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Does Harley Davidson Make a Street Bobber?

Harley Davidson Street Bobber

People often like the idea of riding motorcycles, but it can be easy to get the different types of motorcycles available confused unless you've been riding for a number of years. Take the street bobber for example. Those who have been riding for a long time don't have any problem knowing what type of motorcycle this is, nor will they find it difficult to identify a one when they see it.

On the other hand, someone that is relatively new to the world of motorcycles might be wondering what this particular term refers to. More importantly, they might be wondering who makes these types of motorcycles and why they are so popular. If you're someone that is particularly fond of motorcycles made by Harley-Davidson, you might be wondering whether or not Harley makes a street bobber themselves.

The good news is that they do. It's known as the Street Bob, appropriately enough. If you're still not sure about what all of this means, keep reading. It will all be clear enough by the time you're finished.

What Is a Street Bobber?

When you hear someone refer to a motorcycle as a street bobber, they are not referring to a particular model of motorcycle, but instead to the way that the motorcycle is built. Street bobber is a fancy term that is used within the industry to indicate a motorcycle that is more or less stripped-down. In other words, anything that isn't determined to be absolutely necessary for performance or safety is gone.

These motorcycles don't have fancy bells and whistles, nor do they have a lot of fairings that make them look more like a racing bike than anything else. Instead, they look very basic in their appearance, yet they also have a certain majestic grace to them. There is definitely something to be said for a motorcycle that doesn't have all of the extra stuff that some manufacturers like to put on their bikes.

Why It's Special

For true motorcycle enthusiasts, a street bobber is special because it gives them an opportunity to look at the motorcycle in its purest form, exactly as it was meant to be designed. It also makes the the riding experience more pleasant in many people's opinions. That’s largely because it takes away all of the distractions and allows you to simply be at one with the motorcycle that you are riding.

As a result, many people who consider themselves to be motorcycle purests don't want to ride anything but a street bobber because they feel like all of the additional hardware on other bikes takes away from the experience. It's also worth mentioning that it takes a bit more skill to ride one of these bikes because they don't have all of the extra equipment that makes them easier to handle.

They're usually heavier and more robust in their performance, meaning that you have to have developed as a motorcycle rider in order to be able to handle one of them successfully. This is something that most riders pride themselves on and they relish the opportunity to show off their skills with one of these types of bikes.

The Harley-Davidson Street Bob

Of course, it would only make sense for a company like Harley-Davidson to be involved in the production of a motorcycle like this. Enter the Street Bob, one of the company's most well-loved models. It's been in production for some time, but it's also worth noting that the company continues to improve on existing models with each passing model year.

As a result, it's possible to get your hands on a 2021 model that is truly exceptional. The company has it completely stripped down so that nothing is on it except the necessary components, yet it's also fully customizable. It also features the venerable Milwaukee Eight 114 engine, giving it more than enough power to get you anywhere you want to go.

In fact, this is an engine that is typically considered more powerful than any other engine on any street bobber available. The motorcycle is capable of comfortably seating two people and of course, it offers the quality and workmanship that motorcycle riders all over the country have come to expect from anything produced by Harley-Davidson.

To make it even more appealing, it's available in one of the more interesting color options in recent times, incorporating a burnt orange color scheme in conjunction with components that are completely blacked out. It's definitely eye-catching. Perhaps the only thing that's more eye-catching than its appearance is its performance.

Should You Always Choose a Street Bobber?

Provided that you are indeed fairly new to riding motorcycles, you might be wondering whether or not you should always choose a street bobber. After all, they're clearly a very special type of motorcycle, so you may be wondering if they're perfect for all types of occasions. In reality, they don't work well for every rider.

In fact, if you have a tendency to do a lot of motorcycle riding over vast differences, even the best street bobber can be quite uncomfortable. That's largely because of the way that they're built. The fact that they're stripped down means that they feature an extremely upright riding position. That means that you're taking the brunt of the wind’s full force, typically right in the chest.

That can be uncomfortable and tiring, especially when you start exceeding speeds of 70 miles per hour or you're on the bike for any appreciable length of time. If you're going to be riding over long distances, a street bobber may not be your best option but for almost every other situation, it's a bike that you will likely enjoy riding more than anything you've ever been on in your life.

That is especially true if you're particularly fond of the idea of riding a motorcycle just for the sake of enjoying the experience as opposed to having so many creature comforts that you end up feeling more like you're riding in an electric car than on a bike. For true motorcycle enthusiasts, it's hard to beat the street bobber and Harley-Davidson’s Street Bob is one of the best options out there.

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