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A Closer Look at The 2022 Honda NT1100

Look at The 2022 Honda NT1100

Those who enjoy indulging in long distance journey's across this great land of ours often find themselves searching for the perfect vehicle, that perfect metal machine, their own modern day mystical steed to carry them along their trip. For some, it's a recreational vehicle, others may do so in a modified convertible, and yet still others find their perfect mount in a motorcycle, and sport tourers are motorcycles built for just that purpose. Sport tourers are engineering marvels that chew up the pavement, while giving their riders a comfortable, yet fast ride over long distances. They are designed with state-of-the-art infotainment systems, come with more storage space than any other bike, and include elements designed to offer the rider protection from the ever changing weather. Engines of these bikes have a high displacement, and suspensions designed to keep you in the saddle for up to 300 or more miles a day.. Most motorcycle manufacturers have their own versions of such bikes. Manufacturers such as Harley-Davidson, BMW, Indian and more have produced some smashingly cool tourers. However, today, we're going to take a look at the 2022 Honda NT1100, one of Honda's best achievements in motorcycle design yet.

The 2022 Honda NT1100 Build: Speed, Agility and Superb Handling

According to Koji Kiyono, Large Project Leader for the 2022 Honda NT1100, "when it came time to design a new touring model, we wanted to produce something that would resonate – and appeal broadly – to these traditional touring bike customers. But we also wanted to stoke desire in riders of all ages and tastes who are looking for a genuinely new and versatile fun bike. That’s why we’ve created our new NT1100, offering thoroughly modern engine performance, a fun-to-handle chassis, a suite of modern technology and completely fresh, distinctive styling." In other words, the NT1100 was purposefully crafted in such a way as to honor the traditional, while opening up to the future of cycling. But wait just one minute. Before any of you reading this who live in the states are thinking of purchasing one for yourself, know that at the time of this writing, the 2022 Honda NT1100 is only available for enthusiasts over seas. However, there is talk of it changing, if it hasn't already.

To begin with, know that the 2022 Honda NT1100 got a good head start with the Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin's frame and SOHC engine, which means you get a 101 hp engine at 7500 with 77 foot-pounds of torque right off the bat. This parallel twin has a large displacement of 1084cc, a bore x stroke of 92.0 x 81.5mm, and a compression ratio of 10.1:1. As for transmission, you get a 6 speed, but if you go for a DCT model, it's fully and semi-automatic. DCT stands fort Dual Clutch Transmission. As stated above, Honda is offering two versions of the bike. The first one has a 6-speed transmission, while the second has a DCT gear box. In the DCT version, you get the three modes which are operated via a toggle: MT gives you control of the gears, D mode is automatic, and S mode. The motor comes with riding and user modes to enhance your cycling experience. There are three riding modes and two user modes. User modes include wheelie and traction control, along with power delivery and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). Standard modes are Urban, Tour and Rain. Fuel capacity is 5.4 gallons which promises to give you a distance of around 250 miles per tank. Of course, that depends on how you ride the bike. As for fuel efficiency, it's estimated to be 47 mpg.

The TFT touch screen display is a nice size at 6.5 inches. You are given the choice of the type of screen display you need. In other words, gold provides you with mode and numerical information, silver provides information on the speedometer, and bronze the rev-counter. Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are all supported. The chassis has a steel, semi-double-cradle frame. Front suspension is supplied by Showa SFF-BP 43mm inverted fork, while rear suspension is an adjustable Showa shock. Front brakes are 310mm floating disc brakes, rear brake is a 256mm disc. All tolled, the curb weight for the 2022 Honda NT1100 is a hefty 524 pounds, so once you seat the NT1100 it's safe to say you're not a middleweight anymore.

The 2022 Honda NT1100 is a sport touring bike after all, so the engineers at Honda designed and developed a bike which would help give you a comfortable ride. This means you get heated grips, removable panniers, cruise control, an adjustable 5-way windshield with 5 settings, upper and lower deflectors, all of which assist you in times of inclement weather. After all, unlike road tripping in a car, you won't be protected from the elements. In fact, you're right in the middle of them. That's just why motorcycle manufacturers have aftermarket accessories designed to make your journey an enjoyable one. Items such as storage units such as saddle bags, infotainment systems, and special clothing are available to help you mod your NT1100 to give you your perfect ride.

Final Thoughts: Long Distance Rides

According to Honda, their new NT1100 is a bike that's designed for high “…performance, handling, long-range comfort and a full range of technology but not necessarily the image or physical dimensions of ‘adventure” bike". It's more than apparent that the 2022 Honda NT1100 is built for a specific purpose in mind, one that involves satiating the hunger for riders searching for that perfect road trip. Indeed, for those riders always searching for a bike to take them on that extra mile, the 2022 Honda NT1100 was built specifically for you. In fact, their aftermarket accessory offerings are packed with various detachable saddlebag designs, and other innovative add-ons, all designed to provide you with a comfortable ride. Those of you interested in taking extended road trips with your Honda, may be keen to know that there is an app whose sole purpose is to plan your road trip. There are even road tripping clubs available with fellow riders ready to offer their years of experience to you for free, over a cup of coffee.


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