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A Handy Guide to Using Your M Life Rewards


In 2019 Las Vegas attracted over 42 million tourists, according to Statista. That's a pretty hefty number. Seen in another perspective, it's a bunch of thirsty, hungry people looking to lay down some cash and have a whole lot of fun in the process. if you're one of these people who enjoy the thrills of Vegas, then having a player loyalty program card, such as the M Life Rewards card is a pretty handy tool to use when trying to get the most from your dollar. After all, who can argue with the concept: Spend money in Vegas on accommodations, food, games, and entertainment and we'll reimburse you points. Sounds like a great idea, and it most definitely is. There is only one downside however, if you could call it that. Player loyalty programs are notoriously difficult for some to figure out. Vegas is a gaming town, and as we all know, gambling is number heavy. As such, it's crucial that you get the basics of how a program like M Life Rewards Program works, as only then will you obtain the maximum benefits from your rewards card.

What is a Player Loyalty Program?

MGM Resorts M Life Rewards Program is a prime example of a customer loyalty program. Customer or Player Loyalty programs are designed to reward customers for their interactions. The type of interaction is determined by the type of business issuing the loyalty program. For instance, the interaction can include providing customers with points for items they purchase, or miles they've traveled. In fact, you can find these programs in industries ranging from travel to entertainment. All the customer has to do is show the card during a transaction, and points are added to their account. Once certain amount of points are accrued, customers can exchange their points for items offered by the business. This is not a new idea. Back in the 1960s many businesses such as grocery stores offered Plaid stamps or Green stamps. Here, you'd get a certain amount of stamps from the cashier, the amount depending on what you spent. You'd place the stamps in a booklet, and when the book was filled you could exchange them for an item of your choosing. The MGM Resorts M Life Rewards Program is a loyalty program that serves the 17 MGM Resorts destinations. But that's not all. Due to the success of the MGM Resorts M Life Rewards Program, M Life Rewards can now be used outside of Vegas at Casino's in Atlantic City, New York, Maryland and Massachusetts. In fact, the MGM Resorts M Life Rewards Program has more businesses engaged in its use than any other Player Loyalty Program in the U.S. In summary, once you sign up for an M Life Rewards Program, you'll begin to garner points and Tier Credits. The points you earn come from a variety of sources. For example, when you eat out, you can earn points, when you pay for a hotel stay, you earn points, when you play slots, you earn points, and so on. These points and Tier Credits determine your benefits. The benefits offered are extensive and are well worth the earning.

Yes, Your Points and Credits Can Expire

Be careful you don't let your loyalty program go dormant, as your M Life points will expire if you haven't earned any points or credits in a certain stretch of time. For instance, if you don't use your card for 6 months at the Sapphire level, or 1 year at the Pearl, Gold, Platinum or NOIR level, your points will expire. Remember, loyalty programs such as this are developed by clever marketers with the purpose of rewarding customers for their interactions, while encouraging repeat business. If you don't interact, your points go away.

How to Sign Up for the M Life Rewards Program

First of all, signing up is completely free, and anyone over the age of 21 can apply to the program. To see just how easy it is, you can visit their official site right now, and join.

Two Types of Rewards

Lets begin by going over the basics. You will obtain two different rewards: Tier credits and base points. The Tier credits or M Life Tiers operates via an easy to understand system: More credits equal a higher place on the tier. The higher levels equal higher quality rewards. The following are the tier levels you can reach.

Base Points

Whenever you play the slot machines or video poker, you collect points. These points are then exchanged for FREEPLAY rewards, slots or Express Comps. Once converted to FREEPLAY and/or Express Comps, you can redeem them to pay for items at MGM properties. FREEPLAY: This reward is for those who love to play slots. FREEPLAY virtual cash. You can use this virtual money on slot machines and/or video poker. When it comes to actually redeeming the points for virtual cash, all you need to do is select POINTPlay. POINTPlay is found on participating slot and video poker machines. Express Comps: Express Comps are designed to work with M Life Rewards eateries, entertainment venues and hotels. These Express Comps appear as virtual cash. In doing so the entire transaction is a simple affair. As a member, you can get up to $5000.00 in Express Comps. For NOIR level members, you can get up to $10,000. In other words, say you're playing Blackjack at one of the MGM resort properties and get a little hungry. Express Comps allow you to use your M Life Rewards card to take care of your snacks by redeeming them for food, right then and there. The same applies for entertainment tickets and hotels.

