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The 20 Most Expensive Hotels in the World in 2017

Taking vacation can be a wonderful experience, but only if your accommodations are acceptable. Most people who are scouting for a room are also on the lookout for the best deals. Then there are the people who aren't as concerned about the cost of the room as they are getting the very best in service, amenities and comfort. There are some amazing hotels and resorts scattered throughout the world, but high-end luxury does come with a price tag, and at times, it's a hefty one. We've put together a list of the 20 most expensive hotels in the world.

20. Saffire Freycinet Cole’s Bay, Australia - $1457 per night

The Saffire Freycinet in Cole's Bay, Australia is a plush luxury resort that is set up to offer the most pleasurable stay of your life. The beaches feature pure white sand that stimulates the bottoms of your feet with a gentle polishing effect that sloughs away old skin and the worries of the day. The resort features a day spa for relaxation. This luxury resort offers Private Pavilions for high class luxury and comfort with dinner in the suite as an option that is complimentary with this package. These accommodations include separate bedroom and dining areas with an attached kitchen. Saffire Freycinet also offers a more affordable price on the signature suites that have all of the amenities included with the Luxury suites package, but larger living space which includes a deck lounge and a bathroom that overlooks Great Oyster Bay.

19. The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort at Bora Bora, French Polynesia - $1459 per night

This luxury resort offers some of the finest accommodations in the region. The environment rivals that of a paradise which lies in the shadow of Mount Otemanu, and the location is also close to a breathtakingly beautiful lagoon. The St. Regis Bora Bora is a private island resort that maintains 44 acres of the most beautifully landscaped grounds around. This branch of the St. Regis hotel family offers all of the bespoke services that are the signature of the company. You have your choice of a spectacular overwater villa, a pool beach villa or you can choose oceanfront retreat villa or the Royal Estate which is a distinctive private home. A full array of amenities including the Miri Miri Spa by Carins, snorkeling in warm protected waters, or beachgoing on the aquamarine colored sea.

18. Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli Lombardy, Italy - $1498 per night

Villa Feltrinelli is a retreat on the stately home that lies on the western bank of Lake Garda. This locale is in close proximity to Milan, Venice and Verona for art lovers who are interested in taking a tour. The Grand Hotel is nested within a private parkland that overlooks a lake. It is framed with cypress trees, magnolias and olive groves which grace the well-groomed gardens. Guests ae invited to relax by the pool or go for a swim when they're not out enjoying the sights. Lakeside tours are also available aboard the private launch Riva.

17. Gora Kadan Kanagawa, Japan - $1538 per night

Gora Kadan is designed in the format of a traditional Japanese Ryokan. It is placed on the grounds of the former summer villa of the Imperial family. The design of the buildings blends beautifully with the nearby mountains with the incorporation of some elements of modern design. The accommodations maintain first class standards that are designed to please even those with the most discriminating of tastes. Gora Kadan draws water from two mineral rich wells and in addition, feature a hot spring with open air baths. these springs are recognized for promoting smooth and soft skin as well as good health. Masseuses are available to offer relaxing massages after a good hot soak.

16. Naladhu Maldives South Male Atoll, Maldives - $1540 per night

The Naladhu Private Island in Maldives offers tropical island sands and a private paradise for guests. The waters ae an exquisite turquoise color and the island offers the most breathtaking scenery. A selection of spacious and upscale villas are available which each come with a private pool that is in front of the Indian Ocean and its' azure waters. The resort promises a stay that is filled with graceful elegance and luxurious accommodations. The resort features: Beach pool houses, ocean pool houses, and two-bedroom pool residences. In addition, amenities include the Living Room restaurant, a gym, the Coconut Grove relaxation area, the Ocean Retreat spa, Yoga, sunset cruises, deep sea and sunset fishing, diving and water sports, surfing, a cooking school, local excursions and a resident medical doctor.

