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The 10 Best Adventure Motorcycles

BMW R 1250 GS Adventure

Adventure motorcycles are usually grouped into big, middleweight, and small bikes. Big adventure bikes are often intimidating due to their tall, heavy, powerful engines that can easily get out of control if mishandled. According to Top Speed, the middleweight adventure bike market is one of the most flooded categories in motorcycling today.

This is because they nearly provide the same exciting rush as big adventure bikes but weigh far less and are easier to operate. Small adventure motorcycles are best suited for beginner riders and much lighter than middleweight bikes. In this post, we will take a closer look at the 10 Best Adventure Motorcycles in 2022.

Honda CRF300L- $5,349

10. Honda CRF300L- $5,349

The Honda CRF300L is considered to be one of the easiest adventure bikes to ride due to better stability, responsive handling, and sharp braking. This bike comes equipped with a 286cc DOHC fuel-injected single-cylinder engine that delivers the right output needed for off-road riding. Like many new dirt motorcycles, the CRF300L has a fairly high seat position at about 34.7 inches above the ground, but this is designed to help you keep your feet on the pegs.

With a curb weight of 309 pounds, the Honda CRF300L has a curb weight of 309 pounds, making it much easier to handle than some of the bigger adventure motorbikes. This bike has 43mm USD front non-adjustable suspension forks and monoshock preload-adjustable rear forks. Since the Honda 300L is geared more towards off-roading uses, it has 21-inch/18-inch front/rear wheels. Compared to the Honda CRF250L, the 300L has a bigger fuel tank, stronger brakes, and higher ground clearance.

AJP PR7 Adventure 650

9. Yamaha Ténéré 700- $10,299

Yamaha has been teasing the launch of the Tenere 700 for a couple of years. This bike is powered by a 689cc parallel-twin, first seen in the FZ/MT-07. Apart from its impressive horsepower, this parallel-twin engine offers lots of fun, making it the perfect middleweight adventure bike. This time Yamaha has decided not to go the normal route of releasing a street-biased ADV. Instead, they engineered the Tenere 700 to be a dirt-focused adventure motorcycle with minimal street accessories. The 18-inch/21-inch rear/front wire-spoke wheel combo allows you to enjoy a wide array of options for aggressive adventure riding.

A 43mm inverted suspension fork at the front is also easily adjustable and offers about 8.3 inches of travel. The rear suspension fork is preload adjustable and allows for 7.9 inches of travel. Additionally, the Tenere 700 is designed with a slim tank, flat seat, and narrow body to make it easier for you to firmly grip the bike with your knees while standing. Some notable features in the Yamaha Tenere 700 bike include; a switchable ABS, traction control, and other minimal electronic rider aids.

AJP PR7 Adventure 650

8. AJP PR7 Adventure 650- $11,500

According to Madornomad, the AJP PR7 Adventure 650 is a very aggressive adventure bike that is best suited for many off-road adventure enthusiasts. The Portuguese manufacturing firm has released Supermoto and enduro bikes over the past 30 years. It has recently decided to make new bike modifications, as evident with the PR7 Adventure.

For example, the AJP comes equipped with a wide array of dirt riding accessories like front 48mm USD forks that are fully adjustable and rear Sachs progressive fully adjustable suspension forks, throbbing single-cylinder motor, 21/18-inch front/rear tires, and the Dakar rally style setup. The AJP PR7 Adventure bike comes powered by a 600cc single-cylinder engine that delivers an impressive 48bhp and 42.8 ft-lb maximum torque.

Aprilia Tuareg 660

7. Aprilia Tuareg 660- $11,999

The Aprilia Tuareg 660 is a middleweight adventure motorbike with a 600cc parallel-twin engine derived from the brand's RSV4 bikes. This is the same engine used in the Aprilia RS660 and Tuono 660. Unlike the preceding models, the Tuareg 660 is fitted with a trellis body frame instead of the regular beam frame. Even though Aprilia may have an impressive portfolio as many off-road motorcycles built by other manufacturers, the brand has engineered this bike to make it pleasingly comfortable while riding on different road surfaces. For instance, the bike is fitted with a long-travel suspension measuring 9.4 inches that helps the Tuareg 660 easily clear road obstacles.

