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The Top Five Ducati Scramblers of All Time


Ducati did the unthinkable in 2015 by reviving one of its classic models: the Ducati Scrambler. And, unlike most of Ducati’s models that are for the rich, the Ducati scrambler is meant for the masses as all the five models go for just under $15,000 and give a performance that maintains Ducati at the top of the game. Truly, in many ways, the Ducati Scrambler is a unique creation, and some would argue the best yet for Ducati considering the sales it has registered.

Designed to appeal to the hipsters and the young generation, the Ducati packs much of the power and beauty of Ducati motorcycles and adds fun and flair to riding with its classic dirt-bike appearance. Only five models have been released to date, and some have proven to be better than the rest.

Here is a look at the top five Ducati Scramblers of all time.

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2


Ducati released its first Scrambler in 1962, and the Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 is made in honor of the classic model. The 2016 model still retains that classic and powerful appearance of the 1962 model, and it packs much more power, speed, and flair. However, unlike its second-generation predecessors, it has half the power and speed.

The Ducati Sixty2 packs a 399cc engine, which is half of the 800cc engines in the other models. However, this comes as an advantage for beginners who may not be yet capable of handling the power and speed of the 800cc version; to this end, some have named it the best beginners’ bike. It is also lighter as it weighs 403 pounds, and, coupled with its rigid frame, this makes it easier to handle and navigate even off-road.

And, standing at just 31.1 inches tall, the Ducati Sixty2 is indeed an ideal model for young and beginner riders. This model retains the same hippie and stylish look of its predecessors as it retains much of the steel trellis frame. It is also cheaper as it goes for about $7,995.

Ducati Scrambler Icon


The Ducati Scrambler Icon is indeed an icon in all aspects. It is very stylish and it comes in either red or yellow with a sleek black leather seat. What’s more, it maintains that classic Scrambler look that inspires fun and adventure for amateurs as well as professionals.

This model is also a real performer as it packs a powerful engine and rigid body. The 803cc engine offers all the speed and torque you may need, and it produces ultra-low torque that makes it easy to handle even at top speeds. Coupled with the 10-spoke sporty alloy wheels, the Ducati Scrambler Icon performs just as well off-road as it does in the busy city roads.

Comfort and convenience are also guaranteed as this model features a comfortable 790mm low leather seat. And, weighing only 170 kg, it is easy to control and rides flawlessly on the tarmac. Other conveniences include a spacious storage space beneath the seat and a USB portal for charging your gadgets. It is also affordably priced as it goes for $8,495.

Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro


The Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro is part dirt bike and part urban bike. It has a stylish appearance and a design meant for navigating the busy urban streets, and it still packs the dirk bike aspects of the original Ducati Scrambler.

This model comes with a powerful 803cc v-twins engine with an air cooling system. Consequently, it packs a lot of speed and the vibrations from the powerful engine make riding more fun. And, to complement the spirit of riding and adventure, the design comprises olive drab paint, skid plate, wire-spoke wheels, and a headlight grille, all of which give it that classic Ducati Scramble look.

The Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro also takes comfort into consideration as it features a comfortable leather ribbed seat. The handlebar is also easy to reach, and its light weight makes it easy to control even on rough terrain. And, to enable you to master its speed and power, it features a 41mm kayaba fork that boosts suspension and shock absorption.

The Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro is easy to master with time, and its stylish appearance makes riding fun and adventurous. It is also affordable for a bike of its category as it goes for $9,995.

Ducati Scrambler Classic


As its name implies, the Ducati Scrambler Classic is designed to give that classic look and feel of the earlier Scrambler models. However, unlike the first generation models and the Scrambler Sixty2, the Classic model is twice as fast and powerful, and it has a stylish appeal to its look.

The Classic version packs an 803cc engine that offers exhilarating speed and power for the adventurous rider. It also has a seamless 6-speed transmission system that keeps the rider engaged and makes riding fun. For comfort, this model features a brown leather seat, wide handlebars that are easy to reach, and a low center and gravity as well as light weight of 424lbs. To add flair to its classic appearance, the Ducati

Scrambler Classic comes in an orange sunshine color complemented by a brown seat and black frame. The Ducati Scrambler Classic is a popular hit among many riders, and it is conveniently priced at $10,495.

Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle


The Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle is the best of the batch in every aspect. It has a compact appearance that inspires confidence in both young amateur and professional riders. It also packs considerable power and speed under the hood. And, ideally, it is the most expensive of the five models as it goes for $14,990.

This model comes with an 803cc engine with a power output of 8250rpm, which courses vibrations through the leather seat and makes riding fun. Coupled with the comfort offered by the leather seat and wide handlebars, the Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle is easy to get used to and more and more people are falling in love with it across the world.

The Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle will perform flawlessly both on and off-road. And, although it may prove a handful for beginners, it is easy to control thanks to its light weight and rigid body; overall, it is an ideal bike for every rider who does not mind the 60s look.

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