15. Amanyara Turks and Caicos Islands - $1549 per night

The Amanyara Turks and Caicos Islands features a golf course fine dining that is set above cascading water with expansive views, food made with fresh local inrgedients, a wellness spa with two treatment rooms and a service that brings spa therapies to the privacy of your room if preferred. Amanera offers high end luxury rooms and all of the amenities and services to ensure that your stay is top notch and unforgettable.

14. Anantara Kihavah Villas South Male Atoll, Maldives - $1574 per night

Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas offer tranquil and private accommodations. Enjoy the views with seemingly boundless horizons within a prime location in the Baa Atoll island archipelago which borders Haniaru Bay. Explore the underwater world of the Indian ocean or simply relax on the resort's sunny beaches. Tour the UNESCO World Biosphere reserve and explore islands which are uninhabited. Take a day cruise and come back to the resort for fine dining at one of the four restaurants and enjoy an underwater dining experience. Additional amenities include yoga and meditation classes, cooking school, water sports, a fitness center, the Over water Anantara Spa or enroll the kids in the children's club for fun and interesting children's activities.

13. Viceroy Maldives Vagaru Island, Maldives - $1589 per night

The Sugar Beach Resort offers five refined beachfront residences. They sit on the white sands of Sugar Beach. You may also choose from Luxury Guestrooms, Luxury Villas or Luxury Beachfront Bungalows. The grounds are designed with a style of 18th Century colonial charm with superb modern amenities. The St Lucia luxury resort is a Viceroy establishment that offers a full line of amenities including vibrant gardens with colorful fruit trees.  Set on the pristine, crescent-shaped island of Vagaru in the Shaviyani Atoll, Viceroy Maldives is has a truly unique character.

12. Burj Al Arab Dubai, United Arab Emirates - $1611 per night

Burj Al Arab Dubai is a hotel that is stunning in its design and architecture and it has become a symbol of the new and modernized Dubai. This extraordinary hotel offers the most luxurious accommodations in the world. The services offered are also among the finest. Choose from an optional chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce private beach access, helicopter trips, relaxation by the pools and on the terrace and enjoy world class dining at the Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara. Suite only accommodations provide for discreet check in that occurs within the suite. Private receptions are available on each floor with an array of personal butlers.

11. Song Saa Private Island Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia - $1649 per night

The Song Saa Private Island is located on the beautiful Cambodian coastline and has a passion for sustainability of the environment. You'll feel as though you've stepped into nature's wonderland. Enjoy private and pristine beaches, wooden villas which are spacious and accommodations which have been built by hand using local materials and labor. Enjoy the rustic ambiance of repurposed materials for the furnishings and whenever possible, construction of the villas. Fine dining opportunities are available and the restaurant caters to guests who have special dietary restrictions or practices. Enjoy your choice of 24 private pool villas, 2 restaurants and bars, a large infinity pool, spa and wellness sanctuaries, water sports cultural and ecological programs and private mooring.

10. Lizard Island Great Barrier Reef, Australia - $1651 per night

Lizard Island is like no other place on earth. The resort sits on a 1,013-hectare National Park and is also on the Great Barrier Reef. Lizard Island offers privacy for those who prefer seclusion and natural privacy. The resort has available only 40 rooms and villas but there are 24 private beaches to allow you to escape to your own private beach for a day. You'll enjoy exploring the reef, and enjoying the incredible nature around you. This can be done without ever seeing another person if that is your wish. Guided tours and nature walks are available, or if you prefer, you can explore the island on your own. Don't forget to visit the Essentia Day Spa for a relaxing treat after your busy day. Both private and couples’ treatment room are available.

9. Southern Ocean Lodge Kangaroo Island, Australia - $1665 per night

Southern Ocean Lodge is truly a luxury lodge. It combines modern luxury with the beautiful environment of the wild Southern Ocean and the Kangaroo Island wilderness. The lodge is designed to be a sanctuary that provides guests with unrestrained comfort.  Featuring floor-to-ceiling windows with ocean views, the airy, luxe suites also come with terraces and sunken lounges. All feature minibars, heated floors and free Wi-Fi. Some add flat-screen TVs, fireplaces, rainfall showerheads and/or whirlpool baths. Upgraded quarters add hot tubs.  The lodge has a contemporary restaurant/bar. Other amenities include a spa, beach access and event space. A 2-night minimum stay applies.