Moreover, the 21/18-inch wheel combo gives the bike plenty of tire options best suited for on-road/off-road riding. The handlebars are strategically positioned for a comfortable riding position, and the fuel tank is sculpted so the rider can conveniently stand while riding. Like all new Aprilia models, the Tuareg 660 is fitted with the Aprilia's Performance Ride Control (APR-C), which is the brand's electronic aid suite. Other notable functions with the Aprilia Tuareg 660 include; adjustable traction control, engine braking, stable wheelie control, four ride modes, and ABS. However, some of the functions are only available in some ride modes. The Aprilia Tuareg 660 has all the right components for a middleweight adventure motorcycle.

KTM 890 Adventure R-

6. KTM 890 Adventure R- $14,599

KTM is one of the main household brands in the off-road world; it only makes sense that the KTM 890 Adventure R is considered among the most preferred adventure bikes. The 890 Adventure R comes equipped with an 889cc parallel-twin engine, which is an upgrade from the ones used in the 790 Adventure series. According to Web Bike World, KTM claims that this new engine is the most compact performance engine available on the market. Their 889cc parallel-twin engine is rated to deliver about 77kW or 103 horsepower, which is quite impressive for an engine of that massive size.

Apart from its powerful engine, the Adventure R is designed with an orange steel trellis frame that is both light and strong, making it perfect for off-road and touring duty. The bike has long-travel suspension at both ends that are best suited for off-road use and allow for a sporty on-road ride. A18-inch rear and 21-inch front wheel combo provide plenty of tire options depending on how aggressive you ride. While the bike's unique 5.3-gallon fuel tank may appear a bit unconventional, it helps keep its overall weight low for better handling and the fuel tank area narrow for increased rider comfort. Other notable features of the 890 Adventure R bike include; Off-Road ABS, Off-Road mode, Rally mode, Cornering-ABS, Bluetooth connectivity, and traction control.

Ducati DesertX

5. Ducati DesertX- $16,795

Ducati is one of the leading Italian manufacturers known for manufacturing some of the best middleweight adventure bike markets. This is evident with the Ducati DesertX, arguably the most off-road designed motorbike the company has ever released since the Cagiva Elefant. Unlike the Multistrada Enduro models, categorized as sport-touring machines designed to go off-road, the Desert X was initially built and engineered for off-road purposes. This dirt bike has a long-travel suspension on both ends, with the rear offering 8.7 inches and the front offering 9.1 inches.

To go along with the generous 9.8 inches of ground clearance are an 18-inch wheel at the rear and a 21-inch front wheel. According to Hot Cars, Ducati DesertX comes equipped with a powerful 937cc V-twin that the manufacturer uses in its different models. This engine is rated at 100 hp, which might seem a lot for a middleweight bike, but it is very manageable. Other notable features in the Desert X include; engine brake control, traction control, wheelie control, and Cornering ABS that can regulate the braking force and prevent wheel lockup. Other essential off-road components include Brembo brakes, steel trellis frame, and Ducati's electronic rider aids, such as six different riding modes that allow an exceptional riding experience.

Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro

4. Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro- $17,100

Ranking top four on our list of ten best adventure motorcycles is the Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro. Like its preceding models, the 900 Rally Pro comes equipped with the 888cc three-cylinder engine that delivers up to 94 horsepower and maximum torque of 64 lb-ft. You will certainly be amazed by how amazing the engine sounds and its unique quick-revving nature. The bike's off-road capabilities are further improved with the inclusion of the Showa suspension system.

