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What Separates Simpson Motorcycle Helmets from The Rest

Simpson is a brand that has a rich history of developing and manufacturing protective gear for auto and motorcycle sports enthusiasts. The name is synonymous with quality and safety, but what sets Simpson motorcycle helmets apart from the rest? Several factors combine to make it one of the most highly respected brands in the world today. To fully understand what makes Simpson stand out, one must have a sense of its history, mission, and the performance of the products it offers. Here is everything you need to know about Simpson motorcycle helmets.

The history of Simpson motorcycle helmets

When Bill Simpson was just 18 years old, he was a drag racer. He sustained two broken arms in an accident while driving. According to Wikipedia, the event happened in 1958. He had plenty of downtimes to recover and during this period, his thoughts turned to safety and how such terrible injuries could be prevented in the future. This led him to develop a drag racing chute. He launched a company called Simpson Drag Chutes, which was a precursor to the modern Simpson Performance Products. The drag chute was followed by the development of the first-ever fire suit for auto racers, which is credited with saving the lives of many accident victims on the track. Simpson built a solid reputation for providing innovative safety gear that had a positive impact on the health and well-being of auto sports participants. The company evolved in the quality and technology of its products with continual improvement. It eventually developed and marketed a line of safety helmets for drivers and riders.

Two key differences

The first factor that makes Simpson brand motorcycle helmets stand out from the others is their history. The company was born out of a passion and concern for the health and well-being of consumers. The products are not made simply to make money, but rather, for helping to preserve the safety of drivers and riders. The second difference is the reputation that Bill Simpson earned for designing some of the most effective safety products on the market. This is a legacy that was established by Simpson Performance Products and it has endured for several decades.

Where are Simpson motorcycle helmets made?

The first Simpson race helmet called the R-1 helmet was released in 1979 for use at the Indy 500 auto race. Simpson helmets are manufactured at the Simpson factory in Pedrengo, Italy. Simpson acquired a company called Stilo Srl which manufactured top-of-the-line racing helmets and communications tear for global motorsports. The company was a leader in making the top-rated premier helmets on the market at the time. In 2004, Simpson's Valor Helmet debuted with V-Aero technology. The following year the Diamondback Helmet was offered. The Raider Hemet was introduced in 2006, with sales making a milestone of the 1,000th full-size helmet sold.

In 2012, Simpson was acknowledged for introducing the first Super Helmet manufactured in the United States with FIA 8860 approval. The company acquired the rights to use the Shock Doctor Eject Emergency Helmet Removal system the following year. In May of 2016, Simpson developed a specialized unit called the Motorcycle Safety Unit. The demand was so high for the brand's motorcycle helmets that it became necessary to dedicate a unit to delivering on the high demand for the helmets. Simpson motorcycle helmets were manufactured at multiple factories throughout the world.

Review of the Simpson Outlaw Bandit

According to Billy's Crash Helmets, the Simpson Outlaw Bandit is one of the currently popular models that is made for motorcycle riders specifically. It's one of the modern iterations of a legacy that began in the 1970s with auto racing helmets. Simpson makes all models of its motorcycle helmets with similarities that give them a signature aesthetic. Each has an aggressive predator styling and they come highly recommended for use with muscle bikes, cruisers, and nakeds. It's a look that seems to work well for all riding styles.

The Outlaw Bandit serves as a good example of the quality and merit of Simpson's full range of motorcycle helmets. It's an attractive helmet that riders don' mind wearing because it makes them look cool. There is a lot more to the helmet than appearance that makes it so in-demand. It is designed with a wide face shield featuring a medium oval fitment, with a Snell 2015 certified rating, a fiberglass full face, single-density EPS liner, and a D-rng fastener. It's available in 3 shell sizes from XS through XXL. The average cost of this model is around $399.

The helmet is made to reduce the amount of noise that enters into the eardrums, but you can still hear what's going on around you when wearing it. It provides exceptional head protection on the road or the track. The internal lining provides shock absorption to lessen the consequences of an impact using multi-density EPS liners. Although there aren't a lot of vents in the helmet, they're strategically placed to let just the right amount through and circulate the head for greater wearer comfort.

Final thoughts

Simpson motorcycle helmets are produced by a brand with a long history and an established track record for quality and performance. Riders go with a Simpson because they know that it has passed rigorous testing to emerge as one of the leasing protective accessories for motorcycle riders both on the track and on the highway. Simpson built a name with products made from a passion for protecting riders and drivers, and it has continued its legacy of excellence throughout the past several decades. It's a brand that is known for high performance and the reputation of the name Simpson has stood the test of time. It's an old dependable brand that has evolved with changing times to emerge as a leader in motorcycle safety gear.

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