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What is the Typical Salary of a Motorcycle Mechanic?

Motorcycle Mechanic

If you're passionate about motorcycles and you have an inclination to do your own work you might be an excellent candidate to become a motorcycle mechanic. Riders who are looking for a career or those who are ready for a change in their vocations can earn a decent annual income, depending of course on where you work and the level of your skills. Here is everything that you need to know about putting your skills to work and what you can expect to earn.

What is the typical salary of a motorcycle mechanic?

This is a career that can offer a range of salary expectations, depending on the company you work for, if you move up the career ladder or if you decide to open your own bike repair shop. Typically, a motorcycle mechanic earns an average of $37,600 per year, according to Career Explorer. Some mechanics just starting out may earn as low as $24,490 and those with more experience earn as much as $60,060 annually at the top tier of the profession.

The career scale for motorcycle mechanics

The starting level of motorcycle mechanics is those who have just completed their schooling for certification and don't yet have years of work experience. The average pay rate starts at $11.78 per hour or $24,490 a year. The next level is the Junior motorcycle mechanic. The average score is $14.40 per hour or $29,950 per year. The mid-level mechanic usually makes $18.08 per hour or $37,600 a year, and senior motorcycle mechanics on average earn $23.33 per hour or $48,530 per year with the high end of the range just over $60k.

The salary of a motorcycle mechanic varies from one state to another

The average salaries above are based upon national averages, but you could earn more or less, depending on where you live and work. According to Recruiter, The states that pay the lowest salaries are West Virginia at $22,550, South Carolina, at $27,250, Idaho at $27,500 with Mississippi, Arkansas, North Dakota, and New Mexico within the range of $27,500 to $29,280. The states that have the highest average salaries for motorcycle mechanics are Colorado at $36,790, Virginia at $37,420, Massachusetts at $38,470, and Nevada, Connecticut, Maryland, and California averaging annual salaries between $37,520 to $41,590 a year.

What does a motorcycle mechanic do?

Payscale, provides a few more details about what is involved with a career as a motorcycle mechanic. The first skill that is necessary is the knowledge of how the engine and other components of a motorcycle are constructed and how all of the parts work together to run smoothly. You must know how to take an engine apart and how to reassemble it in the proper order. Solid working knowledge of the frame and the interrelated parts is also needed. Part of your job will be to troubleshoot the symptoms of the issues involved with the proper operation of a motorcycle and its systems.

The tasks associated with motorcycle mechanics

The most common tasks involved with the job include performing tests and diagnostics with state of the art electronic testing equipment. It is your job to inspect the bike. You will also make any needed repairs and perform routine maintenance on the bikes.

What is required to become a motorcycle mechanic?

An aptitude for understanding how automotive systems and components work is helpful for anyone who has a desire to become a motorcycle mechanic. According to Zip Recruiter, to secure employment as a motorcycle mechanic, you must be qualified as a mechanic with the proper certifications. Possessing a high school diploma or a GED certificate is required for most technical programs that offer these certifications.

Courses for becoming a motorcycle mechanic are available through a variety of technical schools and community colleges. These are training programs that provide classroom education about the basics of motorcycles, maintenance, and repair of the systems within the bikes. These include microcomputers, electrical systems, brake systems, and motorcycle suspension. After the classroom learning segment, students of these programs are given hands-on experience working on motorcycles. You learn the proper maintenance schedules, how to diagnose, and repair issues that exist.

Which type of motorcycle mechanics earns the most money?

Some mechanics who have been in the industry for years advance to Senior Motorcycle Technician. These are the jobs that pay in the $60k plus per year range. According to Chron, those who also have the skills and abilities to repair a wide range of vehicles including mopeds, scooters, dirt bikes, ATVs and water sports machines are more diverse, will have more steady work and are likely to be compensated at a higher rate of pay. Those who aspire to senior management positions also make more than those at the mid-range. If you decide to open your own motorcycle repair shop, the sky is the limit and your earnings could go up significantly if you develop a solid customer base.

Final thoughts

Motorcycle technicians who are passionate about riding have the best of both worlds. They can work with something they enjoy every day and earn a living at the same time. If this is something that you're interested in pursuing as a career, there are several different programs out there to help you learn the basic knowledge you need and to become certified. Some programs take a few years to complete. These are usually programs that involve some business courses. Others are geared towards focusing on the technicalities of motorcycle repair without the extras and getting you through the program in a few months.

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