The front has a 45mm inverted cartridge adjustable suspension fork that offers about 9.0 inches of travel. In the rear, there is the RSU gas-pressurized adjustable suspension fork that allows for about 9.05 inches of travel. The 900 Rally Pro has spoked, tubeless tires that make tire repairs and swaps much easier. Other notable features in the Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro include; cornering ABS, a 7.0-inch TFT touchscreen display with Bluetooth connectivity, six different ride modes, a quickshifter, and IMU-dependent traction control.

Honda Africa Twin

3. Honda Africa Twin- $18,099

While the Africa Twin adventure bike has been around the market since the late 1980s, it was the Africa Twin's relaunch in 2016 that ushered in a new era for these amazing adventure bikes. The new Honda Africa Twin model is much lighter, delivers more power, and comes equipped with some of the most up-to-date electronic rider accessories. The standard and Adventure Sport ES models ensure you get the most out of your bike and remain comfortable during long-ride adventures.

The Honda Africa Twin recently got an additional 86ccs of engine displacement, which makes it now powered by a 1,084cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine. One of the main selling points of this motorbike is that you can choose between six-speed DCT automatic or six-speed manual gear transmissions. Additionally, you get to try out six ride modes, three engine braking, and seven levels of traction control.

Ducati Multistrada V4

2. Ducati Multistrada V4- $19,995

According to The Bike Market, the current most powerful, most Italian, and most high-tech adventure motorbike released is the Ducati Multistrada V4. The V4 is one of the newly released adventure bikes that comes fitted with the most recent tech to allow for increased efficiency that is almost never seen on any production motorbike. The new Multistrada V4 has a powerful four-cylinder engine, which replaces the ordinary V2 engine used in the brand's previous releases.

This new engine system uses rockers and springs to easily open and close the valves, unlike the Desmodromic engine system Ducati was most famous for using. The new four-cylinder V4 engine has a 22mm more bore, making the torque and power curves more accessible and flatter. For instance, the peak power for this engine is 170 horsepower at 10,500 rpm, which is a 25% increase, while the maximum torque is about 92.2 lb-ft at 8,750 revolutions.

The Ducati V4 bike has a radar front and rear that allows for safe-distance following with adaptive cruise control. This also offers blind spot detection and a reliable and speedy overtake function, which allows the bike to accelerate quickly when the road is clear. There is also an Internal Measuring Unit, or IMU, that works with the traction control and cornering ABS to offer wheelie control. The inertial platform of electronics on the Ducati V4 S trim level helps adjust the semi-active Ducati Skyhook Suspension by adjusting the hydraulics of the suspension fork and shock absorber. The new Ducati Multistrada V4 bike has four riding modes: urban, enduro, sport, and touring, all of which are displayed on the bike's standard 5.5-inch or optional 6.5-inch infotainment TFT screen display.

BMW R 1250 GS Adventure

1. BMW R 1250 GS Adventure- $23,940

The BMW GS line was launched more than 40 years ago with the 1980 R 80 G/S release. Since then, about 1.2 million GS models have been released to the market over these six generations. Since Hubert's incredible victory in 1981, BMW motorbikes have won the Paris Dakar four times.

Compared to the preceding models, the new BMW R 1250 GS Adventure bike is much more refined and comes powered with a 1,254cc flat-twin engine that delivers an impressive 136 horsepower at 7,750 rpm and about 105 lb-ft of torque. According to Luxatic, the new engine in the 1250 GS Adventure is an enhanced model of the previous flat-twin boxer and has a pleasingly smooth and quiet engine sound.

Compared to the traditional engine, the new flat-twin engine has a displacement of 1,254ccs from the previous 1,170. The engine also comes equipped with the BMW's ShiftCam Variable Engine Timing, allowing a more balanced power delivery. Like all recently released adventure bikes, the BMW GS Adventure has electronic control that will provide you with an exceptional riding experience. Two standard ride modes include Dynamic and Dynamic Pro modes and Automatic Stability Control for added rider safety.

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