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What Should You Be Looking For in a Motorcycle Stand?

Motorcycle Stand

The motorcycle stand that you use to service your motorcycle is a vital accessory to have on hand. Not all of these stands work as well as they should. The primary function of the motorcycle stand is to ensure that your bike stays in an upright position to prevent potentially damaging falls and injury when you're working on the bike. The motorcycle stand is an essential part of the bike equipment that needs to get special attention. We have a few tips that can help you to know what to look for when searching for the perfect stand for your bike.

Why you should buy the right motorcycle stand

Your motorcycle is a valuable machine that does have parts that can break in a fall. The stand that you choose must be strong enough to hold up the full weight of the bike when you're servicing or repairing it. Would you trust your motorcycle to a budget stand that hasn't received good ratings in strength testing? Would you trust a motorcycle stand that is untested? These are just a few initial points to consider when you begin your search. The bike stand is necessary for protecting your bike against tips on hard pavement, a shop floor, or off-road areas with dirt and rocks that could scratch dent, or break off some of the components.

Strength of the material

The first thing to look for in a motorcycle stand is the material used. It must be strong enough to hold the weight of the bike without buckling over time. According to Brian Van, SG owner, it's not worth taking a chance on a cheap stand. You might save money by going with a $15 stand, but you could end up paying a lot more in repairs. He tested a few different brands and inspected the mainframe tubing to ensure that it was sturdy. While some may look solid, there may be design deficiencies. He asserts that strength and quality in the materials are of high importance when making your final decision. These are not the only considerations. He explains that the parts of the stand that come into contact with the motorcycle must also be strong and durable. If you can break it apart with your bare hands (some of them come apart that easily), it's best to pass in favor of a better option.

Which are better: front or rear stands?

Motorcycle Stand 1

According to Riding Motorcycles, the most important is the rear wheel stand because it is the most frequently used. They also caution that it's a good idea to have a front stand handy for working on the chain and other activities. The front stand gives you better access to all of the various components of the motorcycle when you need to have both wheels off the ground.

Types of rear stands

There are a few different kinds of rear stands to consider. The majority of them have a universal fitting in a bracket that grips the bottom and side of the swingarm. Some come with U shaped sockets that slot onto a set of bobbins screwed into the swing arm sides. Most are easily fitted though. The latter is easier to fit without help from an assistant.

Types of front motorcycle stands

Motorcycle Stand 2

There are a few different types of front stands to choose from. The triple tree head lift slots into the bottom of the steering yoke to take the weight off the front wheel. This kind is usually used for maintenance or repairing the forks. There is another type that clamps to the bottom of the forks to lift the bike from the bottom.

The best Motorcycle stands

We've included reviews of 5 of the best motorcycle stands on the market today. These stands are the most highly rated and recommended by riders.

1. Venom Sport Bike Motorcycle Front Fork & Rear Paddle Combo

Venom Sport Bike Motorcycle Front Fork & Rear Paddle Combo Wheel Lift Stands Paddock Stands Universal Motorcycle Combo Yamaha Fits Honda Kawasaki Suzuki Ducati BMW

This is a set of front and rear stands featuring dual rear paddle and front fork wheel lift stands. The duo is used together to completely fit the entire motorcycle. The stands are fully adjustable. Venom brand is made with high-grade steel materials.

2. Safstar Motorcycle Stand

Safstar Motorcycle Stand

The Safstar Motorcycle stand is a multi-purpose stand that can be used to lift the entire bike off the ground. It's used for maintenance, cleaning, tire removal, and changes and repairs.

The frame is made of sturdy heavy-duty steel with an anti-corrosion treatment. Other features include moving wheels and adjustable width. Contact areas are covered with thick rubber material to protect the integrity and paint of the bike.

3. Venom Motorcycle Triple Tree Headlift Front Wheel Lift Stand

Venom Motorcycle Triple Tree Headlift Front Wheel Lift Stand

This stand is a Triple Tree Headlift type for front-wheel lift. It's made for a variety of bikes including Ducati, BMS, Sports Street, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha. It's a combo that completely lifts the front wheel of the bike for making shop or home repairs. The design features 5 triple tree pins that fit most sportbikes. The stand is made of high-grade steel for maximum durability.

4. Alpha Moto All in One Front or Rear Universal Sportbike Lift Stand

Alpha Moto All in One Front or Rear Universal Sportbike Lift Stand

You can buy just one of these stands to use for three different applications. I can be used to lift the front by inserting pins underneath the front forks holes or use the rear in a choice of two different attachment styles. It is designed as a universal stand for use with port bikes with adjustable width for ideal fitment.

5. Moto-D Swingarm Motorcycle Stands (Front and Rear)

Moto-D Swingarm Motorcycle Stands (Front and Rear)

This is a pair of Moto-D Race aluminum sportbike motorcycle stands. The most notable features are the articulating front rollers with soft lifting and rolling rubber inline wheels. This set fits all modern sportbikes with rear swingarm spools. It's a lightweight set that is easy to transport but they are paddock tough and stable.

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