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What is the Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle Package?

Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle

Harley Davidson has been in the industry for many years, and the main reason why it has been able to attain that longevity and sustain its stay at the top is that they adapt to the environment and make sure that the needs of their clientele are met. A quintessence of this is the recently released Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle Package for the new Milwaukee Eight Platform. The Screaming Eagle Package arrives as a 107 and a 114. The Milwaukee Eight Platform comes as a 4 valve per cylinder and is available as a standard 107, a twin cooled 107, or a twin cooled 114. Though a bit nascent, the Screaming Eagle was designed so that more power, throttle, and torque could be added to the bike without necessarily compromising the reliability and the ride quality.

The Screaming Eagle Stage one for Milwaukee-Eight; Intake, Exhaust, and Tuning Upgrade

The first stage is the foundation for the rest of the package. It comes with high-performance air cleaners coupled with some slip-on mufflers, both of which allow for more airflow into the engine. As simple as it may sound, allowing more air into the engine boosts the power production by up to ten percent, and this is something that riders can feel when it comes to the RPM range. This stage of the package is ideal for riders since they will be able to change the performance of the motorcycle, while also enhancing its look and sound. For the first stage, you will have a plethora of options to choose from. You can get the screaming eagle high-flow air cleaner, which is a filter element that hides behind the air cleaner cover and gives the bike a subtler look. It will cost you 175 dollars for this one, according to Ultimate Motorcycling. Another option you will have is the Screaming Eagle Ventilator Air Cleaner, which offers you and your bike a tapered and low-profile design that also enhances the rider's legroom. It costs 300 dollars. Alternatively, you can decide to get the Heavy Breather Performance Air Cleaner, which features a cast aluminum tube, low profile, that directs the air into the throttle with as minimal turbulence as possible, and thus increases the efficiency of the bike. The Screaming' Eagle Street Cannon Performance Slip-on Mufflers can enhance the airflow of the engine and increase power by reducing the back-pressure exerted by the exhaust gas. They also enhance the effects of inertia and wave scavenging. To get them, you will have to part with 500 dollars.

The Creaming Eagle Stage Two; All of Stage One, plus Performance Camshaft

The Second stage's raison d'etre is to take the Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight engine equipped with Stage One's accessories to the next level. It features a performance camshaft that increases the airflow to the engine by lifting the cylinder head valve and then holding them open, which makes it possible for the engine to have a greater intake and more efficient exhaust flow, according to Harley Davidson. It comes in two choices, which makes it possible for riders to focus on the performance of the bike based on the riding style. The Screaming' Eagle Milwaukee-Eight Stage II, the Torque Kit, can deliver throttle responses on demand, from low to mid RPM while at cruising speed. When installed in the Milwaukee Eight 107, from 2,500 to 4,500 RPM, can produce more than 100 pound-feet of rear-wheel torque. This is an ideal powerband that will make moving past slow vehicles a breeze, and you will not have to downshift and make any compensations od the weight of the luggage and the passengers. The components of this particular kit include the cam cover gasket, pushrods, pushrod covers, and the Screaming Eagle SE8-447 cam. It costs 389 dollars. The other option is the Screaming' Eagle Milwaukee-Eight Stage II, the Power Kit. It starts to pile on power when at 3000 RPM, and can produce more than 90 horsepower in the rear wheel for the 107 engines. It is the perfect kit for riders that want to bike aggressively while also being able to downshift to lower gears and simultaneously keep the engine at a higher rpm range. The components of the kit include the O-rings, the adjustable pushrods and their covers, a Screaming' Eagle SE8-462 cam, and a cam cover gasket.

Screaming' Eagle Stage Three for Milwaukee-Eight engine; Stage One Plus a Big Bore Pistons and Cylinders

For this one, the recipe for performance is very easy; increase both the size of the engine and the power output for the entire RPM range. It takes a Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine to 117 cubic inches and the 107 engine to 114 inches. When on the Stage Three Kit, the rider will feel that he or she is solo even the bike has passengers or cargo. Both of the kits in this stage feature bolt-on cylinders, which can be installed without dismantling the engine from the vehicle. This, of course, will reduce the complexity of installation, and also reduce the amount of time required to carry out the said installation. The kit includes high-performance piston rings, an SE8-498 camshaft, forged 11:1 coated aluminum pistons, SE 4.075-inch cylinders, SE high-performance tappets, SE performance valve springs, cam cover gaskets, cylinder base, and multi-layer coated head gaskets. EMC calibration is required to make sure that the installation is done properly. The Stage Three kit installed in the 107 engine increases the engine's compression ratio to 11:1 and can boost the mid-range torque by up by 24 percent, according to Southside Harley. It is also able to deliver up to 39 percent more power when compared to the original engine configuration. On the other hand, the Screaming' Eagle Stage Three Kit for Milwaukee-Eight 114 can produce between 100 and 110 more rear-wing horsepower when the 4750 rpm mark is hit. Moreover, it gives more than 100 pound-feet of rear-wheel torque when the rpm mark is between 2750 and 5750.

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