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The Five Best Arai Motorcycle Helmets Money Can Buy

Best Arai Motorcycle Helmets

Arai is a Japanese motorcycle manufacturer that is in the running for being one of the best motorcycle helmets that money can buy. The company specializes in designing and crafting helmets only for motorsports. The brand has become a legend in motorsports communities with a solid reputation for quality, safety, and long warranties. Many professional motorcycle racers endorse Arai helmets. For your consideration, here are the five best Arai motorcycle helmets money can buy.

5. Arai Defiant X Helmet - Price: $449.99

Arai Defiant X Helmet

The Defiant X helmet is a stylish helmet that provides the maximum possible protection from injury while offering optimal comfort and an attractive design. The Defiant X is a part of the next generation of helmets inspired by the original Defiant line with essential updates and upgrades. The lines of the latest model are bold and refined with SFL shell construction in a round and smooth style that prevents catching on rough surfaces with an overall intermediate oval shape. The shell design disperses energy to lessen potential injuries during an impact. The helmet's free-flow system ventilation serves the dual purpose of reducing turbulence and wind noise, simultaneously increasing the exit of hot air from the helmet for better cooling under hot weather riding conditions with dual intake front vents, a one-piece rear exhaust, a three-position chin vent, neck vent exhaust, and side exhausts. Other features include multi-density EPS, a removable odor-free liner, removable and washable cheek pads to enhance the fit of the helmet, a facial contour system with a foam spring support in the cheek pad for good compression, and rebounds without the pressure, and a non-removable chin curtain. It also includes pockets for speakers, a VAS-V Max Vision face shield with pin-lock insert lens and a Double D-ring strap. This helmet is DOT and Snell M2015 certified and weighs just 3.51 pounds.

4. Arai Corsair X Bracket Helmet - Price: $979.95

Arai Corsair X Bracket Helmet

The Corsair X Bracket Helmet is one of the most popular upper-tier models in the Arai line of motorcycle helmets. This model features enhanced rider protection through its uniquely stronger shell with a smoother shape for redirecting impact energy versus absorbing the powerful impacts. The shell is smoother and more impact-resistant for lowering the amount of force that gets transferred to the body. The Variable Axis system side pod, pivot cover design places it in a lower position on the shell with a smaller size. The VAS system provides smoother opening and closing of the shield when compared to other designs with a latch system that holds the shield securely in place to avoid unplanned opening. The latch design has been enlarged for seamless and intuitive shield operation. The shell is constructed of super fiber blend with synthetic fibers developed precisely for F-1 helmet visor panels, expertly assembled with a special resin for stronger bonds between the shell materials while lowering the overall weight of the helmet. Type 12 air diffusers with extra length improve aerodynamics with enhanced stability and efficiency with adjustable three-position air intake vents for decreasing wind noise and water intrusion. The proprietary liner is removable and washable, made of odor-resistant material with soft lining and adjustable temple padding for customizing the fit. The VAS Max vision shield features an anti-fog pin lock insert with dual-function lever releases on the side pod and face shield for easy removal. The cheek pads have an emergency release tab and the neckroll is removable to enhance exhaust channels.

This helmet is DOT and Snell 2020 approved.

3. Arai GP-J3 Composite Open Face - SA2020 Helmet - Price: $629.95

Arai GP-J3 Composite Open Face - SA2020 Helmet

The GP-J3 helmet is one of the smallest helmet designs featuring maximum protection and safety, meeting Snell SA2020 and FIA 8859-2015 standards. It offers a close fit that is still exceptionally comfortable with an adjustable peak in classic round styling that is reminiscent of traditional vintage designs with easy to remove or replace light tint anti-glare lens. The headliner and cheek pas are removable with the option of r replacing pads with variable thicknesses to customize the fit or allow for more room as needed. the pads and liner are washable. This helmet features four top vents with integrated seats for adding various head and neck restraint devices and anchor systems. It's one of the most comfortable models on the market today with good weight distribution over the entire helmet with a low center of gravity to decrease fatigue with a lighter feeling during use.

2. Arai Signet-X Helmet - Gold Wing - Grey/Black -Price: $869.95

Arai Signet-X Helmet - Gold Wing - Grey Black

The Signet-X Helmet is one of the best-handcrafted helmets on the market today. It features an updated peripherally belted super complex laminate construction for its shell design for high performance. The shell is a long oval shape for more pronounced length in head shapes with reduced width. It is water-repellent with an ES chin cover to increase exhaust from the mouth area and a notable reduction in wind noise.QVR and QVF ventilation ducts are adjustable for better airflow performance. The face shield and side pod feature a quick-release lever with an anti-fog pin lock insert for visibility in all seasons that is compatible with the VAS-V Pro Shade system. The lining is fully removable, made with an anti-bacterial Eco-Pure liner. This helmet meets or exceeds Snell and DOT standards.

1. Arai XD4 Helmet - Price: $619.95

Arai XD4 Helmet

The Arais XD4 helmet is both stylish and high-performing in matte black frost styling. Outstanding features of this intermediate oval interior fit shape helmet include a replaceable and washable liner that is fully removable. A facial contour system with cheek pads offers comfort and support with a customizable 5 m peel-away fit layer and an emergency cheek pad release system in the event of an accident. It's ventilated with four top vents and comes with a brow vent face shield. The padded double D ring retention strap is designed with an anti-flutter snap. this helmet weighs 3 pounds and 10 ounces. The helmet meets or exceeds Snell M2020D and DOT standards.

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