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The 10 Most Expensive Hotels in Las Vegas


If you want to live like and have encounters with the rich and famous, then Las Vegas is certainly one of the cities that you will want to be in. As you are well aware, there are literally thousands of hotel rooms available in this casino laden cities, but not all of them are created equally.

If you really want to make an impression and live it up in the lap of luxury, then you will want to go with one of the more expensive hotels that the city has to offer. While many Vegas hotels focus on the gambling experience, the luxury brand is much more refined than that. You will find some hotels in Las Vegas that will truly blow your mind away.

It is really quite phenomenal to see what is available. You may not have heard of these hotels, so now we present to you the 10 most expensive hotels in Las Vegas in 2019.

Delano Las Vegas

10. Delano Las Vegas - Average per night rate of $595

This hotel is still fairly new, having just opened in 2014. You will get a suite, no matter what category of room you pick here. The hotel is right next to Mandalay Bay. You will find a number of social spaces scattered throughout, along with a luxury spa.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

9. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas - Average per night rate of $610

While the Cosmopolitan might be one of the luxury properties in Las Vegas, is still one of the nicest and most expensive. The rooms are all patterned after a residential living area.

After all, this is where many of the long stay celebrities have stayed while performing for months at a time in Vegas. Guests rave about the pool here, which offer panoramic views of the city. You also get refined and professional service everywhere in the hotel.

SLS Las Vegas

8. SLS Las Vegas - Average per night rate of $725

This hotel has been reopened as of 2014, following a renovation of the Sahara Hotel that cost well over $400 million. They have to recoup that money somewhere, so you can expect to pay a bit more for a room here. For that, however, you will get something rather special.

There are 1,600 different rooms at the hotel, and you will marvel at the architecture throughout the building. It was designed by Frenchman Philippe Starck. The selection of restaurants at SLS is rather spectacular as well.


7. Bellagio - Average per night rate of $750

The Bellagio might be one of the most well known properties in Vegas and has certainly been featured in a number of shows and movies through the years.

While you can often get quite a deal on a room here, the average rate per night is about $750. For that, you will enjoy your nights in the lap of luxury. Everything is European inspired, right down to the restaurants that have won numerous awards throughout the years.

Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace

6. Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace - Average per night rate of $795

The Nobu Hotel is located in Caesars Palace, and it is the first one ever built in the world. You will find that this is a place where numerous celebrities stay when in Vegas, so who knows who you might spot in the lobby.

The hotel itself is one of the more elegant in design that you will find in Sin City, and you will pay for it. Nobu Hotel is inspired to a large degree by Japanese elements, so you might even forget that you are in Vegas.

Skylofts MGM Grand

5. Skylofts at MGM Grand - Average per night rate of $850

Home to many an international boxing competition over the years, MGM Grand seems to have earned quite the reputation. If you stay in the Skylofts here, you will be in your one private section of the hotel. You can choose from one to three bedroom suites and the amenities and features that you will enjoy are simply out of this world.

Four Seasons Las Vegas

4. Four Seasons Las Vegas - Average per night rate of $870

The Four Seasons in Las Vegas is everything that you dreamed it would be and then some. You can really treat yourself here and stay in one of the luxury skyboxes. This put you high above the Strip. They are located on the 35th-39th floors and really are something special. You will also have access to a five-star spa and a private pool.

Aria Sky Suites

3. Aria Sky Suites - Average per night rate of $925

Each of the suites at Aria is private and contain their own pool. This is only the beginning. It is a hotel where only the elite stay. You will get a ride from the airport, included in the room rate, of course, that takes you right to your 2,000+ square foot suite. You can choose from one or two bedrooms. Guests will also love the bathroom that you get, as it is just like a spa.

Wynn Las Vegas and Encore

2. Wynn Las Vegas and Encore - Average per night rate of $985

The Wynn opened years ago to much fanfare, and the luxury property has not disappointed. There are more than 4,700 rooms combined when you consider both Wynn and Encore. The complex itself houses no fewer than 20 signature restaurants. This is a place that you may just never leave once you check-in, until your check out time that is.

Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

1. Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas - Average per night rate of $1,275

The signature Waldorf Astoria has a pronounced presence in Las Vegas, and it has been well received. The property itself used to be the Mandarin Oriental hotel.

This is actually the only hotel in Vegas to have received the triple 5-star luxury rating from Forbes. You can stay in a suite here that is a massive 3,000 square feet, so prepare to be amazed. So, there you have it. These are the ten most expensive hotels in Las Vegas in 2019, taken on an average per night basis. Staying in one of these might set you back a few bucks, the memories should surely last forever. Enjoy your time in Vegas and live it up a little. You have earned it.

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