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Remembering the 2002 Honda 919

2002 Honda 919

Naked bikes have become popular. Before we explain their popularity, we need to define a naked bike. A naked bike is a motorcycle that has been modified such that there are little or no fairings. Due to fewer parts, they tend to be smaller than average motorcycles. According to Bert's Mega Mall, their small size is practical since you can easily park them in the street or fit them in garages. So, to understand further about naked bikes, we will focus on the 2002 Honda 919 model. The motorbike began to be sold in 2002 but was eventually retired in 2007. Its seat allows the rider to sit upright, which is an ideal seating position for sports riding or long trips. Besides the seat being comfortable, the motorbike was also steady. Its steadiness was due to its large aluminum swinging arm and huge square-tube mono-backbone frame. Below are the Honda 919 functional features.

Compression Ratio

Compression ratio is the measure of how much air and fuel the engine can accommodate. Therefore, it is a comparison of how much volume it can hold at maximum size and minimum size. This motorcycle has a compression ratio of 10.8:1. According to McNally Institute, its compression ratio is generally considered high, which is a great thing for this motorbike. A high compression ratio, therefore, results in complete fuel combustion. With complete fuel combustion, no waste gases will be released into the atmosphere. Therefore, you will have saved people from the dangers of the greenhouse effect, which occurs when carbon dioxide traps the sun's rays. Another great thing about complete fuel combustion is that it results in better fuel economy for this motorcycle. That is because it utilizes all the fuel without wasting it by releasing some of it as waste in the air.

Cooling System

Engines generate a lot of heat as they combust fuel. If the heat is too much, the engine may break down. As a result, this motorcycle relies on liquid as a cooling system. The liquid contains a solution of water and alcohol. Regular water, e.g., tap water, cannot be used as a coolant since it would freeze the engine and it would be unable to start. Some motorbikes use air-cooled engines, but liquid-cooled engines are more advantageous. Liquid-cooled engines hardly break down, unlike air-cooled engines. Air-cooled engines trap air from the atmosphere and redirect it into the combustion unit. However, they may not capture enough air to cool the engine, so it is likely to overheat and break down. In contrast, liquid-cooled engines hardly break down since the liquid is present throughout, so the engine stays cool. Lastly, liquid-cooled engines are not as noisy as air-cooled engines. The noise occurs when the engines and other parts run. Liquid generally absorbs sound. As a result, the processes will take place, and you will not hear any loud noise. So, if you do not want to be a bother to your neighbors, you will be glad to know that this motorbike uses an air-cooled engine to combat noise.

Transmission Type

In order to transfer power from the engine to the wheels, the motorcycle uses a chain drive transmission. In this transmission type, the chain is mounted on sprockets which are then linked to the rear wheel. The chain spins as soon as the output shaft spins, and the spinning is what generates mechanical power. At some point, a motorcyclist may ride on rough terrains. Without proper shock absorbers, the motorcyclist would feel the impact of the rough terrain on their body. Another instance the motorcyclist may experience shock is from abrupt acceleration or abrupt braking. Fortunately, chains are good shock absorbers, so you will not feel any shock during your rides. Additionally, chain drive is fuel-efficient since they deliver extremely high transmission. According to Power Transmission, chain drives deliver a high transmission rate of 98%. That means that the motorcycle uses chains to deliver more power than petrol. As a result, you save gas when you power the motorbike.


The wheelbase is the distance between the front and rear axles of the motorbike. The motorcycle has a wheelbase of 57.5 inches, which is considered generally small. Therefore, a short wheelbase means that the motorbike will be small. That is advantageous, particularly when you need to park or overtake. Sometimes the parking lot may be full. Since the motorbike has a small wheelbase, you can squeeze it between small gaps. So, you will not have to ask the owner of a particular car to move for you to park this motorcycle. Since it can squeeze through small gaps, you can overtake with ease. When you cross to the other lane, the entire motorbike will be in the other lane. If it had a longer wheelbase, part of the motorbike would be knocked by another vehicle.

Dual Disc Front Brakes

Disc brakes slow the rotational speed of a wheel when the calipers squeeze against the disc or rotor with a pair of pads. Its entire system is connected with a thick fluid line and brake oil. The oil is what presses against the calipers when you apply the brakes. Another common braking system used in motorcycles is the drum brakes, but this brake is more advantageous. For instance, this braking system uses fewer parts. Therefore, replacing them becomes costly since you would not need to replace many parts. Also, this system uses oil, a lubricant, so it cannot easily be affected by dirt or rust.


If there is one thing you can admire about the 2002 Honda 919 is its comfort and its fuel efficiency. Usually, when we talk of comfort, we refer to its seat. Since its seat is upright, you will not be in a slouching position that would otherwise tire you. Believe it or not, you can get fatigued from riding motorcycles. Fortunately, its seat will cause less fatigue, and you will be able to ride long distances. Fuel efficiency is also a good thing to look for in a motorbike, something this motorcycle offers. Thanks to its chain transmission and high compression ratio, you will not need to frequent petrol stations.

Benjamin Smith

Written by Benjamin Smith

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