Tier Credits

Tier Credits are what decide your elite level. Your elite level decides what type of benefit you'll get. When you sign up you'll learn that the M Life Rewards Program has a total of 5 levels: Sapphire, Pearl, Gold, Platinum, and NOIR. The elite level you have depends on the total of Tier Credits earned by you over one year: from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. Advancement to the next level is automatic. In other words, your Tier Credits from the preceding earning period from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31 determine your level.

Sapphire M Life Tier -- Up to 24,999 Tier Credits

The Sapphire level offers discounts on entertainment venues, hotel rooms, certain retail establishments, personalized offers and pre-sale tickets to certain events, flights and so on.

Pearl M Life Tier -- 25,000 Tier Credits

Pearl offers members a Tier Multiplier. This means that you get a 10 percent bonus on all points earned, as well as Express Comps. You also get 10 percent discount at certain retail establishments. Finally, you're offered self-parking and buffet passes for Las Vegas locations.

Gold M Life Tier -- 75,000 Tier Credits

Gold M Life Tier members get a 20 percent Tier Multiplier for both points and Express Comps. There's also VIP line access to participating nightclubs and pool clubs.

Platinum -- 200,000 Tier Credits

A nice sized 30 percent Tier Multiplier for points and Express Comps is what you get for your Platinum level. Also included are priority taxi and valet services, as well as a 15 percent discount at participating retail establishments.

NOIR -- Invitation Only

The Tier Multiplier for NOIR is a hefty 40 percent for points and Express Comps. There's also complimentary limousine services to and from airports. This is a nice one: Guaranteed room, entertainment and restaurant reservations.

M Life Rewards Benefits

Your M Life Rewards benefits are some of the best you'll ever find in any loyalty program out there, and too many to mention here. Suffice it to say that benefits include:

  • Personalized offers
  • Complimentary hotel accommodations
  • Transform points into FREEPLAY on slot machines

To get a more detailed look at the benefits, check out their official page. Always remember that the type of benefits you receive will depend on your current tier level.

M Life Moments

Certain, exclusive experiences are offered to members. These experiences are determined by Tier level and can only be accessed by M Life Rewards members. Examples of M Life moments might involve receiving an offer to have a celebrity chef create a meal just for you, The fact that you can't get such exclusive perks anywhere else is a testament to just how devoted the MGM resorts team is when it comes to giving you the best.


BetMGM is an exciting way to bring online betting into the fold. BetMGM knows that many of its customers find online betting an exciting way to pass the time alone or with friends, that's why they've introduced this feature. Here, you can place wagers on casino games, sports, or poker all from the comfort of your own home via the easy to use app.

Holiday Gift Shoppe

The M Life Rewards Holiday Gift Shoppe is your chance of a lifetime to enjoy a fabulous Las Vegas shopping spree. This is how it works. Members will receive 1 Gift Point for each 1 Slot Point they get during the year. Whenever you play games attend events, etc. you are building up your Gift Point balance. When the time comes, you need to attend in person in order to shop. Don't worry about baggage, because all your gifts will be shipped to your place of residence. Important dates for the 2021 shopping spree are:

  • Express Shopping M life Rewards Desks : November 23 – December 5, 2021
  • Showroom Weekend #1 – Bellagio - November 26–28
  • Showroom Weekend #2 – ARIA - December 3-5 is a website where member can have some fun planning their upcoming vacation, and check up on their personalized offers. Here, you can look at your points/Tier Credits and plan your excursion in such a way as to glean the most points and or credits. Once you plan your vacation, you are free to book it! Not only is this a convenient way to book a vacation, but it also gives you a chance to make precise choices to maximize your gains. Book your favorite eateries, entertainment venues and more.

Military and Veterans Program (MVP)

The Military and Veterans Program is designed to show appreciation we have for the fighting men and women of our military. This program provides members of the military and veterans special perks, benefits and discounts. This program is open to active duty members, national guard members, reservists, retired service men and women, veterans and spouses. Sign up for this program is easy. Just bring your military ID with you and present it to any M Life Rewards destinations.

M Life Rewards Master Card

Great news for active members, as the M Life Rewards MasterCard lets you reach a higher Tier status faster. You'll earn points for every dollar, plus other perks and benefits such as complimentary parking and buffet passes at participating Las Vegas establishments.

