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The 10 Best Commuter Motorcycles Money Can Buy

Best Commuter Motorcycles

The best commuting motorcycles vary depending on how and where you travel and how far you have to commute each day. When you're in a densely populated part of the globe and lane-sharing is allowed, narrow is best. If you're planning to travel 100 miles or more round-trip, you'll want something comfortable and robust enough to prevent being rear-ended.

And if the weather is going to be chilly, you'll want some wind protection. Filling your tank every day is time-consuming. The best option is to look for something fuel-efficient with excellent mileage or go electric.

Ergonomics is essential since you want your eyes to be on the road, which is impossible if you only think about how uncomfortable you are. The seating position is crucial, and so is good suspension; subpar will be distracting since you will feel every rut, rock, and crack in the street.

Finding a motorcycle that works well on highways and city streets is difficult but not impossible. These ten motorcycles are great investments for commuter motorcycles.

1. 2021 Honda NC750X

2021 Honda NC750X

Honda's website thinks "specialization may be fine for some things like golf clubs, but we think great motorcycles should be able to do it all." This motorcycle is the clear favorite for commuters, especially ones that have a more extended trip. It provides excellent value at around 11000 dollars, making it one of the most popular commuting bikes year after year.

The automatic dual-clutch transmission is included in the 'dct' version. The lack of a clutch lever and a footgear shifter helps make riding incredibly relaxed. Besides being well equipped, one of the best design features is the storage capacity, large enough to fit a helmet. The bike is a perfect combination of Honda reliability, fuel economy, safety, and versatility

2. 2021 KTM Duke 390

2021 KTM Duke 390

"The KTM 390 Duke is a pure example of what draws so many to the thrill of street motorcycles." Aside from KTM's thoughts on it, it has many advantages, including a low price point, excellent fuel economy, lean-angle sensitive traction control, ABS, adjustable suspension, the same TFT dash as the bigger KTMs with smartphone connectivity, and even an optional quick-shifter. The engine has no vibration and is a lot of fun to ride, making it an excellent daily ride.

3. 2020 Kawasaki Z650

2020 Kawasaki Z650

When it comes to speed and acceleration, Kawasaki's Z650 is a powerhouse, thanks to its powerful 649cc parallel-twin engine that complements the bike's refined super-naked design.

Even though we're focusing on the urban environment, the cycle's top speed of 120 mph won't be much use; however, don't worry, it's slathered in low and mid-range torque, allowing you to stay ahead of vehicles and on track.

While the Z650 isn't as compact as some of the other options on this list, it's ideal for consumers who prefer something more solid than the smaller commuter bikes. Kawasaki has even offered an advanced ABS model, which includes its renowned safety technology, to round out its capable cycle.

4. 2020 BMW F900XR

2020 BMW F900XR

"XR stands for the uncompromising combination of athleticism and long-distance performance: Adrenaline for days, curve for curve." (F 900 XR | BMW Motorrad The BMW F900XR might be the best all-around motorcycle available. It's more than a commuting vehicle. It's sporty yet comfortable, and it can handle everyday use on just about any terrain (as long as it's not off-road). It's a true commuter.

5. 2019 Zero Motorcycle DS

2019 Zero Motorcycle DS

Some commuters are concerned with lowering their carbon footprints. If you read through Zero's website, they certainly deliver "Zero Motorcycles creates a superior riding experience with its transformational line of electric powered motorcycles." The Zero DS didn't start as an urban motorcycle.

Still, it does have some intelligent programming built-in that allows you to activate the city-friendly Eco mode with the touch of a button, which runs on electricity. If it's your first motorcycle, you'll learn to ride it quickly, and your skills will transfer to almost any other bike you choose to ride. An additional advantage is since it is electric, it does not require as much maintenance as a traditional motorcycle.

6. 2021 Yamaha MT-07

2021 Yamaha MT-07

The MT-07 is a hybrid bike that draws a large portion of the suspension and engine parts from the YZF-R1. The torque offers riders a very low-end delivery. It is suitable for commuting purposes despite its small and low profile, as well as the no-nonsense carrying power.

7. 2021 KTM 390 Adventure

2021 KTM 390 Adventure

KTM AG is an Austrian company that produces motorcycles and sports cars but is best known for the former. Utilizing this technology, they created a bike that works wonderfully for commuters. The 390 Duke is much more than a simple commuter machine.

The 390 Duke is unlikely to go as fast as you'd like, although it has a mid-range 373cc engine that will take some of the fun out of your rides as you gain more experience. Still, it also makes this Duke a little safer for inexperienced riders. It saves you money in the long run due to lower fuel consumption, an enjoyable, versatile, practical, and reasonably priced motorcycle.

Overall, it's a well-balanced motorcycle that feels at home on city streets, highways, and even a rough rural road with no asphalt. Be advised this is not a good option for an inexperienced rider.

8. 2020 Piaggio Medley 125

2020 Piaggio Medley 125

Piaggio's new design is "not just noppy and agile but also technologically savvy" hails their website. It is all about usability, with large wheels, a low price, and there's plenty of under-seat storage. With the optional top-case, you'll be capable of transporting your groceries.

The fuel economy is outstanding, with fuel consumption of around 2.3 liters/100 km, and if you add a large windscreen and leg cover, you'll also have a winter weather machine that you can use all season. For 2020, the Piaggio Medley 125 got a new dash and some technical updates.

9. 2021 Honda CB500

2021 Honda CB500

This motorcycle delivers Honda quality in a size perfect for commuters. It houses a 500-class twin that works seamlessly "from relaxed riding to canyon carving a blast," proclaims their website. This model is a combination of features that work well for 9-5ers who crave adventure on the weekends.

10. Ducati Multistrada 1260

Ducati Multistrada 1260

Ducati's Multistrada 1260 completes the list as the classic cycle for urban commuting. It has a large frame and upright position, making it versatile; off-road, dual-sport, and city-savvy work bike. It has a powerful 1262cc engine, several safety features such as Vehicle Hold Control (VHC), Bosch Cornering ABS + DTC, Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC), and adjustable drive modes, another choice newer riders should forgo.

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