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The Evolution of the Honda Forza

Honda Forza

The Honda Forza is a venerable little scooter that's quite stylish in its appearance and just as capable in its function. Scooters in general have a way of expressing a certain minimalistic quality. The people who use them typically live in major metropolitan areas and don't have to commute that far in order to get from home to work, classes or to the shops. They may not be incredibly fast and they certainly aren't flashy, but they are capable of getting the job done when it comes to commuting in an efficient manner. People that choose them are usually looking for practicality above anything else and that is something that this little scooter gives in big doses.

The Evolution of the Little Scooter That Could

The Honda Forza, also known as the Reflex, started its life in 2001 and continues on today.. There are a number of different models to choose from, ranging in price from just $1,000 to $5,000. Those who have a real penchant for scooters practically swear by it. Take the base model, for example. It's little 249cc engine is liquid-cooled with a single overhead cam. That allows the scooter to remain extremely lightweight, but it also gives it a top speed that is more than respectable. Going all out, the scooter can reach a speed of 85 miles per hour. Most people probably wouldn't have the courage to go 85 miles per hour on a scooter, but if you are so inclined, this one can handle the pressure. It's interesting to think that it can go this fast, because it isn’t exactly producing a ton of horsepower. In fact, at 7,500 RPM, it’s producing only 19 horsepower. Again, the key is its weight. Weighing only 375 pounds, it doesn’t take a lot to propel it. Add in it's automatic transmission, the continuously variable kind, that is capable of producing approximately 15.5 foot-pounds of torque at 5,000 RPM and it's easy to see how this little scooter is capable of achieving a speed that isn’t that far off the mark of hitting 100 miles per hour.

A Pleasure To Ride

Of course, it doesn't really matter if any vehicle is capable of achieving a respectable top speed if it's so miserable to control that nobody wants anything to do with it. Fortunately, that isn’t the case here. In fact, this little scooter has some of the best handling that any of the products in its class have ever had. It’s accomplished by including a 33 millimeter hydraulic fork in the front suspension, along with dual hydraulic forks in the rear. The rear suspension also Incorporates a single side swing arm for added comfort. Honda also decided to include disc brakes for both the front and the back. Riders also have the option of upgrading to ABS brakes in the rear, something that a lot of scooter manufacturers don’t typically offer. All of this comes together to make the scooter as responsive as it is fast. Moreover, it’s actually comfortable to ride. It features a seat height of just over 28 inches, making it suitable for riders of various stature. All of these little details come together to give it the staying power people have come to expect from Honda.

Changing With the Times

It takes a lot to keep the same scooter in production for so many years. The scooter market can sometimes be a bit fickle, to say the least. For starters, there aren't really that many scooters in production at any one given time. There simply isn't a market for them. The overwhelming majority of individuals who purchase vehicles either decide to go with fully enclosed automobiles or they choose the bigger, beefier motorcycles as opposed to smaller barebones scooters that don't offer a lot in the way of speed, protection or amenities. As a result, it is very easy to saturate the market. How has Honda managed to keep interest in the Forza fresh? It all comes down to offering everything from the most basic scooter in production to more advanced models that look and perform more like a full-blown motorcycle. People like to see something that involves and progresses with the times. When it comes to the Forza, Honda started out with a great product that they put a lot of effort into. They have only improved on it with bigger engines, improved comfort and touchscreen technology throughout the years.

Marketing Genius

The most basic model of the Honda Forza still looks and performs a lot like the earlier models, something that die-hard fans of the scooter seem to love. However, Honda also has something for those individuals who are looking for more in a scooter. As such, the company has created a number of different models from which to choose. The Forza genuinely has something to offer for almost every person who has even the slightest interest in owning a scooter. One thing that doesn’t readily come to mind when thinking of the Forza is a lack of options.

This is a model that has truly evolved to include just about everything anyone could ever think of in terms of performance, size and fuel economy. By offering more options than their competitors, Honda has managed to keep the Forza as fresh as it was on day one. That’s not easy to do, especially when it comes to scooters, yet they have done exactly that. There is no doubt that Honda has created an amazing product in the Forza. That fact is evidenced by the number of these scooters that you can see zipping around at any given time. The Forza has proven that it has more than enough staying power. If the latest examples are any indication, the Forza has a future that is even brighter than its past.

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Written by Benjamin Smith

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