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The Best Batteries for Your Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

You expect your bike's battery to play its essential role, which is to start your bike. Thus, the battery you install as a repalcement should hold up for an extended period. Choosing the best battery for your Harley Davidson bike can be a challenge since you have many batteries to compare. You might not know which particular battery can provide the reliability and dependability you need. In this article, we have put together the best batteries for Harley Davidson that you can buy, install right away, and never get disappointed.

Why is a reliable battery for Harley Davidson vital?

A reliable battery is the source of energy for your Harley Davidson motorcycle. It pumps energy and offers your motorcycle all the essential power required to start the engine. A reliable battery for Harley Davidson can supply more power when you want to kick start the bike regardless of the weather conditions or when your motorcycle's primary charging system cannot keep up with the required demand for energy. A battery also acts as a stabilizer for your bike's charging system and powers your bike's lights. The following are 5 best batteries for a Harley Davidson.

1. PowerStar Harley Davidson Blue Box Battery

If you are searching for a battery that can directly replace your Harley Davidson battery, then this is the right battery for you. The HD Blue Box battery is AGM sealed and you can bolt it right away. The battery has an option of top or front mount terminals and comes with a 3-year warranty. There is nothing more frustrating than installing a battery that dies halfway through the riding season. With the Blue Box HD warranty, one is covered for up to three years against a defective battery. Its features include:

  • Sealed AGM battery
  • 3-year warranty
  • Front or top mount terminals

In the opinion of OutsidePursuits, a sealed AGM battery is ideal for Harley Davidson engines that require a lot of power to start. It is one of the best high discharge rate batteries you can find on the market. The PowerStar battery is available in different sizes, and each is meant to fit any Harley Davidson. If you are not sure about the battery size of your bike, you can use the Amazon garage filter to get the right fitment before purchase.

2. PowerSource Lighting Start Motorcycle Battery

Manufacturers designed these batteries to specifically emit the charge required charge to start your big bike under any weather. Most manufacturers are producing AGM batteries with high CCA that can start a Harley Davidson easily. Its features include:

  • Optional top or front mount terminal
  • Sealed AGM battery
  • It comes in different sizes to fit any HD model

This AGM battery has red and black color that stands out. The battery terminals have a front otr top mount option. Therefore, you can replace the wires easily in the precise orientation they were installed. PowerSource manufactures the batteries to be a direct OEM match, meaning that you can find the exact CCA, size, and Ah rating that matches your current battery. However, for this battery is costlier.

3. Deka Sports Power ETX-30L

The Deka Sports Power ETX-30L is an ideal battery for your Harley Davidson that can start the engine efficiently. The 12-volt battery with a CCA of 400 and 26 Ah features a sealed AGM design. The battery is spill-proof and maintenance-free. It has extra bolts with brass spacers that help with the installation of side mount cable. Manufacturers placed its terminals at a strategic place to be used by various motorcycles. Its features include:

  • Side connection terminals
  • Spill-proof and leak-proof design
  • Friendly price

However, according to The Drive, the battery struggles to hold charge. Therefore, you need to have it on a battery tender often to keep it fully charged.

4. Pirate Battery YTX30L-BS

The high-performance lead acid battery with AGM separators between its plates makes it one of the best batteries for Harley Davidson. The AGM separators allow the battery to crank 385 CCA and 30 AH. Its benefits include:

  • Leak-proof design
  • Ready to use
  • 18-month warranty

This is a fully-sealed maintenance-free battery that does not leak. Before the manufacturers makes it available in the market, they fill, seal, and pre-charge it. The battery is ready to start your bike after purchase. According to this site, the Pirate Battery comes with a 60-day money guarantee and 18-month warranty.

5. Throttlex Battery for Harley Davidson

This American made battery takes great pride in powering a wide range of Harley Davidsons. The battery is fully charged and maintenance-free. Once you purchase and install the battery in your bike, you are ready to start the engine. Its features include:

  • Spill-proof with Hot sealed cover
  • AGM type resistant to high heat or spillage
  • Same quality as the original Harley battery

The (AGM) absorbed gas mat battery, does not suffer similar issues as other batteries that have to sit upright always. It is also excellent with high heat. The battery is ideal for most 1997-2016 Harley Davidson models such as Road King, Electra Glide, and Road Glide. Also, the Harley ultra classic battery has reliable lead terminals. The terminals are female threaded with bolts for perfect measure. As this site reports, the throttle battery shares the same power with an original Harley battery.

What to look for before purchasing a Harley Davidson battery

Picking the best battery for your Harley Davidson is vital. Since several batteries out in the market that can fit the profile, it is essential to know a few things to look for when picking a replacement battery for your Harley motorcycle. They include:

  • Voltage - Most Harley Davidsons use a 12-volt battery. Others use 6 volts so ensure you are aware of which battery suits your motorcycle.
  • Battery size - This is an essential factor to bear in mind as you shop. To avoid buying a small or big battery than your battery box, check your instruction manual, motorcycle box, or former battery for dimensions. Get a battery that fits to avoid buying a small battery that jumps around or might not reach the cables.
  • Performance - To find the best battery for your Harley Davidson motorcycle, get one that is manufactured using high-quality materials that will not wear out easily and one that comes with a low self-discharge rate.
  • Technology - Different batteries have different technological improvements, including spill and leak-proof, AGM technology, corrosion-free, and no maintenance-required technology. Manufacturers design these improvements to make your ride safer and life more comfortable. Therefore, consider a battery with the most features.
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