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10 Benefits of Having a Maurices Credit Card

Maurices is a retail clothing store chain founded in 1931. Opened by E. Maurice Labovitz in Duluth, Minnesota, the chain comprises over 1,000 stores. Most of the stores in the chain are shopping mall locations, but there are also stand-alone locations in strip malls and small towns across the United States and Canada.

Administered by Comenity Bank, the Maurice’s Credit Card is an easy-to-use, intuitive way to build credit while buying things you need at one of America’s most popular women’s clothing retailers.

Comenity’s solid financial backing gives the customer certainty that their purchases will always be honored by their card holder. The Maurice's Credit Card has many benefits that are both obvious and obscure, making it a powerful instrument to build and rebuild finances.

15% off your first purchase when you open and use your card same day

An incredible incentive to use the card right away once the holder is approved. The 15% off purchase incentive creates a way to immediately get the customer in the habit of using their card when in the store, and credit cards can be a great way to get someone’s business coming back again and again.

For the first-time credit card shopper with a habit at a particular store, the 15% discount can be a convenient way of building a relationship between shopper and business. It’s a significant improvement over the card’s standard discount, while still offering a significant business incentive for the store.

Save 10% off every time you use your card in-store and online (including sale & clearance)

What could be better than saving 10% every time you shop, including on sale and clearance items that are already discounted? Very little, that’s for certain. The Maurice's Credit Card gives cardmembers exactly that benefit: Giving them the inflation-beating financial bonus of money off on every purchase. Maurice’s prices are quite competitive to begin with, which is only improved with this 10% discount.

A 10% discount in normal times is a convenient way to beat sales tax and get a little bit of money off of a purchase. With inflation biting hard, it claws back more of the purchasing power of your dollars. Conveniences like a store credit card, as long as its paid off promptly and routinely, can go a long way toward stabilizing finances in tough times.

Free shipping, no minimum

Free shipping is a feature that many associate with and other online retailers. This is a huge convenience for shoppers and another incentive to shop. With free shipping, one of the major costs is absorbed by the seller, while the buyer remains incentivized to make more purchases. More purchases do help with that above-mentioned 10% discount that will help get the purchaser over points thresholds in a hurry!

$10 off on your birthday

Birthday money is something that we stop expecting when we graduate college, and our parents stop sending us money on our birthday because we’re not a kid anymore. Or at least, until we grow up a little and start encountering birthday benefits from companies that we do business with. $10 off on a birthday is a great benefit.

When you get that $10 off and start buying special things for your birthday, you’re going to find out that this is a potent benefit even though it seems small. Especially in times when money is a little tight on your birthday, a $10 off coupon on a new top or a new pair of pants can be a huge boost.

Double points event every month

Every month, on one weekend, Maurices offers a double points event to offer additional rewards points for credit card customers. It’s a great opportunity to bank points for more discount purchases later on. Double points for any purchase are an essential for any good store credit card and the Maurices card is a great option. If you can put off your purchases for the double points weekend every month, you can get as many as 2 points per dollar spent, creating an incredible opportunity to build up rewards points.

First dibs on sales and promotions

When sales and promotions come up using the Maurices Credit Card, you can get exclusive access to sales before they even begin. This is a huge benefit that helps anyone save money with the Maurices Credit Card and reward program, by adding time to all the sales and promotions that Maurices does throughout the year, not just at any time but all the time. If you want to take full advantage of the Maurices reward program, you really do need the credit card.

Easy bill pay online and in store

In an era of smartphones and endless options and social media, just being able to pay bills through the mail or over the phone is no longer the primary option for bill paying. Most people now pay their bills online in a recurring payment or through BillPay, and the Maurice’s Credit Card allows all of these options for a customer to keep up on their card-related finances.

Online access to statements and bill pay is a huge perk. It centers the customer in their financial dealings and makes it easy to keep track of your finances without interfering too much with your life. Being able to use an app to control your card finances is one of the best ways to handle a credit card.

Styling Service

Maurices offers a styling service as a benefit to their card customers. With the ability to pick out clothes for you based on your palette and your taste in clothing and return pieces that they think you’ll wear. Styling services are an important professional help for people who don’t feel confident in their ability to build outfits on their own.

For those who do have confidence in their ability to put together outfits, styling services still provide a valuable help in getting you outside of your comfort zone in creating outfits that you might otherwise not have thought of trying.

Special cardmember-only invitations

Definitely not least of all, the special cardmember-only invitations help by giving cardmembers specific events. As a cardmember, Maurices gives additional perks and special events to introduce the latest styles and new store features. Cardmember perks for the Maurice’s Credit Card are some of the best in the business, and this is one of the most important ones of all.

Get The Card With Fair Credit

We’ve been through several years of an increasingly difficult global pandemic. COVID-19 has given us turns and twists that can confound even the most principled person’s attempts to keep current on their bills, and many people’s credit ratings are lower than they were at the beginning of 2020.

Because of this, people are looking for ways to boost their credit ratings, and none is more reliable than making regular monthly bill payments on a credit card. With cardmembers able to open a new card with fair credit (a score of 580 to 669), even people who have missed a few payments here and there can build their credit back up.

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