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10 Awesome Harley Davidson Gift Ideas for Men

Harley Davidson

Whether he's your spouse, son, father, brother, or a life-long best friend, that special man who happens to be an important part of your family circle is someone whom you regard as someone who deserves more than just a pair of socks as a gift of your appreciation. Whatever the occasion happens to be, finding that right gift for the guy may be something you take seriously. This may become especially true if that man in your life happens to be either a rider of Harley-Davidson motorcycles or one of many fans who love the franchise and their brand of motorbikes. Should you know a man such as this, then it's likely you will want to get him a gift to match his enthusiasm for America's most iconic motorcycle company in existence.

According to Taste

Even among the most devout Harley-Davidson fans, no two men will share the exact same taste in everything. Even among riders, some love the Harley-Davidson Electra Glide series while others hate it. Some riders love the rumble of a Harley-Davidson that lets an entire community know that the neighborhood badass and his bike are back in town while others prefer a more subtle road presence. However, even as tastes vary, the love of Harley-Davidson between them remains the same, as do certain personality traits that seem most common among owners and fans of the motorcycle lineup. On average, most Harley-Davidson owners are conservative by nature. There are a few that are perhaps somewhat more liberal, but overall, there is that rebel with a cause mentality among the majority of the men who are riders, perhaps some even belonging to motorcycle clubs. The series, Sons of Anarchy, ran from 2008 until 2014 and was instrumental in renewing the enthusiasm of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, as well as product lines that pay homage to it. There's also the men from American Chopper, a reality television series that's been running since 2003. Whether it be for a version of Jax Teller in your life, or someone that has more in common with the men from Duck Dynasty, there is some really cool stuff you can get for the guy that practically breathes Harley-Davidson, whether he's an actual rider or not. Furthermore, while Harley-Davidson has an excellent lineup of official Harley-Davidson gear and gifts, there are enthusiasts who also offer some neat items that may win over the "ooh ahh!" reaction you're probably looking for, even from the hardest to please men.

10. Harley-Davidson Gift Card

Hey, just because it doesn't come in a box doesn't mean it's disqualified as a gift. This, in reality, is a fail-safe. Perhaps you're not entirely certain what to get the man in your life whom you know is a huge fan of Harley-Davidson. This works if the man in your life is someone whom you know loves the brand, but isn't as close to you as a spouse, father, son, or brother. This route shows him you know he loves his Harley and would rather see him get what he wants instead of making an assumption that could potentially cause the receiver to consider using it as a secret regift for somebody else. The nice thing about the gift card is you can determine how much you choose to spend.

9. Harley-Davidson Sunglasses

Unlike most women, men seem more interested in gifts that are practical. For them, unless there's a good use for it, they're unlikely to be impressed by something that prefers to make a fashion statement instead of being useful. The nice thing about sunglasses is this is an item that can serve as something practical and fashionable at the same time. While sunglasses may not always be the first thing that comes to mind as an awesome gift, it's actually one of the most sensible. Cyclists and motorists have both come to realize eye protection is essential whenever traveling on the road. Sunglasses offer that protection, plus make them look cool at the same time. How can you go wrong here?

8. Harley-Davidson Denim Jeans and Pants

Men usually love their denim jeans and some will wear them to the point where they can fall apart at a moment's notice. At the lowest price point, they're ideal for everyday wear that never goes out of style as a quality pair of jeans bought as far back as ten years ago can still look good today. Since fashion trends seem to like brand new and worn-out looks, those denim jeans never seem to have issues keeping up with the sign times, no matter when it is. Among the more inventive, or frugal, when the rest of the jeans have worn themselves out, like the knees, they'll be chopped down to cut-off shorts. At a higher price point, there are now waterproof jeans that are made with material that serves as perfect riding pants. For men who ride, or work outside even under rainy conditions, those waterproof jeans are perfect as the comfort of denim is still there while at the same receives boosted protection to keep your man dry.

7. Harley-Davidson Gloves

A man simply doesn't have to be a rider to appreciate a good pair of gloves that are made from quality leather. Cowboys, farmers, hunters, and men who prefer practicality are going to love a good pair of leather gloves to protect their hands from more than just weather elements. When doing chores that are rough on the hands, wearing a pair of good leather gloves certainly becomes a thing of appreciation. The best-selling gloves from the Harley-Davidson lineup are the Peshtigo leather gloves as these are ideal for the working man who maybe chops wood, or works with rope, or works with materials where insufficiently protected hands become susceptible to injury.

6. Harley-Davidson Footwear

Whether as a shoe or as a boot, this practical gift will be appreciated by your man and not simply as a fan of the Harley-Davidson brands. Quality leather, especially made from pigskin, will last a long time. Furthermore, quality leather, as footwear, can handle the slop of rain puddles, mud, and snow far better than most other materials as it repels water. As a test, use a baby eye dropper and drop a bit of water on the leather. If it's real leather, the water will bead. If it's not real leather, the fabric will automatically absorb it. So, assuming you know the foot size of your man, this is an awesome gift that will get you a big thank you, even if he doesn't say so verbally.