8. Maia Luxury Resort and Spa Anse Louis, Seychelles - $1692 per night

Maia Luxury Resort is the jewel of the Indian ocean. It sits among the azure waters in the Seychelles and the lush foliage of the surroundings. It sits on a private peninsula that features sweeping and panoramic views. The resort delivers exclusive premium hospitality with luxurious spa facilities, the ultimate in luxury accommodations, fine dining options which are lavish and a dedicated butler to serve your needs in a private villa. Enjoy refreshments throughout the day, and you can have your butler prepare light dishes and meals for you as well. Enjoy of menu items including freshly caught fish or barbecues if this is your preferences. A fine wine boutique featuring wines from all over the world is also at your disposal. Enjoy classy entertainment of your choice or dance the night away after a romantic dinner for two. There are three individual, private open-air pavilions which are separated from each other by natural rock formations. The highly trained staff offers their guests relief by guiding you through accompanied yoga and Qi Gong sessions. Whether you are single, staying as a couple or bringing the entire family with children on your stay, the staff is ready and available to provide you with personalized services to make your tip one that you'll remember for a lifetime.

7. Hotel Romazzino Sardinia, Italy - $1850 per night

Enjoy the scent of Mediterranean flower, light myrtle and some of the whitest beaches in the world. the Hotel Romazino is located in an isolated area of Costa Smeralda with luxury accommodations and extreme privacy for all guests. The services are refined and the staff is detailed in their delivery of the very best in accommodations and amenities. Enjoy private terraces or balconies with a private pool. the hotel is furnished with the finest handmade furnishings and accessories from within the local community.

6. Hotel Cala di Volpe Sardinia, Italy - $1904 per night

Hotel Cala di volpe is set upon a romantic stretch of the Costa Smeralda with an architectural design of a charming fishing village. The surrounding houses create a picturesque ambiance for guests with landing stages which jut out into the translucent turquoise sea. There are 100 rooms available with a sea view and in addition to this, 21 sites which all feature the natural beauty and unique artistry o Sardinia. The decor is a minimal chic style which has the influence of traditional Sardinian workmanship for your pleasure. The presidential suite features three bedroom, a steam bath, two lounges, a stunning view of the emerald bay in the distance and a private heated swimming pool.

5. Amankora & Spa Paro, Bhutan - $1910 per night

The Amankora & Spa is the fifth most expensive hotel in the world and here is why. It is set atop the 7,000-meter Himalayan mountain peaks and you'll have the most breathtaking view of evergreen forests and glacial river valleys. Amankora consists of five lodges which are scattered across the ancient grounds in a pattern that assures each guest will have their choice of which location to stay. Within the five lodges are housed 72 suites which are rustic in design, with contemporary style infusions throughout. The Amankora Bhutan spa treatment is offered for guests with plant based therapies that are created to massage the senses as well as the physical body. Bhutanese oil massages are also available at the spa.
Enjoy fine dining with chefs who choose fresh local ingredients as well as Western interpretations. Outside fires are also permitted at night. The hotel also offers private business or group gathering accommodations.

4. Villa del Parco Sardinia, Italy - $2031 per night

The Villa del parco Hotel & Suite is known as the Hotel del Forte Village. This hotel is an elegant and luxurious facility that offers a large variety of exclusive services and wonderful amenities. The terraces are spacious with gorgeous views of the lush tropical gardens, beautiful pools and they ae close to the sea for easy access to the beaches. Every facility is built to include a beautiful view. You will have your choice of accommodations which range from the suites that feature additional amenities including a personal butler, chef or a chauffeur who will serve you with the highest level of availability and complete discretion. Guests of the suites may choose to have breakfast at the Five Star Terrace, The Calvalieri restaurant or in the privacy of their own rooms. Privacy, exclusive attention, elegance and freedom are top priorities of the staff with the goal of making your stay unique and tailored to meet with your expectations and preferences.

