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Five Essential Pieces of Harley-Davidson Rain Gear

Harley Motorcycle Gear

Harley-Davidson riders like to keep it cool and go with rain gear that bears the brand and quality of the bikes they ride. When riding is a big part of your life, you're going to be on your motorcycle, hitting the open road in all kinds of weather. It's necessary to prepare for rainy days at all times. To help make your ride safer and more comfortable, we've chosen the five essential pieces of Harley-Davidson rain gear that you won't want to be without when the weather is uncooperative.

5. Harley-Davidson Waterproof Boots

Harley-Davidson has teamed up with Wolverine to offer the Brosner performance riding boots that give waterproof protection for the nastiest weather. They keep your feet warm and dry without causing overheating or sweating. It's thanks to the breathable full-grain leather upper with waterproofing technology. They constructed these boots with Goodyear patented welt technology for durable bonding of the rubber outsole to the boot for longer life and more dependability. The rubber outsole gives you additional traction and stability. They included a reflective insert to heighten your visibility in cloudy and darker road conditions. These boots also provide ankle protection and support without causing abrasions or slipping on the feet. They're equipped with a high-quality YKK locking inside the zipper. These boots are available in men's sizes 7 to 13.

4. Men's Ratchett Gauntlet Waterproof Gloves

Your Harley-Davidson arsenal of rain gear is not complete without a pair of waterproof gloves. Our top pick to satisfy the need is the Men's Ratchett Gauntlet model. We like the most about these gloves is the warmth and dryness they offer your hands when riding in nasty weather while preserving the needed agility to use your fingers for the controls. They're ideal for cold, wind, and rain with the trademarked 3M Thinsulate insulation added to the back of the hand to provide extra warmth when it's cold outside. The cuff is adjustable with a draft blocking feature. It lets you adjust them for maximum protection and comfort. They're available in black with bold colors also available. They make the thumbs ergonomic with pre-curved fingers at a 30-degree angle with power stretch knuckles that give you full control over the mobility of your hands and fingers. The worst closure is adjustable with elastic in various sizes to fit all hands. They designed these waterproof riding gloves with a reinforced Amara palm with 3M Scotchlite reflective material on the knuckles to enhance your visibility in questionable weather. The gloves are touch screen compatible to give you easy access to controls and gauges. They're attractive with rubber graphics. They made these comfortable and practical riding gloves of genuine goatskin leather with brushed tricot lining. You can find these gloves at any Harley-Davidson retail shops online and at brick-and-mortar locations.

3. Men's High-Vis Two-piece Rainsuit

This unique set sells out quickly which is proof of its popularity and functionality. It's an essential part of your Harley-Davidson rain gear arsenal to keep the cold and moisture on the outside, enhancing your riding enjoyment. Harley-Davidson sells the High-Vis brand at most of their online and local stores as one of the most highly recommended pieces of gear to keep you warm and safe on the road. It's constructed of 100% nylon shell with waterproofing in a color that makes you visible in all lighting and weather conditions. The suit is treated with patented 3M Scotchlite reflective material that catches the light from oncoming traffic to alert them of your presence. This convenient one=piece suit comes with a double storm flap zipper in the front with hook and loop tab closures, mesh lining, a stretch fit hood for bulk reduction under your helmet and more. The pant has a 3/4 leg zipper for easy on and off, with anti-slip traction material on the rear end for additional riding safety and comfort. It also comes with removable suspenders, a thigh pocket for easy access, stirrups, heat shields, and attractive graphics. The suit is both functional and stylish. You can find this suit at most Harley-Davidson retail shops.

2. Men's Harley-Davidson Triple Vent System Rutland Riding Jacket

Not everyone likes wearing a full rain suit, but a waterproof jacket is essential for all Harley-Davidson riders. The Rutland Riding Jacket is a special design that helps you to stay dry when the weather is nasty outside. It's made with waterproofing and sealed seams with an interior zipper storm flap to keep the cold and wind on the outside. The triple vent system is a patented system that places three vents strategically to customize and maximize airflow for cooling that allows air movement that prevents overheating and sweating. The sleeves are pre-curved with an action back and power=stetch waist for added mobility and agility when in use. The jacket is treated with 3 M Scotchlite reflective material piping to keep moisture out and make you more visible to oncoming traffic. Built-in pockets include a chest pocket for keeping valuables safe and a zippered handwarmer with an interior stash pocket and an interior zipper pocket. It also comes with body armor pockets at the shoulders, back, and elbows with padding for the elbows shoulders, and waist. The dirty strips and patches give it a distinct sense of stylishness. The jacket is made of 600 denier 100 percent polyester canvas with cowhide leather accents, a polyester mesh lining, and polyester mesh and taffeta sleeve liners.

1. Women's Rain Pant with Waterproof Gaiters

If you have a favorite pair of riding boots and your preference is not to waterproof them the problem is solved by adding these rain pants with waterproof gaiters. The rain pants keep your legs warm and dry. The gaiter extension is a waterproof cover that goes over your boots to keep your boots dry and warm. They slip on and stay firmly in place with built-in stirrups. These pants and gaiters are treated with 3 M Scotchlite reflective material with attractive stripes and graphics that make you visible to oncoming traffic. You can find this product at Harley Davidson online.

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