M Life Rewards Partners

If you like what you've read so far, then know that it doesn't stop there with MGM properties. Know that M Life Rewards members have access to perks, benefits and rewards found with the programs of their preferred partners. Preferred Partners include: Hyatt, Southwest Airlines, Celebrity Cruises, Pinnacle Entertainment and many more.

World of Hyatt

This partnership is one you should pay attention to as it offers some great rewards. Here, you get status matching along with beingable to use World of Hyatt points at some MGM resort hotels.

Southwest Airlines

Earning 600 Southwest Rapid Reward points is possible when you stay at participating hotels.

Royal Caribbean and Celebrity

Perks include Gold members having priority check-ins and onboard credit of $125. Higher level Platinum and NOIR get onboard credits of $200 and $300.

How to Reap M Life Rewards at Participating Online Casinos and Sportsbooks

The BetMGM Tier System is pretty easy to understand. Just know that the more credits you have, the higher your Tier status. The higher the Tier status the better the rewards. Tier credits which you earn during a Tier Status earning year determine your elite status level. The Tier system for online casinos and sportsbooks are the same as mentioned above:

  • Sapphire M Life Tier
  • Pearl M Life Tier
  • Gold M Life Tier
  • Platinum M Life Tier
  • NOIR M Life Tier

Earning Tier Credits and iRPs When Sports Betting

iRPs stands for iReward Points. These points are collected from the wagers you make along with gameplay and contribute to your total M Life Tier level. When it comes sports betting, the iRPs and Tier Credits earned depend on the odds you select, the amount of the wager, and kind of bet taken. According to American Betting Experts, "A $50 straight bet (odds -110) will earn you 9 iRPs/tier credits. A $25 parlay bet (odds +300) will earn you 12.5 iRPs/tier credits."

Earning Tier Credits and iRPs When at online Casinos

When at a BetMGM online casino, the iRPs and Tier Credits will go toward your current M Life Rewards level. American Betting Experts provided this breakdown:

  • Wager $6 on regular slots games to earn 1 iRP/tier credit
  • Wager $12 on progressive jackpot slots to earn 1 iRP/tier credit
  • Wager $25 on Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps or Roulette to earn 1 iRP/tier credit
  • Wager $30 on video poker to earn 1 iRP/tier credit

Some of the games you play at online casinos which contribute to your M Life Level include:

  • Standard slots
  • Progressive jackpot slots
  • Bacca rat
  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Video Poker

When it comes to video poker, you'll get 4.20 iRPs and 4.20 Tier Credits whenever you place a $1.00 fee for a tournament of $1.00 'rake cash games'.

Earning Your M Life Tier Credits at Real World MGM Resort Casinos

Here, we're not speaking of online casinos, but participating brick and mortar casinos and sportsbooks. Earning is easy here as well. Whenever you lay down some cash on any MGM owned establishment, you'll earn your points. Here is the breakdown:

  • You get 25 Tier Credits for every dollar spent at hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues and spas, as long as they are MGM properties
  • For those who love to play the slots, you'll get 10 Tier Credits for every base point earned
  • When it comes to video poker, you'll get 10 Tier Credits for every base point you earn
  • Table games such as Bacca Rat, base credits depend on the average wager and time played

Please note, that in real world casinos, you need to have base points in order to earn Tier Credits. Base points earned will be matched using a multiplier in Tier Credits. This will be the deciding factor for your rewards. Here is an example breakdown:

  • Every $3.00 wager on slots will garner you 1 base point. 1 base point equals 10 Tier Credits
  • Every $10 bet on video poker gets you 1 base point. 1 base point equals 10 Tier Credits
  • Table gaming is a bit murky. Basically you should get around 300 base point for each hour played with one $25 wager

Final Thoughts

M Life Rewards is by far one of the best player loyalty programs out there. When you add the perks and benefits of their promotional partnerships with companies like Hyatt, Southwest Airlines, Royal and Celebrity, one can see the overall value skyrocketing. Sign up for this program is totally free if you're over the age of 21 as well. However, to see maximum gains we strongly recommend you do your research in order to see all that this program has to offer. Don't pass up the Holiday Shoppe, for instance, as it has some tremendous gifts available. Also, keep an eye out as they do launch new additions to their program, such as the MVP perk for military personnel. In closing, If you suspect suspicious activity or are experiencing any other issue, please contact M Life Rewards Member Services at 866-761-7111.

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