yamaha V-Star 250

10. Yamaha V-Star 250

One of the issues that a lot of people typically have with cruisers is that there aren't a lot of them that are made for novice riders. As a matter of fact, a lot of inexperienced motorcycle riders often find it quite difficult to handle these bikes because of their overall size and weight. This is a cruiser in every capacity, but it's also one that's made to be easy for novice riders to handle. It doesn't weigh as much as your traditional cruiser, coming in at just over 325 pounds. It does have a seat height that's just over 27 inches, but that's a lot better than many of the other cruisers out there that have seat height starting at more than 31 inches. By the same token, Yamaha offers a lowering kit that can lower the seat if need be.

This bike has other things going for it as well. For example, it's capable of going a whopping 78 miles on a single gallon of gas. Since the gas tank holds just under three gallons, you can go a considerable distance on one fill-up. Perhaps even more importantly, you don't have to worry about constantly spending a ton of money on gas because even if you're almost empty, you can fill this bike up for about $12, even at today's ridiculous gas prices. Last but not least, it has a top speed of 85 mph. That's fast enough to let you enjoy riding a cruiser without being so fast that it gets you into trouble.

Kawasaki Vulcan S

9. Kawasaki Vulcan S

In many aspects, this bike looks like a cruiser but it also has a few hints that suggest it's more of a throwback to a sports bike as well. As a matter of fact, that's one of the biggest reasons why so many people love riding it. It tends to feel much more like a sports bike than a cruiser, yet it has many of the aspects of a cruiser that appeal to individuals who are in that particular market. For example, it has a 650cc engine, one that's very similar to the engine used on the Ninja 650. That allows motorcycle riders who might be on the fence between buying a cruiser and a sports bike the opportunity to sort of enjoy the best of both worlds with this particular example.

It's worth noting that this particular bike does weigh quite a bit, coming in at almost 500 pounds. That being said, its engine is also capable of generating just over 60 horsepower. As a result, you don't necessarily feel the weight as much as you might think you would. The engine is more than capable of handling it and the bike is designed in such a way that it has a relatively comfortable ride and responsive handling. As such, it actually feels a lot lighter than it really is.

Indian Scout Bobber Sixty

8. Indian Scout Bobber Sixty

The first thing you're likely to notice about this bike is that it looks cool. If you’ve ever wanted to simply look cool while riding a motorcycle, this is one that can definitely get you there. However, there are plenty of other good things about it such as its reliability and longevity, as well as the fact that it is specifically designed for motorcycle riders that don't have a great deal of experience. It does have an engine that's quite powerful, a 1000cc V-Twin. Anyone who knows the slightest thing about motorcycles knows that means it can go very fast. That's especially true when you consider the fact that it has an aluminum frame, making it more lightweight than the majority of the competition.

This motorcycle with its liquid cooled engine, weighs 549 pounds. That being said, it also generates more than 70 horsepower. It all translates to a torque of 65 foot-pounds, more than enough to allow you to gain a thorough understanding of what it means to have your hair blowing in the breeze. Considering the fact that it's actually manufactured for entry-level motorcycle riders, you wouldn't really want it to have any more power than it already does.

Honda 1100

7. Honda 1100

It really shouldn't come as any surprise that at least one more motorcycle from Honda made this list. After all, they've been manufacturing motorcycles for some time and they definitely know what they're doing. There are a couple of different reasons that people might like this particular example. For starters, it looks like a cruiser from the days of old, yet it has very clearly received modern-day updates. For instance, the circular headlight is present but it's in a much more modern day housing than what you would expect to see on a bike that was manufactured during the 1960s. It's as if Honda has taken all of the best things about the aesthetic people love so much on cruisers and incorporated them into the design, improving it with every step.

Of course, that's not the only thing to like. The bike also has a massive engine that's capable of producing some serious power. This particular example is powered by a 1,084cc single overhead cam parallel-twin that's capable of producing an eye-popping 86 horsepower. It's also worth noting that the bike is fairly lightweight, weighing just 487 pounds. Clearly, this is a bike that's more than capable of moving and shaking with the best of them.

