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A Closer Look at The 2022 Honda ADV350

2022 Honda ADV350

Motorized scooters are comfortable, and while some riders consider them the lesser choice, they provide a classy appeal to many consumers. These machines have a fascinating history and continue to evolve. Recently, Honda made strides in the field by releasing the 2022 Honda ADV350 in Europe. This adventure scooter is already turning heads seeing as it is the perfect blend of touring power and off-roading. Based on the Forza 350, this new edition offers a sharper design, off-road-friendly wheels, and impressive suspension, among other features. Let’s take a closer look.

The 2022 Honda ADV 350

Honda scooters have made a name for themselves in the industry, and the line continues to grow. The company released the ADV 150 in 2020 as a smaller version of the X-ADV. In its most recent offering to the world, Honda unveiled the Honda ADV 350 at the 2021 edition of the Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori (EICMA). Think of the ADV 350 as a cross between the ADV 150 and the X-ADV. Although it has a more muscular shape, it shares the same overall design, windshield, and headlights as the ADV 150. Essentially, this is because Honda decided to accentuate the front bender of the 350 with some plastic cladding and lines. Meanwhile, the scooter’s handguards and seat design borrow from the X-ADV.


Whether you are an occasional off-roader or prefer to stay in the city, the 2022 Honda ADV 350 delivers enough power for your needs. The scooter is powered by a 330cc single-cylinder engine that produces 23 lb-ft of torque at 5,250 RPM and 29 hp at 7,500 RPM. This is accompanied by a CVT gearbox that ensures a smooth ride – even more than a motorcycle. Honda has also equipped the scooter with 2-level Honda Selectable Torque Control, designed to prevent traction loss in the rear wheel during acceleration. This feature allows you to negotiate hard corners and even race – if that’s your speed – without any fuss.

Brakes and Suspension

The ADV 350 measures 2,200mm by 895mm by 1,430mm (l × w × h). It has a 145mm ground clearance, 795mm seat height, 1,520mm wheelbase, and a curb weight of 186kg. Generally, the stopping power is supplied by a 240mm disc in the rear and a 256mm disc in the front. The scooter also has two-channel ABS, which comes standard, and an automatic emergency stop signal for hard stops. Honda sought to increase the ADV’s front-end rigidity through its 37mm upside-down forks and 125mm stroke. The automaker also fitted the scooter with 130mm-travel twin remote reservoir shock absorbers to promote smooth suspension reaction on all roads.

Tires and Bodywork

The Honda ADV 350 comes with 120/70 R15 and 140/70 R14 front and rear tubeless tires – all perfect for some light off-roading and touring adventures. The combination of rugged tires suitable for off-roading and excellent suspension for high travel makes this scooter the best of both worlds. Although it is still a scooter, the ADV has an impressive look. The sharp chunky panels alongside the meaty LED headlamps make for an intimidating appearance. Even better, the footrests placed under the front seat and the upright riding position make for a fast ride. The design is derived from the Forza 350, which fans know never offers anything but excellence. In terms of color, the ADV 350 might be a little disappointing. The scooter comes in Matte Carnelian Red Metallic, Matte Carboninum Grey Metallic, and Spangle Silver Metallic, which might sound vibrant but are actually not very exciting except for the matte finish. If you are an off-roader, try not to use this scooter for serious off-roading. Although the dual-purpose tires are designed to survive several road surfaces, the bike’s ground clearance is average at best. You also cannot control the torque as you would on a manual-geared motorcycle.

Comfort, Efficiency, And Practicality

Honda directed a lot of effort toward making the ADV comfortable both on and off-road. Although the inverted forks at the front are non-adjustable, the twin shocks in the rear are spring-preload adjustable. This, coupled with the wheel size, ensures a comfortable riding experience. Scooters are the go-to choice for an efficient ride, and the 2022 Honda ADV 350 does not disappoint. Although its 3-gallon fuel tank is miniature, the scooter more than makes up for it through the 69 MPG that allows it to run over 200 miles between stops. This makes it perfect for tourers. The ADV 350 scooter is also very practical. Its windscreen is 4-position and has a 5-inch adjustment allowance. There is a storage space of 48 liters under the seat that you can use to store up to two helmets. To sweeten the pot, the company also throws in some accessories like heated grips.

Additional Features

As mentioned, the scooter has a 48-liter storage space under the seat that you can use to store two full-size helmets. The ADV also comes with extra features like a USB-C port located in the glovebox and an LCD dash equipped with the company’s smartphone voice-control system. Additionally, riders can use the smart key to automatically control the seat-locking mechanism and ignition from a short distance away. The bike also comes with the Honda Selectable Torque Control system that is equipped to:

· Identify differences in front and rear wheel speeds

· Calculate the slip ratio

· Restore rear-wheel traction by controlling engine torque

Will The 2022 Honda ADV 350 Sell in the US?

Currently, there are no indications of whether or not Honda will offer the ADV 350 in the United States. US fans enjoyed the Honda PCX, and there is no doubt that they would appreciate the efficiency and practicality of the ADV 350. Meanwhile, Europe riders can get this beauty at local outlets,


The New York Times can attest to Europe’s fascination with motorized scooters. Considering the continent gets some of the most impressive scooters in the market, this scooter fever makes sense. Honda is a major name in the industry and has contributed great names like the X-ADV and Forza 750. The 2022 Honda ADV 350 is just as impressive and set to make many riders happy.

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