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The Five Most Expensive Hotels In Paris

Four Seasons George V Paris

Paris, the capital city of France, is well known for its gorgeous monuments and iconic structures, including the famous Eiffel Tower-Paris' preeminent landmark. Although Paris is one of the most expensive cities in Europe, it is called "the city of love," according to Travelness, and this might be the reason why it still attracts millions of tourist, expensiveness notwithstanding. Paris also homes the top-rated classic five-star hotels known worldwide and mostly visited by famous figures. These hotels include:

5. Ritz Paris ($1,046 per Night)

The deluxe hotel is located in the heart of Paris and overlooks Place Vendome. It is 1Km from the Louvre and the shops along Champs-Élysées. According to luxxu, the five-star hotel is ranked luxurious and has a flashy fancy décor that maintains Ritz's lavish elegance of 18th-century spirit. It has ornate night sky paintings on the ceiling, making the Hotel a contemporary space with theme variations. The available facilities include; a Chic spa that features Chanel beauty treatment, multiple lounges, a cafe, two upscale restaurants, a Hemingway- inspired venue, an indoor pool, gym, restaurants, bar, lift, hot tub, hairdressers, and 24-hour room service. The staff are friendly and offer excellent customer service. There are many sumptuous dining options at Ritz Paris, including wines and cocktails that are a must-taste. They are expensive but extraordinary. The Hotel contains 159 elegant and spacious rooms with pastel-toned French décor. The rooms feature antiques, marble bathrooms, Wi-Fi, and artwork on the walls, with opulent suites offering separate living areas and private terraces. Lavishly upgraded rooms offer views of Place Vendome.

4. Hotel Plaza Athénée ($1,276 per Night)

Brunei- owned deluxe Hotel is located at 25 avenue Montaigne. It is a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Paris Beauvais Airport and is in the Champs-Élysees neighborhood close to Arc de Triomphe. The iconic five-star hotel has a French-style design that is an eclectic mix of two styles of décor; the 17th-century décor and the modern art deco that pays tribute to geometrics. Amenities available include; 2-open air eateries, three restaurants, a gym, spa, bar, steam room, sauna, 24-hour room service, full-service laundry, fitness center, business centers, and meeting rooms. The fancy hotel bar serves champagne, light bites, and cocktails under a blue-fabric ceiling. They also provide various foods that are amazing and beyond exceptional. The 154 refined rooms provide Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and minibars. Upgraded rooms have sitting areas and tower views, and the palatial suites feature living rooms, balconies, steam rooms, and whirlpool tubs.

3. Shangri- La Paris ($1,471 per Night)

The deluxe Hotel is 1Km away from the Seine River, an 11-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower, and a 2-minute walk from Léna Metro Station. Architect Jany released the historic home of Prince Roland Bonaparte in an eclectic style of the 1980s. The interior has a classical 18th-century artwork that was inspired by Fresh rationalism. The building is decorated with classical moldings and stone facades with a metal frame. The Hotel has various menus paired with fine food and wines; in brief, it has the finest dining experiences. For Cantonese Cuisines, Shangri -La Paris is a legendary destination that will get you covered instantly. The 202 royal décor and spacious rooms feature plush rooms, free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, heated floors, minibars, tea, and coffee makers. Some rooms have river views. The rooms are neat and well maintained, and the options of rooms you can book are Double, Suite, or Twin rooms. The prices in Shangri-La Paris keep changing according to the hotel policy, dates, and other factors.

2. The Peninsula Paris ($1,666 per Night)

The deluxe Hotel was originally called Hotel Majestic. It is 1.6Km from the Eiffel Tower and a 7-minute walk from the Arc de Triomphe. The ornate 19-century building mixes the ancient neoclassical glass-making designs and the breathtaking lights that make the Hotel lively and luxurious. The interior décor is exceptional and hands down. The available services include; a grand lobby restaurant, rooftop lounge bar with Eiffel Tower views, spa, sauna, a cigar lounge, indoor pool, fitness center, Jacuzzi, glass-enclosed space, 24-hour room service, and business center. The staff is super accommodating. The Hotel has 200 spacious and air-conditioned rooms that feature separate dressing areas; the chic rooms have free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, desks, and coffee makers. The Hotel was among the first to receive Forbes 5-star status. What makes the building special is; that it served as the headquarters of the German military high command in France during World War II and later reopened as Peninsula Paris in 2014 with a costly restoration. Rooms at Peninsula cost from $341 to$9844 depending on the room type.

1. The Four Seasons Hotel George V ($1949 per Night)

The prestigious landmark was built in 1928 and is located in the Golden Triangle of Paris, a few steps from the Champs- Élysées. It is 20.2Km away from Paris Le Bourget Airport, 410m from George V, and a 20-minute walk from Eiffel Tower. Four Seasons is one of the world's most successful hotels claiming guest loyalty because of its consistency in doing well and exceptional hotel services. The Hotel has a classic decoration, and the décor portrays a traditional French style and modern design that features original 18th and 19th-century artwork and rich fabric. The Hotel has 244 deluxe and air-conditioned guest rooms and suites with iPod docking stations, plasma televisions, tea and coffee makers, and refrigerators. The beds are super comfortable, and the rooms are well organized. Besides luxurious accommodations, the Hotel offers a spa, Michelin-star dining, Jacuzzi, a business center, an indoor pool, a bar, a restaurant, free Wi-Fi and parking, 24-hour front desk services, and golf options. The foods and drinks offered are expensive but top-notch. The menu has a variety of options. For palatial rooms, it will cost you $1680 for a night.

In Conclusion

The five-star hotels in Paris are quite expensive, but they are worth that dollar. The services offered are extraordinary, and the staff is super friendly with amazing communication skills. Speaking of food and drinks, they are beyond delicious and fabulous. A single meal in the Hotel can leave you craving for more in the coming days, months, or years. The hotels are exceptional; surprisingly, they are located in the heart of Paris, just right in the middle of the city.

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