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The 10 Safest Motorcycle Models You Can Buy

 Safest Motorcycle Models

Although the thrill of riding a motorcycle is unmatched, the barrier between a rider and the concrete is his clothing and helmet.

The high risks of injuries or accidents associated with motorcycles and the potential healthcare costs that a person might have to deal with after an accident makes it essential for riders to review the safety of a motorcycle before hitting the road.

Unlike cars that have seat belts, airbags, and other safety features, the safety of motorcycle riders is dependent on the type of motorcycle that riders use and their riding gear.

Below is a list of the ten safest motorcycle models you can buy.

10. BMW R1200 RT

BMW R1200 RT

This touring motorcycle was introduced in the market in 2005. It features an adjustable seat height of 32.1 to 32.3 inches, a weight of 505 pounds, and an ABS brake system. This BMW has an electrically adjustable screen, a five-speed gearbox, and paralever rear suspension.

It's been rated as a great motorcycle by customers. It offers riders great control and is suitable for both new and experienced riders.

9. Harley-Davidson’s 2012 FLHR Road King

Harley-Davidson’s 2012 FLHR Road King

This Harley-Davidson model has been considered the true king of the rad because of its electronic cruise control, adjustable touring rear suspension, and its windshield.

Other safety features on this motorcycle include its ABS mechanism, which allows riders to brake easily even during emergencies. The seat on this motorcycle is relatively low to ensure that riders of different heights can ride the motorcycle.

8. Victory Cross Roads 8-Ball

Victory Cross Roads 8-Ball

This is a 26-inch seat height motorcycle that offers riders a smooth ride and superior balance. Its low seat makes it suitable for riders of different heights. It has been highly ranked by customers for its safety. Some of its safety features include its smooth-riding suspension, light-weight of 725 pounds, ABS braking system, and self-adjusting cam chains.

7. KTM 1190 Adventure Model

KTM 1190 Adventure Model

The adventure model 1190 released by KTM is one of the safest motorcycles. Some of its unique features include a unique motorcycle stability control (MSC) braking system that supports the rider along with its antilock brakes and strong traction control.

According to a post made about the motorcycle on Bennetts website, its features prevents the wheels from slipping and braking when leaning on one side, prevents a rider from rolling over when making emergency stops, and prevents rear wheel skids. The MSC features also presents the front wheels from rising when accelerating.

6. Kawasaki Versys 300-X

Kawasaki Versys 300-X

Although this motorcycle is built for adventure, its lightweight feature, anti-lock brake system, and ergo-fit seat, which has a height of 32.1 inches make it suitable for different riders. It weighs 385.9 pounds, which makes it easy for riders to operate.

It has a larger gas tank when compared to other models so riders do not need to worry about running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. Its power can be managed by both new and experienced riders.

5. Honda CB 650 F

Honda CB 650 F

Tokyo’s Honda CB 650 F is a great option for riders looking for a safe motorcycle. The Honda CB 650 F’s powerful engine and gentle throttle bar makes it easy for riders to control the motorcycle.

Although it is quite heavy, riders can easily control the bike at any speed. It is a great option for new riders. The seat height is 31.8 inches making it comfortable for riders to place their feet down.

4. Suzuki V-Strom 650 ABS

Suzuki V-Strom 650 ABS

The Suzuki V-Strom has been reported to have a low failure rate of 12% based on customers’ review. There is about 32.8-inch between the seat and the ground making it easy for riders to place their feet on the ground when seated on the motorcycle.

It is a very lightweight motorcycle and weighs 476 pounds that makes it easy for new riders to control its weight when they move around. It uses tubeless tires that reduce the risks of punctures and can run efficiently on low pressure.

Aside from that, the tubeless tires can be filled with liquid sealant, which oozes out immediately when the tire gets a puncture and dries up on the puncture site to ensure that the puncture is closed. It also has an adjustable windshield, a slip-resistant seat, and a twin-spar aluminum frame that offers riders stability.

3. Yamaha V Star 250

Yamaha V Star 250

The V Star 250 is one of the safety motorcycles in the market. It is a light-weight motorcycle that is perfect for both new and experienced riders. It weighs 324-pounds, which makes it easy for riders to control. Some of the safety features in this motorcycle include its front brakes that are efficient for stopping the motorcycle.

It also has a 27-inch seat that makes it easy for riders to place their feet on the ground. It has been reported to have an 11% failure rate, which is much lower when compared to other models.

2. Ducati Multistrada D-Air

Ducati Multistrada D-Air

This motorcycle is characterized by adjustable traction control and an ABS brake system, and active suspension, which makes it easy for users to control the bike.

Its most special feature is a wireless airbag that is connected to a special jacket. The wireless airbag deploys in the event of a crash, thereby protecting the rider from the full impact of the crush. The jacket provides both front and back-end collision protection to riders.

1. Yamaha YZF-R6

Yamaha YZF-R6

This has been ranked by the Road Racerz website as one of the most reliable and safest motorcycles produced by Yamaha. In the first four years after its production, only 11% of the motorcycles required repair. It is a relatively small motorcycle that offers its riders great flexibility and a wide range of safety features.

Some of its safety features include ABS brakes, electronic rider aids, top-shelf suspension, and refined ergonomics to help riders control the motorcycle easily.


Buying a safe motorcycle can be much cheaper than the costs one would incur in medical bills if they had an accident because they decided to opt for a cheaper motorcycle that has limited safety features.

That does not necessarily mean that the safest motorcycles are extremely expensive because there are affordable yet safe options in the market. Motorcycle riders need to inquire about the safety of any motorcycle that they might be interested in buying.

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