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Remembering the 1949 Hercules MF 2

1949 Hercules MF 2

Today, motorcycling has gained tremendous popularity throughout the world, either as a sport, a hobby, or a means of transport. It is no surprise that there are lots of available motorbike models in a variety of sizes, designs, and prices to fit the preference of every biker. However, motorbike manufacturing existed many decades ago, as early as the 1940s. If you are a vintage motorcycle enthusiast, you have probably heard of the 1949 Hercules MF 2. This is one of the oldest motorcycle models that has paved the way to the current’s more improved and technologically innovative motorbikes. But how was it? What was its maximum speed? What about its horsepower? Let’s take a closer look at remembering the 1949 Hercules MF 2 to check out the features and properties of this motorcycle model.

The Hercules Company

Hercules was a brand of motorcycle and bicycle manufactured in Germany. The company was established in 1886 by Carl Marschütz in Nuremberg, Germany to produce bicycles. It was later in 1904 that the company started to manufacture motorcycles. In 1949, the company produced the Hercules MF 2. Hercules was combined with Zweirad Union after being bought by ZF Sachs in 1963. In those years, Sachs was the biggest manufacturer of two-stroke engines. Most of these engines were utilized in the Hercules motorbike series, scooters, and mopeds. The manufacturing of motorcycles by the company later ended in 1996.

1949 Hercules MF 2 Model Overview

The 1949 Hercules MF 2 motorcycle was manufactured by the Hercules company and corresponded to the Hercules MF 2 series that includes motorcycles of different displacements. This motorcycle is included in the super sports category, with the first model of the Hercules MF 2 generation launched in the market in 1948. The 1949 MF 2 model was an upgrade from the 1948 Hercules MF 2 model, with the series also featuring the 1950 MF 2 model and the 1951 MF 2 Hercules model. This is why although it might not seem so, we are remembering a motorcycle generation that is already in existence for more than 74 years. The Hercules MF 2 was a standard bike with a single cylinder and two-stroke engine. This motorbike would attain a top speed of 50 km/h or 31 mph. The horsepower is 2.15 HP (1.6 KW), 3500RPM. It is also equipped with a relatively large tear dropped fuel tank that entices attention and a headlamp cowl for night travelers. Generally, the 1949 MF 2 Model is a classic attention grabber.

Engine And Transmission

The 1949 Hercules MF 2 boosts a relatively strong engine in those years. The engine type of this model is a single-cylinder engine, 2-stroke. However, the current motorcycles have an incomparable stronger engine and horsepower. A 48.0mm bore by 52.0 mm (1.9 x 2.0 inches) stroke displaces 98.0 cubic centimeters (5.98 ci). The motorcycle power has 2.25 horsepower (1.6 kW) at @3500 rpm. The engine features carburetor intake at Bing 12mm and a final chain drive. This means that the power is transmitted to the rear tire via a drive chain. The fuel system of the motorbike is a carburetor. This air-cooled engine has finned casings that increase the surface area to help cool the engine.

Dimensions And Capacities

You are probably wondering about the capacities and dimensions of this vintage 1949 Hercules MF 2 model. According to the Biker.Co, the empty or dry weight of the motorcycle was 65 kg (143.3 pounds). This said, the power to weight ratio of the bike is 0.0346 HP/kg. It featured a narrow frame, making it easy to get on and off the motorbike.

Speed And Acceleration

The maximum speed of 1949 Hercules MF 2 was 50.0km/h or (31.1 mph). While this was a significantly high speed on those days, it’s relatively low compared to today’s model hitting more than 200km/hr. The 1949 Hercules MF 2 was a competent bike. It was light, quick, and featured a relatively tall ground clearance, making it one of the best options to enter the Hercules family at that time.

Chassis, Wheels, And Suspension

The motorbike features a 2.25-26 front and rear tire. Stopping the bike was attained through an expanding brake, also known as drum brake in the front, and a similar expanding brake in the rear. The braking worked effectively in dry and wet conditions alike. This MF 2 model also featured a 2.77 Gallon or 10.50 liters fuel tank. The motorbike was also relatively lightweight, weighing only 65 kilograms (143.3 pounds). The bike has spoked wheels and features a single seat when it comes to the wheels. The seat is relatively low to ensure you have both feet comfortably flat on the road as you wait at the traffic junction. This means the motorbike was designed as a one-passenger model compared to the current models that can carry up to three people. More so, the current motorbikes models rarely used poked wheels. Instead, they used wheel rims made of metal rods in place of wire pokes, giving them a high carrying capacity.

1949 Hercules MF 2 Pricing

Now that you have an idea of what the 1949 Hercules MF 2 model looks like, you must be wondering how much it was going for? When this model became widespread, the first price was € 28.978. Honestly, this Hercules model is pocket-friendly, and I would have bought it at this price. It is no surprise that it was one of the largest selling bikes.


Ultimately, we hope you have a clear idea of the 1949 Hercules MF 2 model. This Hercules model was an exercise of simplicity with a clean design that indicates its industrial efficiency. It was a narrow and lightweight motorbike. To summarize the characteristics of the motorbike, it has an engine displacement of 98.00cc (5.98 ci), a total power of 2.25hp (1.6kw) @3500 rpm with a 2-stroke, single-cylinder engine. Generally, this was a great and high-quality bike even for current motorists who want to enjoy a vintage ride. While motorcycles continue evolving rapidly, these old models, such as the 1949 Hercules MF 2 model, have created the foundation for others.

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