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What Is a Harley Davidson Deuce?

Harley Davidson Deuce

The Harley Davidson Bike that turned childhood dreams into reality is the 2000 Softail Deuce. Easily one of the more stylish bikes of the turn of the century, the Deuce captured imagination with its sleek styling even before any customizations were made to it. This is the stuff that dreams are made of. Those of you not familiar with the bike may be asking, "What is a Harley Davidson Deuce?" Here's everything you need to know and them some about Harley's innovative bike that just turned twenty.

What is the Harley Davidson Deuce?

According to Cruiser, the Deuce is the best looking Harley that has ever been created by the brand. While this is an arguable observation, the Deuce doesn't need to be customized to shine in its full glory. It's one of the few factory bikes that was birthed with the curves, chrome and clean detailing that makes it stand out from the rest of the herd.


Harley Davidson Deuce 1

When you first lay eyes on the Deuce, the low profile of the bike combined with its chrome front end to the back with few exceptions make it shine. The curves create an elegant if not graceful aesthetic with this design element extending to the fork sliders and the five inch risers which elevate the low-rise handlebar. It's truly not your average production motorcycle.

Original components

The fork sliders with their curvy appeal are notable and in the same note of uniqueness, HD created the fuel tank just for the Deuce. The design of the tank is longer and narrower than other Harley models and instead of holding 5 gallons like the other Softail bikes, this tank is a little shy with a capacity of just 4.9 gallons. Chrome has been used on the housing of the ignition and speedometer to make the tank appear yet longer, as well as creating a separation.

A fashion statement?

Harley Davidson Deuce 2

The 1450 cc Twin cam engine is dressed in black and chrome with chrome for the external oil lines to further dress the bike. This is a factory feature and not an aftermarket customization. To further enhance the length of the bike, shotgun dual mufflers were installed along with an elliptical airbox design for the engine. Some design elements of the FX Super Glide styling were borrowed with a clean rear end with the dual horizontal dampers hidden from view under the engine with yet more rails bracketing the fender in curvy chrome. The tail lights were kept small to avoid interrupting the sweeping flow. This accurate description of the Deuce puts it in the category of a highly stylized motorcycle, yet not distastefully decked out nor gaudy. Instead, it offers a sophisticated use of clean curves and hidden interruptions in the flow of the visual landscape of the bike.

What makes the Deuce different than a custom bike?

From the description, the Deuce certainly sounds like a customized motorcycle. While it does feature many of the elements that would qualify it for this category, the difference is that it is a production bike that leans as much towards function as it does aesthetics. It is one of the most competent designs with regard to function, yet the comfort could have been improved upon.


Harley Davidson Deuce 3

Ultimate Specs, provides the specs for the 2,000 Harley Softail Deuce. Their description does include the term "custom" combined with the fact that it is also a cruiser. The dry weight of the bike is 672.4 pounds, and that's including the V2 four-stroke motor and it's lovely trim. The engine cranks an output of 63 horsepower with th maximum torque at 5300 RPM at 78.2 ft. lbs. The confirmed top peed of the Deuce was clocked at 108.7 mph in test runs. The wheelbase of the Deuce is 66.6 inches and the seat height is 25.9 inches when adjusted to the lowest possible setting. The transmission is a belt drive 5-speed, with an electric ignition.

What makes the Deuce so special?

MCN  took a poll of owners and determined an estimate of the popularity of the Deuce with feedback from them. The overall rating given the Deuce is a 4 out of 5. It's remarkable beauty is undisputed and its clean lines and multiple options are among the most valued features. The quality of ride came in a little lower with a 3 rating out of 5.

The hidden shock rear doesn't compare with some of the other Harley models in terms of comfort, as well as handling, bu tit's not a deal breaker for most, but the braking also takes a second place to the Super Glide Sport. The engine received a 3 for reliability, but since the Deuce production as halted before the 1558 came out, it received an average rating. It's nothing thrilling, but acceptable. For reliability and build quality, the Deuce was gives a 4 out of 5. Among the most notable features in this category is its robustness as well as paint and modern styling. It only scores 3 when it is stacked up against its rivals through. It's highly valued and definitely on the iconic side of classification, but for some, it was truly nothing that special.


Harley Davidson Deuce 4

Now you have a decent overview of the Harley-Davidson Deuce, in all of its glory along with its shortcomings. This is a beautiful bike that has the looks to draw a crowd. It's the only known production bike to look more like a custom without any special additions or mods, simply because of its clean beautiful lines. It was made to make a fashion statement while maintaining a strong functionality and the two elements seem to be evenly balanced. Some will call it a custom, but this description doesn't really apply. The Deuce is the brass ring for some while others could take it or leave it.

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