5. Harley-Davidson Heated Gear

The definition of heated gear is something that adds extra warmth to the body to better handle colder climate conditions. While quality leather on its own may be able to handle cooler temperatures for the most part when it comes down to frigid temperatures, it may not quite do the job. For men who live in parts of the world that are known to have well below freezing temperatures, the heated gear from Harley-Davidson serves as perfect gift ideas. Usually, men who love to ride Harley-Davidsons who happen to live in colder climates are also going to enjoy riding snowmobiles, as well as other winter-friendly recreational vehicles. There are some men who will still ride their bikes in the cold winter, especially if they have the gear that will keep them warm. This gear features wiring that is hooked into devices to have them recharge, similar to the modern electric blanket that plugs into a USB device. Heated gear from Harley-Davidson has the man covered from head to toe so that there is no part of him that's left vulnerable to the cold.

4. Harley-Davidson Riding Pants and Chaps

Should the man in your life be a rider of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, then there's a good bet he'd be into riding pants and/or chaps. While on the road, already there are a number of safety issues that come to mind. This is why the most practical riders always wear more than just a helmet whenever they are riding. They don't simply wear leather because it seems to look good, but because quality leather is durable. They make natural windbreakers, which experienced riders already know. They also handle unpleasant weather conditions better than any other clothing material, which is something experienced riders also know. Even if your man isn't a rider, but is perhaps a cowboy who has a thing for Harleys, those chaps also come in handy when riding a horse. If you're a fan of the television series, Yellowstone, you will notice some of the characters in the show who wear the chaps are wearing brands featuring the Harley-Davidson logo.

3. Harley-Davidson Watch

For most men, running around without a watch is just as bad as running around naked. Men seem to love those wristwatches. With this in mind, especially for that fan of Harley-Davidson, getting him a watch that pays homage to a brand he's fond of is probably one of the best gifts you can possibly give. Practical and stylish at the same time, your man will likely love that watch almost as much as he loves you for thinking of giving him such a gift.

2. Harley-Davidson Leather Jacket/Vest

It's extremely rare to see a motorcycle rider not wearing a leather jacket while on the road. For most Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, leather jackets and motorcycles go together in perfect harmony. Even if your man isn't a rider, investing in a quality leather jacket isn't simply about looking the part of a rider, but making good use of a product that can last for many years. In many cases, Harley-Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts, rider or not, tend to care more about practical, quality goods that will last for years as opposed to being trendy. However, there is a way to pull off both at the same time as the best leather jackets made seem to always keep up with the times, even if it's at least a decade after the day it was first made or worn. Another nice feature of the leather jacket is how quality leather stretches over time and it is one of the best natural windbreaker products a body can wear. Assuming you know the size of your man, you can't go wrong with a leather jacket. As mentioned, leather jackets stretch, so should your man pack a few extra pounds, there's no need to worry he'll outgrow the jacket as it will stretch with him.

1. Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Whether it be new or used, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle would definitely rank as the most awesome gift for any man who has more than just a passing appreciation for the brand's lineup of two-wheeled machines. For men who love Harleys who don't have one but know how to ride one, this is the perfect gift for them. For men who may already have a Harley but wants to switch to another, what a way to impress him with such an awesome gift. Sometimes, having just one Harley-Davidson motorcycle may not be enough. Maybe there's the desire to expand the collection. The price points for a Harley-Davidson in the used category are likely to be the most economical route to go, but should you be able to invest in a brand new model, one of the best features that make Harley-Davidson so popular is the freedom to customize the bike according to personal preference. For men who are Harley-Davidson enthusiasts who know how to ride, this is the most likely route he will go to make a fashion statement without feeling so girly about it. Should there be a man in your life who has never ridden a Harley-Davidson a day in his life but wants to, consulting with a dealership that specializes in the brand will route you to find the best beginner bikes for your man to start out with. There are also riding lessons he can be enrolled in that will put him into a position where his desire to ride a Harley has gone from dream to reality. As a gift, to enable a man to fulfill what has probably been a boyhood dream from his youth is the most awesome gift you can possibly give him.

More About Harley-Davidson Gifting

Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, especially men, will appreciate almost anything to do with the brand for as long as it is practical. Fashionable is great, yes, but if that's the only thing you focus on when looking for an awesome gift for a man, odds are you may fall short on winning that "wow" reaction from him. The most popular Harley-Davidson gifts, especially among men, are leather products. Even items such as wallets will work as they're practical and durable, which match the very qualities most men appreciate as gifts. One piece of advice for anybody looking into buying a quality leather product, genuine Harley-Davidson riders prefer using the leather of pigskin as it's the most durable leather. Genuine riders who know their stuff know this and will most likely grumble should you give them a jacket made out of lamb. Lambskin looks great and is soft, yes, but fails miserably in the quality department as a long-lasting leather that can stand the test of time, plus the amount of abuse the pigskin can. However, if you have a frown against the investment of leather as a gift idea for men, the Harley-Davidson website also has items such as hoodies, shirts, and baseball caps that can just as easily fit the bill as something awesome you can give him.

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