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A Closer Look at the 2022 Honda Grom


Honda has for some time now been head and shoulders above the rest of the competition when it comes to designing and manufacturing motorcycles. They have, over the years, released a myriad of models and versions that suit every rider, with riders of each experience level getting models that they are comfortable with. According to Honda, with the announcement of the 2022 Honda Grom, it seems that Honda has, in fact, gone an extra step in ensuring a certain niche of expertise the beginner is catered for effectively. The bike has a plethora of features that allude to this. This article aims to expound on even the most minute details when it comes to the 2022 Honda Grom, so here is a Closer Look at the 2022 Honda Grom.

The Engine

The bike's powerhouse is undoubtedly the most important part of the bike, and thus it is only right that it is covered first. The 2022 model comes equipped with a new engine and one that can do all the heavy lifting. The new engine, SOHC, air-cooled single; 2 valves per cylinder, offers a higher compression ratio, 10;1. This, in turn, increases the power that the bike can produce and is a huge contributor to the bike's zippy performance. The engine can produce a displacement of 124cc through most sites round this number of to 125cc. According to Cycle World, it is claimed that the bike will have 9.7 horsepower at 7000 revolutions per minute, and a claimed torque of 7.7 pounds-feet at 5500 revolutions per minute. All these attributes are transmitted to the rear wheel through a 5-wheel transmission system. The engine is also Euros 5 emissions compliant.


The first thing that catches your eye when looking at the 2022 Honda Grom, compared to its predecessor, is that the new model's styling is noticeably different from the old model. The older model was angular, but this year, Honda has tried to smooth and round out the shape of the bike. This gives the new model and a la mode appearance, and its chicness is noticed immediately.


There are three versions of the Honda Grom; the standard, the SP, and the ABS. According to Power Sports, the SP holds a 100-dollar premium over the 3399-dollar standard version. The standard model sometimes referred to as the base model, is black and yellow, while SP comes with gold wheels, gold front forks, and a yellow rear shock spring. For two hundred dollars on top of the prize for the standard version, you can get the Grom ABS. It is, however, only available in blue.


The new model has changed to a 5-wheel transmission instead of the previous model's 4-wheel transmission. In addition to updating the engine, you would expect that this would result in a substantial increase in the maximum speed of the bike. That is far from the case. The top speed on the old version of the Grom is 57 miles per hour, and on the new Grom, it is 58.5 miles per hour. Thus, this isn't a bike that you get because it is a speed monster. Rather, you get it because it is a comfortable bike to ride, and it gives you more options, especially if you are riding around in the city.

The LCD screen

The 2022 Honda Grom comes with a new and improved display unit, the LCD screen. On it, you have your fuel indicator on the left and a tachometer that goes almost the whole width of the screen. You have the speed at the center of the screen, and the odometer is located to the near right. The screen is very easy to read. At the top, there are the idiot lights that tell you if you are on neutral, the direction you are indicating, and all the things you'd expect from a simple screen. If you are into technology and infotainment systems, then this might not be the best bike for you. The screen is simple, but it gets the job done. What more could you need?


Honda has tried all it can to make sure that the bike is as friendly to ride as possible. For the new model, the Japanese manufacturer has put in place a section on which you will be able to tell which gear you are on in the display screen. The gear indicator is located to the far right of the LCD screen. The older models did not have this, and thus the new model is a lot easier to ride, especially if you are a beginner or novice. Moreover, the bike comes with a replicable oil filter, ergo making it a lot easier now to carry out routine maintenance checks and take the necessary measures to ensure that the bike is running smoothly.

Fit and finish

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the 2022 Honda Grom, and essentially, all the minibikes that Honda has released over the last couple of years, is the fit and finish. This is pretty impressive for a bike that starts at 3,399 dollars and offers all the other aforementioned attributes, from the materials to the build quality and the design. In short, the bike neither looks nor feels cheap.

Sticker kits

The panels above and to the side of the engine that house the fuel tank are not only removable, but also Honda offers some stickers kits, each at 130 dollars that come in a myriad of different styles, colors, and patterns to your liking.


One of the upsides of owning such a bike is that it is highly customizable. There is a lot that you can do, without jeopardizing the bike's performance, to make it more aesthetically appealing and to change the style and attitude of the bike.

Fun incarnate

The conclusion you get from looking and riding the 2022 Honda Grom is that it is a fun bike, all because of the simplistic approach to its design. When riding, you feel that you are at peace, all because it takes you back to the time you were learning how to ride for the first time.

Benjamin Smith

Written by Benjamin Smith

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