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Harley Davidson Launches Online Marketplace for Used Motorcycles

It seems like there is an online marketplace for practically anything you want to buy or sell these days. That said, there hasn't been an overwhelming presence when it comes to being able to buy and sell used motorcycles online. Sure, there are some sites dedicated to used automobiles that allow a posting about a motorcycle every now and then, but up until recently, that's been about as close as you could get. Fortunately, all of that has now changed, thanks to the fact that Harley-Davidson created their very own website for the express purpose of buying and selling used Harley motorcycles.

It’s All About Harleys

You won't find any other brands of motorcycles available for sale here, as you might have expected. When you think about it, it only makes sense that this would be a site dedicated to Harley-Davidson, considering they are the ones who develop this site. They're also the ones who run it. Originally, the website was designed to serve as something of an online clearinghouse where potential buyers could look for used Harley-Davidson motorcycles at dealerships all over the country, all from the comfort of their own home. It didn't take long for the website's developers to figure out that they could get even more people on board by allowing individuals who have Harley-Davidson bikes they want to sell privately to post those listings on the site as well. As a direct result, it's possible to find all kinds of Harley Davidson motorcycles located all over the country, and they're all found on this one website. For fans of Harley-Davidson, this definitely kicks things up a notch or two.

The Ultimate Level of Convenience

When it comes down to it, it's all about giving customers the ultimate level of convenience. That is precisely what Harley-Davidson is doing by creating this site. Imagine being a Harley-Davidson aficionado who wants to buy a particular bike, yet also being cost-conscious enough to make the decision to purchase a used bike instead of a brand new one. Now imagine what it would be like to be forced to travel to one dealership after another, many of them outside of your immediate geographic area, in order to find the right bike. At the very least, it involves a lot of phone calls and more than a few trips away from home. Now imagine getting to the dealership, only to find out that the bike that you thought you’d found isn't exactly the right one for you, for one reason or another. You then get to start the entire process again. As you can see, this can very quickly turn into something that can eat up all of your time and drive you crazy in the process. Thanks to this new website, you don't have to worry about things like this happening anymore. You can simply go online, shop and find exactly what you want without ever having to pick up the phone or step foot outside of your house.

You Can Find Parts, Too

If you think that the website is only for buying and selling motorcycles, think again. While it's true that this is the primary purpose for it, you can also find parts for your existing Harley-Davidson. Again, it all comes down to a matter of convenience. It's not always fun to try and track down parts, especially if you have an older bike that requires a bit more effort when looking for those parts. This website allows you to find the parts you need without having to spend hours upon hours searching for them yourself. Instead of spending all of your time looking, you simply go on the website, type in the information you need and find out where the part that you're looking for is located. Depending on that location, you can then travel there to pick it up or even have it shipped directly to your address. It simply couldn't be any easier.

Ease of Use

There are few things more frustrating than trying to use a website that isn't user-friendly. Fortunately, that is not a problem here. In fact, this particular website couldn't be much more user-friendly than it already is. It's very simple. You go to the site, type in your Zip code, and then click on the appropriate category. If you're looking for a bike, bikes in that geographic area will be the first things that you see. If you're looking for parts, you will see those items first. If you want to sell a bike, you can also create a listing in a matter of minutes. Another thing that makes the website so unique is the fact that when you are creating a listing for a bike that you want to sell, you don't have to pay a fee in order to post it. This is almost unheard of. You can't even post an ad for a motorcycle for sale in the newspaper without paying some pretty hefty fees these days. If you do manage to get onto one of those automotive websites that allows you to post something about a motorcycle, you can bet that you're going to pay for it. This is essentially one of the only sites, if not the only site, that allows you to post a motorcycle for sale without having to pay a fee in order to do so. As it turns out, Harley-Davidson was quite keen on making sure that things were done in this manner. They wanted to create an all-inclusive community that brings Harley riders together as opposed to putting stipulations on who can post and who can't.

This is definitely good news for anybody that loves to ride Harley Davidson motorcycles. Even if you're looking for an older, more obscure model, your chances of finding it just went up exponentially. The same is true for those elusive parts that are sometimes hard to find. Who knows, you might even be able to make a little extra cash by selling an older Harley yourself.

Benjamin Smith

Written by Benjamin Smith

Benjamin Smith is one of the managing editors of Moneyinc. Ben's been focusing on the auto and motorcycle sector since 2005. He's written over 1000 articles in the space and continues to learn about it each day. His favorite car is "any Bugatti" and he's a die hard Harley Davidson fan.

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