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A Closer Look at The 2022 Honda CRF250R

2022 Honda CRF250R

One of the most admired and capable motorsport vehicles ever designed. The new, sixth generation 2022 Honda CRF250R, has just received an amazing revamp, and it's taking motorsport fans by storm. Indeed, according to professional tester Kris Keefer, "Every year there is one bike that is the most anticipated. and this year that title goes to the 2022 Honda CRF250R." If perchance there happens to be a fan concerned about the redesign, then let's put those concerns to bed right now: The revamp of the 2022 Honda CRF250R is nothing short of spectacular, and definitely lives up to the internet hype surrounding most Honda bikes.

It's All About the Sport: It's Redesign in a Nutshell

According to Brandon Wilson, Sports and Experimental Manager a Honda, “The CRF250R has always been all about racing, and its success record proves that, with top results at the factory level by Jett and Hunter Lawrence, and also in the amateur ranks...With reduced weight, increased power where it matters most and improved durability, the all-new 2022 CRF250R is more competitive than ever, and we can’t wait to see what the Lawrence brothers and all Red Riders do with it on motocross tracks across the U.S.". The new design centers around alterations made to the chassis, engine and overall handling and comfort. The result is a lighter bike that can chew up a corner, blitz the whoops, burst down a straight-away, and do it with much improved grace and agility. The added changes include a narrower frame, flatter seat, and lighter weight. All these alterations and more, just about guarantee that the rider will have increased mobility while on the bike, as well as being able to handle a longer race session with ease.

So, what we have here with the 2022 Honda CRF250R is a bike that is more powerful than its predecessors, more durable, with increased comfort and handling. A perfect culmination, one that will most certainly give Yamaha a run for its money. All this means that Team Red have gained an ace in the hole with this beauty, as this revamped version is more powerful, faster, lighter and much more agile. Now that we've provided you with a basic glimpse into the overall redesign, It's time to take a look at what it is that has always made the CRF250R such a sought after partner in the world of motocross. The CRF250R first saw the light of day in 2004, and it was all downhill from there. To give you an idea of its strength, speed and prowess, we'll take a tour around that stats: Once unleashed in the racing world in 2004, the CRF250R garnered two AMA 250 MX Championships and nine Regional AMA 250 SX Supercross wins.

The Engine

Breaking it down, the engine of the 2022 CRF250R is a four-stroke single, liquid cooled 249cc bore x stroke 70.9 x 50.9mm engine with a compression ratio of 13.9.1. The fuel system is a programmed fuel injection, 44mm throttle body, DOHC valve train with 4 titanium valves. The transmission is a constant-mesh, 5 speed with a wet multi plate, 5 spring 9 plate clutch, with a push button, electric starter. Alterations were also made to the cooling system. The new cooling design includes a newly designed airbox, 78 percent larger than that of the previous model. With regards to the radiator fins, both angle of placement and number have been altered, increasing the air flow to the radiator. When you take this newly designed engine, and factor in the weight, new ergonomic design, narrower frame, it becomes even more clear how each element comes together to craft a superior motorsport machine.

The Overall Build: Lighter, Faster, and More Powerful

The 2022 CRF250R's aluminum twin-spar frame has been based on the Honda CRF450R's design. The engineers at Honda decided to craft a bike that could handle more power. The result is not only a frame that can handle more power, but also 1.5 pounds lighter. While the chassis of the CRF250R is based on its sibling the CRF450R, the subframe of the bike is brand new, and weighs in at .7 pounds lighter than previous generations. All total, the 2022 Honda CRF250R has a curb weight of just 229 pounds. Another contributor to the weight change, is Honda's decision to switch up from Dunlops to Pirelli tires, Pirelli Scorpion MX32 tires to be exact. . It should be pretty clear by now, that the designers at Honda left no stone unturned when it came to crafting this machine. As such, they even took to redesigning the 1.7 gallon titanium fuel tank. Here, the top cover of the tank has been eliminated, which allows the titanium to be visible to onlookers and admirers. When the cover was eliminated, it also helped to shave a touch of unwanted weight from the bike. Ergonomics is key here. For the ultimate in comfort and control, the designers at Honda lowered the seat a full 10mm for the sake of comfort. The also flattened the seat, By making small adjustments such as this, the 2022 CRF250R now gives the rider more space to move around on the bike, which promotes optimal rider control and handling. Gone are the dual exhaust system of the previous generation. It's been replaced with a single exhaust. Not only does this reduce the weight of the bike, but improves rider ergonomics as it contributes to the more narrow frame.

Final Thoughts

As can be seen with the 2022 redesign, Honda was intent on creating a competitive model, one that could smoke up the tracks and shake up the competition. The revamp was spearheaded with the goals of creating an engine that was not only powerful and fast, but dependable and reliable under racing conditions. Professional racers will be itching to partner with this bike, while recreational users will be happy doing some blitzing and dragon backs at the local track. Whatever your need, rest assured that the 2022 Honda CRF250R has the speed, strength and power to deliver.

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