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Remembering the 2002 Honda VFR Interceptor

2002 Honda VFR Interceptor

The 2002 Honda VFR Interceptor was one of the first models to use Honda's VTEC (Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control) system. A VTEC system is a system that allows the motorbike to run on two valves per cylinder at low revs. Consequently, the system gave the motorcycle more torque. Initially, the VTEC system made this motorcycle uncomfortable to ride. According to Bennets, the system made the motorcycle jerky. However, in 2006, its system was refined by introducing VTEC mapping and using clear indicator lenses. Besides the motorcycle having a powerful torque due to the VTEC system, it has other features that make it hold up today. Here are five features that has made the bike standout for long.

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Engine

EFI eliminates the need for carburetors since they inject fuel into the internal combustion engine. Instead, fuel is atomized from a little nozzle with high pressure in this engine. Due to its tiny nozzle, the fuel is introduced into the engine in bits. Furthermore, EFI has sensors that help the engine determine how much fuel should be released. As a result, this engine has certain advantages. Since the engine uses only the fuel it needs, it is suitable for fuel economy. According to Research Gate, it improves the fuel economy by 13%. That means the rider can drive at considerable speeds without consuming much fuel. Additionally, EFI releases few emissions into the atmosphere. Remember, the engine only releases the fuel it needs into the engine. As a result, the engine will not combust more fuel than necessary. Lastly, this engine does not delay upon starting the motorbike. That means you will not spend a lot of energy starting this motorbike.

Monoshock Rear Suspension

The beauty of this suspension system is that it is positioned at the center of the bike's chassis. Due to its positioning at the center, it lowers the center of gravity. Therefore, this suspension system is ideal for racing since you can make sudden turns without worrying about rolling. Also, you can ride over potholes without falling off the motorcycle. With its suspension system, you can therefore ride over tricky terrains. Though not a functional role, many motorcyclists admire the monoshock's aesthetic appeal. The monoshock consists of a rod with a coil on it. If the monoshock's color does not please you, you can paint it a color of your choice. Since it is located at the center, it is very easy to spot it. So, people are likely to admire this motorcycle for its monoshock. Therefore, it makes sense that some people would paint it to draw people toward the bike.

Chain Drive Transmission

Many motorcycles are noisy. Typically, the common noise they produce is the mechanical gear noise. By riding such a noisy motorcycle, you become the neighbor everyone hates. Besides annoying those around you, you could be charged in some states for causing noise pollution. Luckily, chain drive reduces noise since they have rubber rings on the faces of the sprockets. The role of the rubber rings is to absorb sprocket vibrations. Besides reducing noise, the transmission reduces the motorbike's engine weight significantly. The transmission reduces the engine weight by 3 kg. Due to its light engine, you will be able to accelerate with ease. Since it requires minimal power to accelerate this motorcycle, it is ideal for racing. Also, its light engine makes it suitable during a traffic jam. With sufficient acceleration, you will be able to overtake vehicles with minimal effort.

Liquid Cooling System for the Engine

An occurrence every motorcyclist fears is their engine breaking down. It is particularly common with air-cooled engine systems. Since this motorcycle does not use air as its cooling system, you will not have to worry about your engine breaking down. With an air-cooled system, the motorbike has to trap air and circulate it into the engine. As a result, not all the air may reach the engine; hence it will overheat. However, with a liquid-cooled system, the engine stays cool longer due to the continual presence of the liquid. Also, the cooling system is not as noisy as the air-cooled engine. Air-cooled engines are noisy since they lack a water jacket. Since the liquid-cooling system contains a water jacket, it absorbs all the sounds the engine makes. Once again, this is another reason the motorbike is less noisy.


This motorcycle has a wheelbase of 1440mm, thus making it one of the few bikes with a short wheelbase. Its short wheelbase is advantageous to the rider in several ways. First, it provides for a small turning radius. This is especially useful when overtaking. When you overtake a vehicle by crossing the other lane, the entire motorcycle will be on the other lane within a short time. On the other hand, if it had a longer wheelbase, the motorcycle would occupy two lanes simultaneously. As a result, it would be vulnerable to being hit by other vehicles. Secondly, a short wheelbase means a small motorcycle. With its small size, riders can park the motorcycle in between small spaces. Therefore, the rider will not need an entire parking lot for this motorcycle. Lastly, its short wheelbase makes this motorcycle stable. Due to its stability, you will be able to make sudden turns without falling over. Its stability is due to the short distance the motorcycle has to cover when making a turn.


The 2002 Honda VFR Interceptor bike was unstable when it was first launched. Unfortunately, that meant a high risk of getting injured when riding it. Thankfully, the motorcycle is stable due to the changes Honda made to this brand. As a result of its stability, you can use it for racing or in traffic. Lastly, Honda has solved the noise problem with this motorcycle. Let's face it; noisy motorcycles are very distracting. In fact, it is why rural folks complain that the city is too noisy for them. So, if more motorcyclists used this particular bike or others like it, the city would be less noisy. We can only hope that motorcyclists will make this bike their preferred choice in the future.

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