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A Closer Look at the Kuberg Ranger Electric Motorcycle

Kuberg Ranger Electric Motorcycle

The Kuberg Ranger electric motorcycle is the world's very first, scooter/dirtbike crossover that offers some pretty exciting benefits for riders with chops and those without. To begin with, its ability to offer a superb ride to both experienced and new riders alike is a top selling point, with the Kuberg Ranger electric motorcycle, no one is left on the sidelines. Not only that, but the entire bike is crafted by hand by Kuberg's very own technicians at the factory, so you just know you're getting a high performance, maintenance free ride for the price.This bike has even caught the eye of champion racers, even before production hits. In fact, ProBMX rider, Bryce Tryon has this to say about the Ranger, "The first time riding it, I was completely blown away about how fast it was, I was not ready for it! It's Pretty dope."

1. State-of-the-Art, Handcrafted Electric Motor

The Kuberg Ranger electric motorcycle can hit a top speed of 50 miles per hour. To get this type of drive, the Kuberg Ranger is equipped with a 14kW electric motor. The Ranger uses what Kuberg calls, "Proprietary Motor Technology". It's because of BLDC technology that the Ranger can obtain the most potential from the batteries. Not only that, but each and every Ranger motor has been built by hand they Kuberg's team of technicians. For those of you not needing that much speed or power, know that Kuberg also has a standard model with 8kW of power.

2. The Kuberg Ranger is a One-of-a-Kind Hybrid Creation

If you're into dirt biking, then the Kuberg Ranger is a bike that may get your interest. However, it's not just any dirt bike. The Kuberg Ranger takes the best elements of a dirt bike, and blends them together with an electric scooter. According to the Czech Corporation, Kuberg, the Ranger is a "fully electric crossbreed". In fact, the Ranger even has a model that comes with a trailer, and can tow up to 60 pounds!

3. Kuberg's Very Own Air Lift Seat

The Kugerg Ranger Electric Motorcycle comes complete with their very own, pneumatic Air Lift Seat. This seat has just been developed by Kuberg, and has found its home with the new Ranger. The Air Lift is a reclining seat. Just one press of the handle bars, and your Air Lift will fold down or raise up to meet your preferred seat height. This means you can fold the seat down and ride standing up, taking jumps and accelerating your speed limit. If you happen to need a break from your power ride, simply push on the handlebars and the Air Lift seat rises to the height you desire

4. Manitou Dorado Expert Suspension

The Manitou Dorado suspension system was chosen for the Kuberg Ranger electric motorcycle for a very good reason.  This is a race proven, durable, and lightweight front suspension system that offers the rider a secure, cushioned ride as they hit the various terrains. Features of this suspension system include an inverted design, TPC and damping, hydraulic bottom out and top out, dual chamber air spring, All in all, a superb suspension package for both seasoned and new riders alike.

5. The Kuberg Ranger Electric Motorcycle is Endorsed by Supercross Champ, Justin Hill

Justin Hill is a seasoned Supercross competitor who is currently part of the JGRMX/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factor racing team. At the time of this writing, he rides a Suzuki RM-Z450. This AMA 250 West Supercross Champ has tried Kuberg's Ranger electric motorcycle, and fully endorses it. According to Justin, "I personally would use the Ranger all day everyday! With the drop seat function, the sky is the limit. I would take it to town, to work, on the trails, on the track, on the ramps, everywhere. You can cruise it, rip it, flip it, send it, all without waking up the neighbors!" Justin is the perfect person to endorse this bike, as he actually crosstrains with his father riding BMX. As a Supercross champ, who crosstrains with a BMX, he knows the best of both worlds, : BMX bike and sport cycle.

6. The Kuberg Electric Motorcycle has Three Versions: The Racer, Standard and Adventure Models

According to their crowdfunding page, Kuberg is offering three versions of the Ranger: The Racer, Standard, and Adventure. The Race model is 14kW, has the Air Lift seat, fenders and kickstand. The Standard is your base entry-level model, is 8kW and made for those simply looking to spend some quality time on a solid bike. The final version is the Adventure. The Adventure is the workhorse of the three, as its capable of towing 60 pounds and comes with the trailer.

7. Three Riding Modes

What's very exciting about this electric crossover, is that it comes with three riding modes: Race, Adventure and Eco. The Race mode gives you all its got. This is the mode where you can kick it up to 50 mph and full torque. However, it's pretty powerful, and should only be used by the more advanced riders. The Adventure mode takes you to 25 mph, has moderate torque, and is just made for exploring your surroundings. The last mode is the Eco mode. Here, you're limited to 15 mph, and is designed to be beginner friendly with mild torque. As it's the Eco mode, it would be the one to choose if you were headed on a longer trip, as you can squeeze a nice 60 mile range from it with the battery double pack.

8. The Battery Behind the Power

First of all, know that the battery is swappable, which is great if you're out for a long ride and need to switch out the battery. The batteries used by the Ranger are all made by hand by their Kubergs techs to ensure perfection in power and longevity of service. They use only the best materials in completion plus they take good care that each battery is not subject to overheating. Also, if you opt for the double battery upgrade, you'll gain up to 30 miles of range per charge. Finally, it's their 14,000 Watt BLDC Controller that turns the battery power into motor power.

9. The Kuberg Also has a Towing Function

Believe it or not, this bike was not only meant for riding, but also towing. This makes it the perfect electric bike to use for everything from making fast and dependable deliveries, to spending some time in the wilds. Indeed, this bike will have no problem towing packages or gear up to 60 pounds. Perfect for gig workers looking to make some quick cash working for companies like Postmates or Instacart. So, not only is this a fast adventure bike, but also an investment for gig workers or any business looking to make deliveries.

10. Low Maintenance

Kuberg is a Czech company known for their high quality production bikes. As such, they build with function in mind, and that includes ease of care and maintenance. Their very construction means little maintenance for you, so you can skip keeping any maintenance logs and spending cash on expensive maintenance visits. As an electric bike, there's no oil or gas needed, so you can ditch the dip stick.

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