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How Many Electric Bikes Does Harley-Davidson Make?


Harley-Davidson has made the plunge and is fully invested in the production of electric bikes, the coming wave of the future. We went directly to the source to learn more about Harley Davidson's current offerings. Harley's website gives us the full spec on their current lineup of electric-powered motorcycles. They're also moving into the electric bicycle industry to expand their operations to include this newly emerging and popular form of transportation for urban and short commutes.

How many electric bikes does Harley-Davidson make?

According to the Harley-Davidson official website, the current stable of electric bikes includes a limited number of Harley's Livewire electric motorcycles. The LiveWire One is their only electric motorcycle model so far. It's designed for urban commuting offering a city range of 146 miles on a full charge, but it also can move beyond urban travel and take the show on the road for highway riding. This bike also has intelligence features including a 6-axis IMU that tracks, measures, and anticipates change to enhance safety with predictive technology. It's powered by Harley's Revelation engine with a high-voltage 15.4 kWh rechargeable energy storage system with a DCC fast charge feature that can give you 80% charge in 40 minutes and take the bike's system to a full charge in one hour. It's also level 1 and 2 compatible with 13 miles for each hour of charging.

Harley-Davidson's venture into the electric bicycle market

The Verge takes us a little deeper into the electric bicycle reviews for Harley's new endeavor for urban transportation. The Serial 1 Cycle is a new e-bike brand that offers four models, now available for sale in the United States and Germany. These are bicycles equipped with motors, and integrated batteries that provide pedal assistance for cyclers who want the dual benefit of peddling to their destinations with the help of a motorized vehicle to take the effort out of cycling from one point to another.

Harley-Davidson is joining in conservation and the clean-up efforts

HD describes the new e-bicycle as a lightning bolt that's set to bring electrification to the urban grid. Off the cuff, we see its tremendous potential for changing the urban landscape with a cleaner approach to travel that will cut down the carbon emissions in the cities and towns of this nation. It's a goal that we're working toward in our global efforts to save the planet and to keep it within inhabitable levels of carbon emissions, something we've failed at to this point. Harley-Davidson is throwing their hats in the ring on the effort with their limited number of new electric bicycles

A closer look at the Serial 1

The new Serial 1 electric bike is claimed to offer riders who are ready for a new experience, an alternate form of transportation that is ideal for urban travel. The new e-bike provides instant acceleration that will reduce the amount of effort required for urban cycling. The bike features the Revelation PM electric motor with SHOWA suspension in the front and rear. The technology that is built into the new e-bike is sophisticated. It offers an aggressive riding position with mid-mount foot controls and HD Connect compatibility to take advantage of all of the modern technologies offered through the product. It also comes with a passenger seat. Harley-Davidson is launching the new e-bike line featuring a collection of four models. They will be marketed under the brand names Mosh/Cty and Rush/Cty. The first will be offered with one model available with three variants of the Rush/Cty in a Step-Thru, Speed, and regular.


We also learned that each of the four new bikes will feature motors that can generate continuous power of 250 watts with top speeds of 20 mph. The Rush/Cty Speed is the exception. It will have a higher top speed, but that number has yet to be confirmed. The top speed of the HD electric LiveWire motorcycle claims to be 95 mph. The estimated price range of the new electric bicycle will range between $3,399 to $4,999.

Inspired by Harley-Davidson's first bike

We love learning more about the history of Harley-Davidson and discovering how the engineers and architects pull design features from the archives for somewhat of a renaissance with a nod to vintage designs. The Robb Report investigators and reporters have an uncanny ability to sift through old information and unearth the most interesting facts to share with the rest of us. They help deliver fascinating gems from resurrected archival information to new stories by correlating them with the past, and for that, we're thankful. They point out that the new Mosh/Tribute bike is inspired by the oldest bike ever built by Harley-Davidson, dating back to 1903. It was called Serial Number One. Going into its archives for inspiration is just one more insight about HD that makes them so interesting. They're reaching back to the beginnings of the company to move into the future. We think this is one of the approaches HD takes that keeps them grounded in their origins and original intents in a forward-moving trajectory to remain current and relevant in the automotive industry. We love our nostalgia, and HD is keeping it alive. The new model comes with details such as the handcrafted leather seat, with trips made to match. It's the little things that can make a difference in the personality and the vibe you get.

The most expensive e-bike offered by Harley-Davidson

The Mosh/Tribute will be the most expensive bike in HD's new electric-powered lineup. We learned that the new bike's starting price is $5,999, and it's now available for pre-order. It's a grand higher than the next level, but this special edition will launch with a higher value because of its rarity. Only 650 units will be available for equal distribution within the European and North American markets. Deliveries commence at the end of the year. A few outstanding features of the Mosh/Tribute include an eco-mode for conservation when road conditions are flat. Tour mode provides additional assistance for conditions that are changing from good to bad then back again. The new bike will offer a range between 35 to 105 miles before needing a recharge, depending on battery usage. The charging time ranges between 2 to 2.5 hours to achieve a full charge.

Final thoughts

Harley-Davidson offers one electric motorcycle called the LiveWire One, in limited supplies. The iconic brand has entered the electric bicycle market with four models and a special Mosh Tribute edition inspired by HD's first motorcycle, the Serial Number One. Ebike production is a new venture for the brand, but it has been in the works for several years. They've finally reached the point of delivery. It's an exciting time in the history of HD. They've overcome a lot of ups and downs through the years, but we think HD is finally getting with the times and rolling into a more prosperous future with its new EV line of motorcycles and bikes.

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