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10 Benefits of Having a Goodyear Credit Card To Consider Today


The tire and rubber company Goodyear has been providing excellence in the industry for over 100 years now. When you think of tires, surely one of the first names that always come to mind is Goodyear. While you can be sure that Goodyear tires are reliable and great, you can also pretty much guarantee that they’re some of the most expensive tire options out there.

Fortunately, there’s an option for those looking to obtain Goodyear tires but can’t afford to fork out the price all in one go. That option is the Goodyear credit card, subject to credit approval, and is quite a convenient application. Here are 10 other benefits of having a Goodyear credit card.

1. Exclusive offers

Apart from instant financing for your tires, Goodyear will also give you access to other exclusive offers when you have their credit card. For example, an exclusive credit promotion offer might include a percentage off on any future purchase. These offers are designed to give you tons of savings for your tire purchases, which you could definitely take advantage of especially if you need to get tires unexpectedly. These are only some of the savings that are offered to card holders though!

2. Special financing

If you spend at least $250 on your tires, you can be qualified for special financing options for your Goodyear credit card, which includes 6 months of no interest on your purchases. You just need to make sure that your balance has been paid in full within the 6-month timeframe in order to not get charged with any other interest rates or feed that may apply depending on the credit card that you received.

After the initial 6 month period is over, if your balance is not paid, then whatever minimum interest charge, aprs and fees applicable will be charged. It is important that although you attain the Goodyear credit card with the intent to have it paid off in full within 6 months that you do your research and understand the terms that will take effect once that period is over. This is to ensure that you are prepared to make on time monthly payments to your credit even if you go over the 6 month period and understand that they may start rising once the interest starts accumulating.

3. Fair credit

You can get approved for this credit card even with just fair credit. This is great news considering that everyone needs tires for their cars. Typically, credit approval only happens when customers have a certain credit score. The Goodyear Credit Card though is granting approval even to those who may not have a credit score yet. So if you are in the process of rebuilding your credit or if you just don’t have enough credit history to begin with, you can still obtain the Goodyear credit card. You’ll even get an instant decision after your online application.

While it is a huge relief to qualify for a credit card, it is also important that credit cardholders understand that if their credit score isn't great, their credit card agreement will come with very high-interest rates after the promotional period. So, be sure to take advantage of the cardholder benefits while they last.

4. Online shopping

Goodyear has a special program that if you shop for your tires online, you could be eligible for special online-only savings if you use your Goodyear credit card. Buying your tires online could also be even more convenient for some considering that your tires will be delivered to you and could be installed as well. This even works for trailer tires!

Shopping online might open up the opportunity for additional savings because some products might simply be cheaper online vs in store. Additionally, there might be more options available online that are not found in store, making it faster to actually place an order instead of having to shop around in store at different locations.

5. Free tire rotation

If you’re a Goodyear credit card holder, you could get free tire rotations at any participating stores. If you’re a driver, you should know how important and useful it is to rotate your tires regularly. Not only will it prolong the lives of your tires, but it will also help save you money in the long run. This service is definitely beneficial as most customers may not even be aware that they need to rotate their tires. The service includes taking off the tires, inspecting them for any wear and tears, putting tires on where they will wear in a more even way, and making sure the tire pressure is reset.


6. Oil change discounts

Changing your oil is another car maintenance procedure that you should be doing regularly; and depending on how much you drive, you could be accumulating miles faster. If you do, you would need oil changes faster as well. Oil changes should be done every three thousand miles on average to maintain your car in good conditions. Some dealerships offer oil changes for free for a certain amount of time. After that though, oil changes can be very expensive and some of the special savings that you would receive from having a Goodyear credit card include savings on automotive needs . Fortunately, if you’re a Goodyear credit card holder, you could get discounts on oil changes every time you go. Find one of the many participating stores and start getting oil change discounts if you are a Goodyear credit card holder.

7. Rebates

Being a credit card holder, you are also automatically eligible to receive mail-in rebate offers. For you, this only means even more savings and discounts on tires. While many people don’t like mail-in rebates, you could simply think of them as extra money as long as you mail them in.

Goodyear credit card holders are sure to benefit from the rebates so it is a great idea to take advantage of them and attain increased savings. For example, rebates can include up $150 dollars back on select sets of tires. Additionally, customers can get $25 dollars back on any Goodyear Auto service of $50 or more.

Getting a rebate is a pretty simple process. The Goodyear cardholder would need find the offers. Next they would need to make the purchase with the credit card. Once the purchase is made with the credit card, the customer will receive an email with a rebate form that will need to be filled out once installation has occurred.

8. ATM access

You could get quick cash access by completing a cash advance from your Goodyear credit card for only a $10 fee or 5% of your withdrawal—whichever one is greater. Not many stores or brand credit cards offer cash advances, so this is a great feature for this credit card to begin with. And the fact that the fees aren’t astronomical is a plus. You can take out cash at any available ATMs.

9. Online account management

Having access to your account online makes it easier to pay your bills on time. You could also see what your purchase balance is, monitor purchases, check your due date, and do anything else that you might need to do to manage your account. Additionally, you may also see other credit promotion offer in your online account.

10. Tons of locations

Goodyear has over 6,100 locations nationwide, where you can use your credit card to purchase new or used tires. You shouldn’t ever have to worry where or how you’d manage if you ever get a flat tire. Having your Goodyear credit card on you at all times will also eliminate the issue of financing new tires if ever you might have a need for them. Doing a quick search online for Goodyear locations will definitely help you find a location where you will be able to use your credit card and get special savings!

Final Thoughts

Having a Goodyear credit card not only brings customers tire financing, but also offers service savings as well as many cardholder benefits. With nationwide acceptance, anyone is likely to enjoy having a Goodyear credit card and start taking advantage of the wide array of benefits available (such as, low or zero interest within the first six months and also ATM cash access at any time!)

Not only would you benefit from having this credit card if you are in need of new tires, but you may also benefit from a cash advance. By taking advantage of it and maintaining your account in good standing or paying it off within the first six months, you will have benefitted from the purchases at no additional cost to you.

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