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10 Things You Didn't Know About HJC Helmets

HJC Helmets are made specifically for motorcycle riders. HJC is a highly respected brand in the professional and amateur motorcycle world and it's one of the top choices for protective headgear throughout the United States. The company has an interesting history, but there are also some impressive facts about their products that are well worth knowing, so here are 10 things that you probably didn't know about HJC Helmets.

1. HJC Helmets are the number one brand of motorcycle helmet in North America

HJC Helmet has based its philosophy upon delivering the highest quality of helmets to their customers. The fact that they are well-built, made of quality materials and in addition to providing certified protection from injury, they're comfortable to wear.

2. The HJC RPHA Max model offers supreme ventilation

You can talk to any motorcycle racer on the circuit and ask them how important a good ventilation system is during an intense competition. HJC maintains an awareness of the things that really matter and they developed the RPHA Max with improved ventilation to answer the demand. When you're riding at highway speeds, you can feel the difference as the vents are working to circulate more air and prevent excessive buildup of heat and perspiration. It's a comfort factor but it can become a safety factor when discomfort leads to distraction. This is something everyone will appreciate knowing.

3. HJC Helmets have three exciting new designs

If you're not yet familiar with HJC Helmets then you seriously need to check out their full line of DOT approved and Snell approved helmets. They offer three kick-ass helmets that cover the spectrum of need and desire. The Max modular is a line that features full-face and motocross designs. The new RPHA 10 and X editions are also available and you can find all three of these highly recommended helmets at retailers now.

4. You have to watch for eye debris with the RPHA Max

There are a lot of advantages to the HJC Helmet's new RPHA Max with its amazing ventilation that you can feel working, but one issue has been pointed out. The large size of the chin vents which improve air flow also have the tendency to allow a small amount of debris to get through and there have been a few riders who have commented that tiny amounts of debris have made its way into the eyes when they're riding.

5. HJC offers a good value for the cost

The brand produces a variety of motorcycle helmets. They're known for producing high-end products that are worth the cost, but they also offer a line of helmets that have a lower price point than many of the other top brands. HJC offers helmets in a middle price range to go along with their more expensive helmets, and professional riders will agree that you don't skimp on quality to save a few dollars. Another positive aspect of buying HJC, the helmets are all backed with a five-year warranty to back their claims of high-performance and quality.

6. The HJC Max keeps it quiet

One of the issues faced by riders is damage to the delicate eardrums because of the high levels of noise they encounter. The brand holds the position that the Max helmet line was tested in a wind tunnel using a real rider on a real motorcycle, not a computer testing model and the Max only registered 84 decibels of sound at 62.5 miles per hour. This helmet has been proven to be quieter than many of the more expensive brands on the market today.

7. HJC's modular helmets are the lightest

Everyone knows that modular helmets are usually a bit heavy. With this in mind, HJC set out to develop a lighter version without sacrificing any of the protection and quality. What they came up with was the Advanced PIM with the acronym standing for Premium Integrated Matrix. They combined four different fiber types which are hand laid in the shells which are offered in three sizes. The materials include aramid, fiberglass, carbon fiber and an organic non-woven fabric. With this new design, they achieved their goal of achieving a lightweight modular helmet for rider comfort.

8. There's a size made for everyone with reasonable pricing

HJC is committed to serving everyone in the riding community. In order to do so, they build helmets starting in an XS size for smaller riders. They also offer the in-between sizes and their helmets go all the way up to an XXL size. They also come in a choice of five different colors which include Matte Black, Perl White, Silver, White and Gloss Black for a cost of $459.00 each. If you want to buy a version in matte or metallic, it's just $5 more.

9. HJC ensures stringent testing of all helmets

The company makes sure that the helmets they produce undergo continual testing in two different conditions. They test them in a laboratory setting for quality, durability and so forth and they're one of the few helmet manufacturers that actually have their own wind tunnel testing laboratory. This tests the helmets for attributes such as noise, ventilation, and aerodynamics. They also test them in real life out in the elements.

10. HJC to the demands of their customers

One of the things that HJC customers appreciate is the fact that the company listens when there's a problem. Helmet design can become technical. The bottom line is safety. While this is the priority, there are also other things to consider such as the design including models with chin bars, full-face protection, increased ventilation and aerodynamics and of course, comfort. There's a lot that goes into designing the ideal helmet and HJC has always listened to their customers and responded with new innovations.

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