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10 of the Most Unusual Accommodations Around the World

Igloo Hotel

Anyone can travel and stay in a hotel room or bed and breakfast suite, but for a unique adventure you have to think outside the box. Many are surprised at the incredible places that you can spend a night around the globe -- did you know that it's possible to stay in an apartment on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower? From bizarre beds perched in remote locations to private enclaves in some of the world's most iconic sights, here are 10 unusual accommodations around the world.

1. Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

The Northern Lights are simply breathtaking, and to get the best view of this natural wonder you should book a night at Hotel Kakslauttanen. It's not a traditional hotel, but rather an assortment of glass igloos in Finland's Arctic Circle. Though the surroundings are icy, the interiors are pleasant with modern touches. The glass facades pretty much eliminate your chances of having privacy, but you couldn't ask for a better view of the Northern Lights.

2. Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida Keys

Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida Keys

At the bottom of Emerald Lagoon in Florida sits the only underwater hotel in the world. How do you get there? By scuba diving six meters down into the water, of course. Jules’ Undersea Lodge was a research lab in its former life, but is now a lodge with a shower, microwave, and refrigerator. For just $400, you can spend the night in what looks and feels like a goldfish bowl for humans.

3. The Oxford Mal, England

Malmaison Oxford

Ever think of what it would be like to stay in prison? If you head to The Oxford Mal in England, you'd at least know what it's like to live in a prison that was converted into a luxurious hotel. Sure, the convicts who used to inhabit this property didn't get to partake in the on-site bar and brasserie, but at least you won't be looking to escape and will have a wonderful time during your stay.

4. Das Park Hotel, Austria

Das Park Hotel, Austria

If you don't get claustrophobic and wouldn't mind sleeping in a sewer pipe, try Austria's Das Park Hotel. All of the accommodations are actual drainpipes that have been outfitted with cozy beds, lamps, and sleeping bags. While it's not the most spacious place to spend the night, the up side is you can choose your own rate and pay as little or as much as you'd like.

5. Utter Inn, Sweden

Utter Inn, Sweden

Upon your first look at Utter Inn, you may conclude that it's just a red shed that randomly sits on the water. It is, but it's also the entrance to a watertight chamber where you can spend the night. The accommodation was designed and created by a Swedish artist, and the red hut contains a hatch in the floor and the suite's bathroom. Once you open the hatch and go down a ladder, you'll enter the single underwater room.

Sleeping underwater is just half the adventure when you stay here. To even get to Utter Inn you must first go to the port of Vasteras where you'll be given a set of instructions and get aboard an inflatable boat. After arriving to the hut, which is one kilometer out on Lake Malaren, you're simply let alone to enjoy your stay. There's no room service or concierge here, and unless you've paid for the deluxe upgrade which includes dinner delivery, you'll need to figure out how to catch your food. Rates to book Utter Inn start at $333.

6. The Ice Hotel, Sweden

The Ice Hotel, Sweden

If you travel to Sweden's Ice Hotel, not only will you wake up feeling cold, you'll have good reason to do so -- the temperature there stays below freezing. Each room here is a modern architectural marvel made of carved ice, and the ice beds are hand carved as well. What, exactly, is an ice bed? A big block of ice covered with a sleeping bag and a reindeer hide. The Ice Hotel also has a chilly art gallery, vodka bar, and theater. To warm up a bit, an on-site sauna is available. You can spend the night on a literal block of ice at this hotel for $200.

7. Milos Windmill, Greece

Milos Windmill, Greece

On the Greek island of Milos sits a charming old windmill with a stone facade. It was converted into a two bedroom suite and now features whitewashed walls, wood floors, and vibrant blue shutters. Milos Windmill has air conditioning and overlooks a beautifully lush area. The cost to spend the night here? $300 per group of two people.

8. La Balade Des Gnomes, Belgium

La Balade Des Gnomes, Belgium

The inside of a Trojan Horse is just one place that you can stay at La Balade Des Gnomes in Belgium. This eccentric collection of suites includes replicas of lunar capsules, sailing ships, and even a troll forest. Wine lovers can book a night in the wine room -- no word on if the vino is included or if it's BYOB. It costs $170 to get a double room in any of these unique suites.

9. Cabanes du Bois Landry, France

Cabane DEMOISELLE 2009

Paris, France has an abundance of chic and luxurious hotels, but if you travel 90 minutes away you'll reach Cabanes du Bois Landry, a collection of cabins in the woods. What's so unique about a cabin? These are built into tree tops and don't sit on the ground. A system of ladders and rope bridges provides access to each sky high cabin, and you'll get a truly rustic experience if you decide to stay here. There's no running water or electricity, and your complimentary breakfast will have to be hauled up to your cabin via pulley. If you want to give staying in a decked out tree house for a night a go, the cost to book a spot in Cabanes du Bois Landry is $170 per two people.

10. Hotel Costa Verde's 727 Fuselage Home, Costa Rica


How the owners of the Hotel Costa Verde managed to mount a 1965 Boeing 727 into a jungle cliff isn't certain, but they did it. And now, you can spend a night in its fuselage and enjoy luxury accommodations. The air conditioned, two bedroom interior features teak paneling and a terrace with an ocean view.

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