3. Hotel Pitrizza Sardinia, Italy - $2041 per night

Hotel Pitriazza is a place that offers natural beauty as well as a privileged refuge. The location of the Hotel Pitrizza is on an exclusive part of the Costa Smeralda in a corner where the beauty surrounds the facilities, but guests are given the utmost in privacy. There is a total of forty rooms, ten suites and nine unique suites that offer a private pool. There are also six villas available which provide magnificent views of the landscape. The interiors include a decor that features natural stonework and marble with the latest in high tech amenities. these include satellite television, Wi-Fi internet, a DVD/cd player, air conditioning and a telephone line. The suites and villas include private swimming pools with private patios.

2. Royal Mansour Marrakech, Morocco - $2060 per night

The Royal Mansour and Spa is the winner of the conde Nast Traveler Reader's travel Awards for 2017. It is one of the most highly rated hotels in the world and it is the second most expensive hotel to stay at. They've made a few changes in the last few years and the spa is now available at the poolside Spa Pavilion which is located near your sunbed. Every Sunday the Royal Mansour offers a brunch affair that features the multi stared Chef Yannick who creates the most lavish of all menus using local produce that meet with his high standards of quality and freshness. Afternoon tea is also served. Other amenities for your comfort and pleasure include the Royal Mansour Bar, the Chimney Lounge, the Cigar bar and a choice of the most luxurious and elegant accommodations in the world. You have the option of reserving the Exclusive riads which offer the ultimate in exclusive services. In addition, the hotel offers the superior riad, the premier riad and the privilege riad.

The Royal Mansour staff feel that it is their responsibility to make certain that each of their guest’s leaves having experienced nothing short of paradise from the moment that they arrive until the time that they depart. Multiple occasions and events are held in the palatial surroundings for an unforgettable experience that creates memories that will last a lifetime.
As a guest at the Royal Mansour, you will experience the most extravagant displays of sophisticated gatherings. The staff is very pleased to photograph or videotape special moments that will allow you to take them with you are share with others. They offer several different expeditions and shows throughout the year.

1. Le Dune, Forte Village Resort Sardinia, Italy - $2539 per night

The Le Dune Forte Village Resort is the most expensive hotel in the world currently. the facility is set in a calm are that is only a few steps away from the sea. As a guest, you will have your choice of bungalows, exclusive suites, but the one mandate is that each offers magnificent luxury and comfort. The landscaping is absolutely breathtaking. The service is first class. The Children’s Wonderland is set in a privileged position that is close to the beach. This makes Le Dune an excellent choice for families who wish to vacation together. The staff and facilities are set to cater to guests of all ages including adults, teenagers and children. There is something available for everyone.

Staying in the deluxe bungalows give you access to a patio with a lovely view of a private garden. the bathroom comes complete with a bathtub and shower, or if you prefer, you can secure a bungalow that is stocked with a whirlpool tub. Television, a DVD player, air conditioning, an min bar and safe are provided in these rooms. families with small children may want to consider reserving the Thomas the Tank Engine of Special Barbie packages. They are available upon request for an additional supplement. You may also inquire about special programs which are designed specifically for teenagers and children.

Enjoy fine dining at the Le Dune Restaurant which serves breakfast and dinner. Guests have the option of dining at the Forte Grill or Pineta Restaurants with no reservations needed. If desired, a table may be booked at the Belvedere, the Bellavista, the Sardinian, the Brazilian or the Cavalieri restaurants.

If you're in the mood for some intense relaxation, the Aquaforte Thalasso Spa is available and they also offer special programs. The Le Dune may be the most expensive hotel to stay at in the world, but the service is tailored to meet your needs and preferences. Le Dune is a premiere hotel and resort that comes highly recommended for those who are seeking a sophisticated and relaxing stay. When you are a guest at this hotel, you are treated as though you were royalty, whether you are or not.

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