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Appreciating The Awesome Motorcycle Collection of Brad Pitt

Brad Pit’s Motorcycle

Brad Pitt is one of the actors that many people around the world love. He has appeared in numerous films that have raked in huge profits. For twelve years, the talented actor and his wife Angelina Jolie have been a glowing couple in Hollywood. Their separation brought about a lot of gossip. Love, fame and money are the fuels that create stories for magazines and newspapers.

People claim that it was Angelina who initiated the process of filing for divorce from Pitt due to irreconcilable differences and other arguments such as his parenting style. The couple has six children. Three are biological and three are adopted. The couple got married in 2014.

He is also an avid motorcycle enthusiast and collector. He has a collection of classic bikes, more than 20 models to be precise. Several of the models are highly valuable. Brad has aged gracefully. Even though he is in his fifties, he has an appealing, leading man factor in the movies he acts in. He also has another cool factor in real life, that is riding motorcycles. Pitt works with internationally renowned builders and stores his bikes in a spacious garage. The actor also possesses rare models that are hard to find.

His motorcycle collection is a sign of his sportiness. Over the years, people have spotted him in different countries astride several impressive bikes. They signify that the actor has a passion for European and Japanese motorcycles. In 2006, Pitt and his wife rode through Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam on a Yamaha R! before they adopted their son, Pax from that nation.

According to this site, he loves the quick getaway that motorcycles offer and the fact that they allow him to keep a low profile. Below, we look at the Brad Pitt motorcycle collection. The facts about the bikes range from who built them, his favorite brands and the costliest purchases. They include:

1. Shinya Kimura custom

Shinya Kimura custom

Pitt loves Rad Café Racers and Samurai choppers and that’s why he has a customized motorcycle built by Shinya Kimura. The custom bike is a Café Racers with the only recognizable part being the 1974 Ducati engine. The oil cooler of the bike sits next to the headlight providing it with an asymmetrical appearance.

2. Ecosse Titanium Series XX

Ecosse Titanium Series XX

According to this site Pitt purchased a customized Ecosse Titanium Series XX bike in 2013. This motorcycle is unique and one of the costliest ones in the world at the time. It is estimated that the motorcycle cost 300,000 dollars.

3. BMW R1150GS Adventure

BMW R1150GS Adventure

This bike was manufacture3d by BMW Motorrand in 2005 and it is still one of Brad Pitts favorite machines. This motorbike is powerful and it features a 1130cc horizontally opposed flat twin engine and can reach speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour. This is an excellent choice for both the street and track.

4. Triumph Bonneville

Triumph Bonneville

This is a classic bike that all serious collectors must have in their fleet. The first models used a 6500 cc paradelle twin engine based on the Triumph Tiger 110. The later versions incorporated a new frame that integrated an engine oil tank rather than a separate one.

5. Royal Enfield Bullet 500

Royal Enfield Bullet 500

This is a beautiful bike that has been produced from the last 75 years. This has a lot to say about its popularity. Over time, the bike has transformed and evolved. However, the model in Pitt’s garage is classic and has a reliable engine and attractive frame.

6. Ducati Desmodedici RR

Ducati Desmodedici RR

This bike was released at the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello in 2006. Ducati stated that it was the initial true road replica of MotoGP racing motorcycle, and that is why it is unique in Pitt’s collection. The RR has a 989cc engine, titanium valves and carbon fiber body.

7. Husqvana Nuda 900

Husqvana Nuda 900

The Nuda 900 R received a lot of praise from journalists and bike enthusiasts around the world. Brad Pitt had the chance to ride one before it hit the market. He owns the first release of the bike, the original 2012 design that features 4 valved engines and 57HP capabilities.

8. Gasoline Alley/Indian Larry

Gasoline Alley Indian Larry

Pitt owned an Indian Larry motorcycle and it is stated that it was made from scratch. Reports also state that the bike was made from steel that was heated to up to 900 degrees and then carefully twisted. The bike’s price is $65,000 and above.

9. Zero Engineering Type9

Zero Engineering Type9

Brad Pitt purchased a Type 9 by Zero engineering from a world-famous garage that the Shinya Kimura firm originally founded. The motorbike features a multi-link rear suspension that has a 4-link mon-shock assembly but appears like a hardtail.

10. Ducati Monster

Ducati Monster

These models have over 3 decades of success. Brad Pitt owns a Ducati Monster Italia. The bike is aggressive-looking and designed by Miguel Angel Galluzzi from Argentina. When Pitt saw it for the first time, he stated that Marlon Brando would select it for his film, The Wild One.

11. Triumph Trophy TRG

Triumph Trophy TRG

It is a long-standing cult motorcycle made between 1956 and 1973. Steve McQueen rode the motorbike in the film The Great Evasion. The film was a commercial success, especially in the U.S.A.

12. BMW R75


Brad owns this bike which the Nazis used for several missions in World War II. This includes missions for recognition of the bike in the battlefield. He bought it at the price of 385 thousand dollars.

13. Ecosse Titanium Series FE TI XX

Ecosse Titanium Series FE TI XX

This is another bike in Pitt’s collection. Only 13 units have been made. Its price is three hundred thousand dollars. His motorcycle collection also includes bikes manufactured by the Harley Davidson and Indian brands of North America.

Apart from collecting bikes, Pitt also frequents bike shows and auctions to mingle with fans According to the Daily Mail, Pitt gave a bike to Maddox his son, which was an excellent gift for his eleventh birthday. This was a Suzuki DRZ-125dirk bike. The model was designed for younger riders with minimal experience. Pitt took time to teach his son how to ride in a safe manner.

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