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A Closer Look at the Triumph Speed Twin 1200

Triumph Speed Twin 1200

Triumph's Speed Twin 1200 has a long history that started in 1938. Edward Turner developed the 500 cc parallel-twin in a 5-speed model featuring a lighter bike with power and torque that exceeded its competition. The model has since undergone a series of evolutions, as improvements were made to address issues identified. The Speed Twin's original technical records were decimated in German bombing raids that damaged the Triumph factory in Coventry, but engineers revved the bike in the 1940s to create a suitable bike for Metropolitan Police in the 1950s according to Wikipedia. The early ancestral line was discontinued in 1973 but resurrected in 2019 with a new modern take on the motorcycle that just keeps getting better

Triumph Speed Twin 1200

Triumph brought back the Speed Twin with a new modern version of the classic bike from the late 1930s. The latest iteration is a part of the Triumph Bonneville range. It's not the lightest, nor the heaviest, as it takes its place in between the Triumph Street Twin with a 900cc engine and the Triumph Thruxton, also at 1200cc, but much heavier. It's the model that's in the middle of the upper end of the power and size range.

An evolution of the Speed Twin

Motorcycle News, shares that the Triumph Speed Twin 1200 was new for 2019. It's since evolved with a variety of updates since its launch. Sales have been good with more than 11,000 of the units moved through the dealerships in the past two years. The 2021 edition has been made compliant for Euro5 with a new feel. Changes include upside-down forks with more robust 43 mm Marzocchi components and premium Brembo radial calipers that bite larger 320 mm discs. The 2021 version also received new wheels in the form of 12-spoke light aluminum rims adorned with Metzeler Racetec RR K3 tires. According to Triumph Motorcycles, Performance and handling are improved with more premium components and enhanced technology. The bike is presented in a classic roadster design with a new modern twist.


The Triumph Speed Twin 1200 is equipped with a 1200cc engine that delivers 100 PS peak power and 83 lb-ft of torque. Updates to the engine for 2021 are significant with mid-range power of 98 hp which is up by three horses. The new crankshaft is lightweight or reduced inertia and a rare earth alternator, high compression pistons, a new cam profile, and revised ports for greater responsiveness and harder, longer revs.

It's loaded with new features including a high-spec Marzocchi suspension with monoblock Brembo M50 brakes in a stripped-down custom roadster. Emissions are improved for the cleanest running Speed Twin in the history of the brand so far. The exhaust system is finished in brushed stainless steel and hides the cat box. The 1200 Speed Twin has an improved throttle response with additional tech enhancements including a torque-assist clutch for light level action and a reduction in fatigue for in-town commuters. It delivers a Sportster ride with dynamic and file handling.

More premium styling features give this bike a new look and feel with new mudguard mounts, anodized headlight mouths, a 3.8-gallon fuel tank, and contemporary graphics. The new stainless steel megaphone silences are elegant and complement the new aesthetic with premium brushed metal features such as the upswept silencers with side panel finishers, heel guards, and mudguards in attractive aluminum finishes. The bike is fully decked out with advanced technology that is rider-focused for enjoyment and safety including an upgrade set of three riding mode choices for Sport, Road, and Rain. It's an improvement over the previous generation also offering throttle map and traction control settings that are specific to each riding mode. You can switch them with the push of a button mounted on the handlebar when riding conditions or your mood changes.

Starting from $12,500.00

With a slim waist and an accessible low seat height of 31.8 inches, together with tapered handlebars and a comfortable footpeg position, the Speed Twin’s relaxed, upright riding position fits riders of all sizes, and has the perfect poise for every ride, from the urban commute to the weekend blast.

Customizable features

You can make the new 2021 Triumph Speed Twin 1200 your own with optional custom features. You can order the optional round bar end mirror kit instead of the standard mirrors with fast and easy installation. A quilted st is also available in a choice of black or brown color with amazing detailed stitching for enhanced comfort and a premium look. This option

also comes with a passenger grab strap. A machined headlight bezel is another option that is offered with black anodized material with a groove machined detailing to provide a classy yet understated adornment. You can also add an aluminum sump with a brushed finish for a racier aesthetic that is also practical for preventing rock chips. it comes in clear anodized or black.

Electrical options also include a multi-functional lamp kit to give the bike a more minimalist aesthetic for changing up the standard indicators and display for the tail, brake, and indicator signals. There is also a tire pressure monitoring system available on the tch side of the bike, but it must be fitted by a Triumph dealer. It's a good add-on for enhanced safety and convenience with pressures displayed on the instruments with automatically generated alters when pressure falls below its optimum levels. You also have the option of adding an LED indicator kit in bullet-styling for from and rear indicators in a choice of a glossy black body, clear lenses, and a turned aluminum bezel.

The starting price for the new Triumph Speed Twin 1200 for 2021 is $12,200. It's a new modern motorcycle for the current age with a host of practicalities and convenience features. It's the latest stage in Triumph's evolution of the Speed Twin that has roots extending back to the late 1930s. A classic never dies but it can be improved upon.

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