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What Differentiates Harley Davidson Seats From Other Motorcycle Seats?

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is an iconic American brand that has had its ups and downs through the years, but it's become a legend in pop culture. Purists loyal to the brand insist on authentic stock parts, accessories, and replacements. Most riders find that some aftermarket seats are more comfortable, and few others disagree. Still, there are a few who refuse to settle for alternate brands. What differentiates Harley Davidson seats from other brands? There are quite a few things worthy of consideration if you're ready to replace your HD motorcycle seat.

Are Harley-Davidson seats different than aftermarket seats?

According to Revzilla, there are distinct differences in Harley-Davidson stock seats and aftermarket accessories. We begin with the fact that each HD seat is customized to fit perfectly with the various models produced by the brand. Aftermarket seats come with different materials. They're not Harley Davidson brands. While the seats fit neatly into the bike for aesthetics, not all Harley Davidson factory seats are comfortable for the rider and passenger. Comfort has not been a priority for HD, and it's a well-known fact. Although some riders might have a perfectly comfortable fit, most serious riders swap the factory seats out for more comfortable aftermarket options. Harley Davidson forums reveal the opinions of riders. The conversations confirm many Harley Davidson motorcyclists complain about the discomfort they experience on long rides. They actively discuss replacing the stock seat with an aftermarket version. We're not saying that HD seats are poor quality because they're not. The problem is that guys over 6 feet tall seem to have issues with hip comfort and their nether regions. After 45 to 60 minutes of riding, they're ready for a break. The only exceptions ate the higher-end touring models of the HD seats. The rest either get uncomfortable for the rider, for the passenger or both. It's tough to plan a road trip if you're forced to stop every hour because the seat is making you squirm.

What makes purists stick with stock Harley seats?

Some riders are lucky enough to buy a new HD with a stock seat that fits them perfectly. This occurrence represents a minority of riders, but it does happen. There's no shame in swapping out a brand stock seat for aftermarket if it's warranted. Not everyone has a bad experience with their stock seat. Much of it depends on your preferences, body shape, weight, and so forth. Motorcycle seats can be expensive to replace, and this is another reason why some riders choose to stick with the stock versions that came with the bike.

Why Aftermarket seats for your Harley Davidson are good choices?

Experts at West End Motorsports confirm that the best solution for an uncomfortable HD stock seat is an aftermarket version. It's not sacrilege to enhance your enjoyment of a Harley Davidson bike it's recommended by most. There are a lot of choices out there that are made for specific HD motorcycle models. These manufacturers have solved a big problem that HD didn't care to address with its stock versions.

Who makes good aftermarket seats for Harley-Davidson?

There is no question that the factory-installed motorcycle seats from HD are dependable and well-made, but the thing that most of them have in common is that they're uncomfortable for large riders. It's sad to say that this is the distinguishing factor that sets them apart from aftermarket motorcycle seats in general. Swapping out your stock seat amounts to upgrading to a higher degree of luxury and comfort. There are some exceptional brands out there that cater to Harley Davidson owners, such as Danny Gray, LePera, and Drag Specialties. These brands offer seats that have a sharper appearance for enhancing your curb appeal, and they're a lot more comfortable for both rider and passenger.

The best Harley Davidson seats for touring

Gear Sustain recommends using a pad if your seat is passable but getting a little uncomfortable. If it's tough to balance on the seat and it's not even close to being comfortable, they recommend ditching the factory seat in favor of a customized seat. Here are a few options.

-Mustang 76036 Standard Touring Seat

This is a 1-piece seat designed for the HD FLHX2. Mustang is a solid brand made with quality vinyl that is similar to leather. It's not quite as durable but maintenance is easier and it's less expensive. It's made to hold up for several years before it needs replacing. This model features a narrower front with a wider back, exceptional for bikers of shorter stature.

-XMT Moto Desert Rider

This is a passenger seat made for Harley's Electra Street Glide FLHR 2014 through 2017. It's made of synthetic leather and foam over a plastic frame. It's less expensive for those who are budget conscious. The performance is good and installation is easy.

-Le Pera Aviator Solo Seat

This seat is handmade by a company that has a 50-year history of excellence. The seats are high-quality made of soft leather and equal premium foam on steel frames. The seats are more expensive but they're made for the ultimate comfort of the rider.

-Skwoosh Classic Seat

This seat is designed to be a cushion for your existing motorcycle seat. It features gel for softness and adds comfort and stability. It lets the air flow through a built-in channel for a more comfortable ride in all environmental conditions. You simply choose the most appropriate size and install it in the area where your tailbone rests for a more comfortable ride.

Final thoughts

These are just a few examples of the many aftermarket seats made to enhance your enjoyment of your Harley motorcycle. The stock seats are high quality, dependable, and durable, but they're not made to be one-size-fits-all. Riders soon discover that taking road trips necessitates the replacement of their stock seat with a more comfortable quality aftermarket seat.

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