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The Five Best Harley-Davidson Sissy Bars Money Can Buy

Harley Davidson Sissy Bar

Harley riders who are purists at heart are picky about the accessories they choose for their bikes. This includes apparel and additional accessories that are both stylish and functional additions. If you have a Harley enthusiast in your life and you're looking for a great gift idea, we have a collection of the 5 best Harley-Davidson sissy bars that money can buy. If you're a rider, you'll appreciate the lineup in our list of model specific sissy bar upright accessories that are designed for use with Harley-Davidson motorcycles. We're sure you'll enjoy browsing through the uniqueness of each of the high quality products we're highlighting in our review.

5. Sissy Bar Upright Chrome

Price: $79.95

This is a complete kit that comes with the upright and the mounting hardware. This sissy bar upright is styled in an attractive chrome finish. It's made for attaching directly to the HD detachable two-up luggage rack. It's the ideal customization, or the base step in creating a comfortable touring bike for a passenger when you add the backrest pad, which is sold separately. This model is designed for attaching to any HD XG models that are at least a 2015 model year or later. It offers a clean customized aesthetic and an excellent base for further enhancing the appearance and comfort of your ride.

4. Low Profile Sissy Bar Upright for Sportster

Price: $149.95

This sissy bar upright features an attractive low and sleek bar that maintains a low profile when mounted between the fender struts and the fender. It give the bike a clean custom aesthetic. This bar is made for the Sportster model Harley-Davidson motorcycles that are at least a 2016, or newer XL1200CX model, or XL models that are 2007 or newer. The style is a round bar upright with a simple bobber aesthetic for a solo seat equipped motorcycle in a gloss black color. To make the bar even more comfortable for a passenger, it can accept a slip-over pad. This is a versatile sissy bar upright for Harley Sportster riders that keeps the look clean and rugged. Whether you're customizing your own bike or looking for a gift for the HD rider in your life, this is one that comes with high recommendations.

3. Standard Mini-Medallion Style Sissy Bar Upright

Price: $99.95

The Standard Mini-Medallion Style Sissy Bar Upright is made for HD models 10-17 FXDF, FXDWG, and 10 FXDFSE with the appropriate side plates. It's a round bar that is made of high-quality steel material for strength and durability that will last for years. The Upright comes with the added aesthetic of the Bar & Shield Medallion that is easily recognized by HD enthusiasts. This bar complements the fender lines of its compatible models with sweeping curves and a classy finish that offers a practical customization of your Harley. The Gloss black finish adds a nice detail for all black bikes but it's also good for use with other themes with the neutral coloring. This bar is a standard height of 14.5 inches. It's sold with a one year limited warranty to ensure your satisfaction with your purchase. You can add a compatible backrest which is sold separately to further enhance passenger comfort.

2. Air Wing Chrome Sissy Bar Upright

Price: $259.95

This is a premium Sissy Bar Upright that might be a little more expensive, but the expense is easy to justify. This particular model is intended for use with Harley-Davidson Touring models that are the model year 2009 or newer, that come with docking hardware kits or stealth detach luggage rack hardware. It can also be used in conjunction with a compatible HD detachable tour Pak conversion kit. The features that are outstanding include the snappy chrome finish. The bar enhances the aesthetic of your ride with a shiny finish that is compatible with the Air Wing Backrest pad that is sold separately. It's the ideal base for customizing your bike and you can also add a compatible tow-Up Luggage Rack when you get ready. The sissy bar is easy to install in just seconds, and it is also easy to detach. This versatile bar is also compatible with an optional LED light kit that is available in smoked or red colors to enhance your visibility from the rear.

1. Quick-Release Sissy Bar Upright- Freewheeler

Price: $249.95

The Quick-Release Freewheeler Sissy Bar Upright is made specifically for a Freewheeler Trike HD model. It's uniquely designed to complement the lines of the trunk lid for clean and attractive customization of your ride. This accessory is easy to install and it is designed to slip quickly into the docking ports. It features a quick release mechanism that allows you to remove it in mere seconds with a push of the release buttons. The height is standard and it has the capacity to accept the majority of mid-sized and also oversized touring model backrest pads for passengers. This makes it useful in creating a more comfortable space for your passengers.The back rest pads are sold separately.

You also have your choice of two different finishes. The bar upright is available in either a gloss black finish that works extremely well with a blacked out bike, or a mirror chrome finish to add a little more bling to the aesthetic.This is the ideal choice for long-distance touring bikes and it's a great base for further customization of your ride. The bar fits Harley-Davidson FLRT models from the year 2015 and later.

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