Honda 1100

6. Triumph Bonneville Bobber

Here you have a motorcycle that actually originated as a touring bike in England and then became one of the most popular cruisers ever manufactured by this particular company. It's easy to understand why. It looks the part but its popularity is much more about comfort than its appearance. It has one of the lowest seat heights out of any of the motorcycles on this list, less than 27 inches. The seat is also designed differently so that when you're sitting on it, you're at a more forward-inclined position. It's a lot more comfortable to ride than a lot of other motorcycles, so it's easy to see why so many people fall in love with it.

The bike also has a 1200cc engine that is capable of producing 78 horsepower. Even though it weighs just over 500 pounds, you still get about 77 foot-pounds of torque. That's more than enough bang for your buck. All in all, this is a comfortable bike to ride that also looks great and performs just as well as it looks. It's hard to find that trifecta, no matter what you're talking about. It's easy to see why people will fall in love with it, because it does more than simply check all the boxes. This is one of the bikes that can help you remember why you fell in love with riding motorcycles to begin with.


5. BMW R18

Did you know BMW even made motorcycles? Surprisingly, a lot of people are unaware that the company ever ventured into this particular market. As it turns out, this example is actually inspired by another motorcycle that was manufactured by the company all the way back in 1965. It also has the largest engine ever produced by the company.

The engine in question is a dual overhead 1,802cc Boxer twin that's capable of turning out 91 horsepower without even breaking a sweat. There's no question about it, this is a heavy motorcycle. In fact, it weighs a whopping 761 pounds. Nevertheless, the engine is more than large enough to handle it. In fact, you'll get 116 foot-pounds of torque from this particular example. That's enough to get the attention of even the most experienced motorcycle rider. This is one that's definitely not for the faint of heart, but much more suited instead to experienced riders who know what they're doing.

Yamaha VMax

4. Yamaha VMax

This sleek motorcycle was actually inspired by bikes that the company manufactured specifically for racing. It is capable of generating 100 horsepower and it definitely looks like it has those familiar traces of a racing bike in its appearance, yet it is still very much a cruiser.

Anyone who's worried about riding a bike with 100 horsepower is right to be cautious, but this particular bike is surprisingly docile for the amount of power that it's capable of producing. Perhaps that goes back to its racing roots, as its cousins are capable of producing roughly twice as much horsepower and are still nimble enough to be competitive.

Harley-Davidson Low Rider S

3. Harley-Davidson Low Rider S

Just as you might expect, this Harley-Davidson example is like the classic cruiser from the 1930s all the way to the mid-1960s, right down to the foot controls and the drag-style bar. Of course, it's also a Harley-Davidson, so it's got a powerful engine. In this particular case, you can enjoy the famous Milwaukee Eight 114 V-Twin, a power plant that the manufacturer has become famous for. This is a bike that definitely doesn't disappoint when it comes to looks or performance.

Ducati Diavel 1260

2. Ducati Diavel 1260

This is easily the most unique looking motorcycle on the list. In fact, it doesn't look like a cruiser at all. It ended up on the list because of its power plant. However, you'll probably be taken aback when you look at it because it looks much more like a sport bike than anything else. It's far more aerodynamic than you would expect any cruiser to be on its best day. Surprisingly, it also has a seat height that is close to 30 inches, despite the fact that the bike itself tends to look smaller than most cruisers.

As for the engine, it's a 1,262cc engine capable of producing a tremendous 157 horsepower. The bike weighs less than 500 pounds, meaning that it's definitely capable of moving down the road. If you're interested in a cruiser that looks like anything but, then this is definitely a bike you'll be interested in learning more about.

Harley-Davidson Road Glide

1. Harley-Davidson Road Glide

This one looks like a traditional cruiser but it definitely has some modern adaptations, most notably in both the technology they use and its appearance (with regard to protecting that technology). The bike incorporates one of the most advanced infotainment systems that you will find on any motorcycle. As such, the company had to create a special fairing to protect all this technology and that does change the looks up just a little bit.

This is the heaviest bike on the entire list, weighing 855 pounds. It also generates loads of torque, more than 111 foot-pounds. Clearly, this is not a bike that would be a good idea for somebody that doesn't have a lot of experience, as it's simply too heavy and too powerful. That being said, it's easy to understand why this is one of the favorites on the list for anyone who loves Harley-Davidsons. After all, it practically defines cruisers and it's ushering them into a new era.

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