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Remembering The 2002 Triumph 955i Daytona

2002 Triumph 955i Daytona

Triumph's 995i Daytona motorcycle started as a 595 model. The name later changed, and it became 955. It was the flagship bike in its heyday in 2002. It was the British motorcycle company's answer to the Japanese invasion of the hyper sports market in the late 1990s. They noted the competition's specs and made a few changes to create a model that could compete. Triumph's answer was the Triumph 955i Daytona. This model of the Daytona maintains significance in Triumph's history. It's essential to understand the history of the bike, and its engineering as we remember the 2002 Triumph 9559 Daytona.

What was the significance of the 2002 Triumph 955i Daytona? explains that the original Daytona 955i had its growth areas indeed. Triumph's 955i Daytona sold well enough in England, but it was deemed too heavy with a lack of power. Riders appreciated it for its finer points, but complaints made it back to the engineering team. The comments stung them enough to generate a response. Models would have continued to sell off the lots but it was likely a matter of pride in engineering that caused Triumph to make changes. The engineers rolled up their sleeves and tracked down the offending design features to throw another 19 horsepower into the mix and lighten the bike by 22 pounds. They got the results they were looking for in a new Triumph 955i Daytona cranking 149 horsepower, laying to rest the complaints about fat and weakness in the power supply.

How Triumph achieved results

Engineers went back to the drawing board and imagined a total revamp of the cylinder head with reduced valve angles and a bump in compression. They enlarged the throttle bodies in the triple bore. Engineers also replaced the swingarm to lose an additional six and a half pounds of fat. It changed the looks but improved performance. Triumph's team performed various tweaks and adjustments to refine the instruments, thin fairing panels, add a lighter front wheel, and continue paring until the poundage melted off.

The creation of a unique and iconic motorcycle

Misfit Made Motorcycles remarks that the inverted intake ducts of its airbox created a pleasing sound. Triumph moved the handlebars to make them more supportive. They tuned it to be more agile than its predecessors, refining the fuel tank to put it in a better position for racing. The Daytona was excellent in its performance on the road and an improved seating angle and optimal positioning of the handlebars. The bike lacked the leanness required to tear up the track as a racer, but it was comfortable for cruising. That was for the earlier iterations. Triumph made exceptional efforts to quell the negative sentiments. To a large degree, they succeeded.

Specifications of the 2002 Triumph 955i Daytona

Triumph's 955i Daytona featured an aluminum multi-tube frame that gave it a unique aesthetic. The tank held 21 liters with a seat height of 815 mm. The length of the bike was 2,072 mm x 725 mm in width and a 1,426 mm wheelbase. The dry weight was 188kg increased to 219 kg in running order. The 3-cylinder inline 4-stroke was water-cooled with multipoint electronic fuel injection. They mated the engine with a 6-speed transmission.

Triumph Daytona 9551 review

Motorcycle News confirms that the Triumph Daytona 9551 enjoyed an eleven-year run from 1997 through 2006. The teams of reviewers give it a 3.5 out of five with the positives of their analysis speed and agile handling. They cite the negatives as its late arrival into a market with fierce competition for the class. They lagged behind the competition from Japan and never achieved the speed or lightweight design of the Yamaha bikes. They also note that buying a 2022 used bike requires watching for a few of the common issues seen in the bike. They tend to experience issues with the plastic tank deteriorating if they're allowed to sit too long. Components can swell and distort allowing fuel to leak through the paint. You should also watch for oil leaks from the engine case. The starter clutch of the Triumphs from the early 2000s may have firing issues. They come with health warnings. Triumph issued a recall on the early frames that were polished, causing the bikes to crash. Look for a powder-coated chassis. Also, inspect the paint for damage because it's common to find poorly matched paint repairs as the original metallic paint is tough to replicate. Overall, the 2002 Triumph Daytona 955i is viewed as a reliable bike. It's not the most powerful bike, but it has enough to be fun and practical. It's a stable bike that performs well on uneven roads and the brakes, with proper maintenance are exceptional. It's still considered to be a decent value for the average cost. While it doesn't offer much in the way of luxuries and equipment, it's a comfortable touring bike.

Final thoughts

The 2002 Triumph Daytona 955i is a motorcycle model that shows the positive intent of the manufacturer to hear the concerns of its clientele and respond in the best way possible. Triumph didn't nail everything and it came behind the competition from Japan when it came to design and technology, but they made an honest effort. For the average British rider, taking it out on the roads, was good enough. The Daytona 955i became an iconic bike that had a large following of riders. The sound it produced distinguished it from the others and it was refined to provide exceptional riding comfort. Triumph also listened to the complaints of British riders and trimmed as much fat as possible to lighten the machine. They also tuned the engine to produce more power. You can still find examples of the 2002 Triumph Daytona 955i for sale on the used bike market. It's still considered a value for its intended purpose. It's not a racer, but it will take you down the road and back with reliable performance and a touch of British style.

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