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10 Reasons to Visit the Waikiki Beachcomber by Outrigger

For the uninitiated, Waikiki Beachcomber by Outrigger is an original craft hotel in Hawaii that serves up island vibes in large scoops. It is the perfect place to create new memories, discover new excitements, and relax. Here are ten reasons you should stay here on your next vacation or trip to Hawaii:

1. Relaxed Atmosphere

The Beachcomber beats out the nearby Hilton as the most relaxed resort. There are no crowds here or long check-in lines at the reception. Additionally, the resort has instituted COVID-19 measures like social distancing in the dining areas and at the pool. The latter has a reservation system that only allows eight people to be around the area at any one time. While the area around the hotel property is very crowded, the resort itself is very calm and relaxing. You can enjoy live music at the lobby café or open-air seating at the Maui Brewing Company, which is attached to the hotel. According to the hotel operations vice president, Mike Shaff, “There are no towers on either side of it [the hotel], so it offers good views and breathing room."

2. Modern Features

Guests can also enjoy the mosaic-tiled pool or the hot tub next to it. If you prefer to sit in the sun and read a book, there are multiple comfortable umbrella shades and loungers on the deck. The fitness center is small but open and bright with several cardio machines and personal video monitors. This last perk is usually only offered in five-star resorts. If you plan on going sightseeing during your trip, the reception desk features a 24/7 concierge activity desk that allows you to plan outings. There are laundry machines for long-term guests and those with families, as well as meeting rooms for people on business trips. As the icing on the cake, guests can also enjoy free Wi-Fi, valet parking, MP3 clock radios, and in-room safes.

3. Authentic Décor

After the recent renovations at Waikiki Beachcomber by Outrigger, the accommodations now feature artwork and furnishings inspired by the beaches and culture in Hawaii as well as the ocean. Overall, the theme is bathed in deep teal hues offset by orange splashes and sand-colored carpets. You will also enjoy wall-size sea murals behind the bed that create a tranquil atmosphere. The hanging lights look like fishing balls and blend well with the Hawaiian barkcloth, carved wood, and rope art designs. Instead of the usual bathrobes, you can wear comfortable blue kimono-style wraps.

4. Prime Location

While technically a midsize resort, the Beachcomber's unique features, and prime location save it from being drab and average. The hotel is located in the middle of Waikiki in the International Market Place. It is conveniently close to the beach and several restaurants and shopping malls. Even better, while the atmosphere outside is loud and crowded, the resort itself is calm and peaceful.

5. Access to Honolulu

Although the Beachcomber is not situated on the beach, it allows you some of the best access to Honolulu hotspots. It is a five-minute walk from the Waikiki beach and across the street from Moana Surfrider hotel. If you are a shopper, you will love that the resort is also minutes down the street from Waikiki Shopping Plaza, International MarketPlace, and Royal Hawaiian Center Shopping Mall.

6. Amazing Food

The resort has two on-site eateries that both offer fantastic food and ambiance. The popular Maui Brewing Co. provides live music, games, island-inspired dishes, and craft beer, all wrapped in an industrial-chic ambiance. Hawaiian Aroma Café, on the other hand, serves amazing cocktails, specialty coffees, and homemade food in a cheery environment. It is conveniently located between the pool and the lobby for the best blend of good food and relaxation.

7. Access to the Beach

As mentioned, the Beachcomber is located across the street from the world-famous Waikiki beach. While people often refer to the 1.5-mile stretch of beautiful sand as Waikiki, it is actually three different beaches. You can expect exhilarating activities like paddle boarding and surfing from the locals and tourists on the beach. If you are no one for sports, you can sit back on the white sand and enjoy the manicured lawns, which are dotted with majestic palm trees.

8. Amenities

All the rooms in the Beachcomber are fitted with modern amenities, including 55-inch flat-screen TVs that allow you to stream movies from your room. There is also improved connectivity as Mike Shaff points out, “For travelers these days, it’s all about connectivity. Each room will have enough outlets for nine different devices.”

9. Comfortable Rooms

The Waikiki Beachcomber by Outrigger has 498 rooms with modern accessories and decent, unobstructed views of the beach. Although the bathrooms are somewhat small, they come with a shower, free toiletries, and modern fixtures. The rooms have balconies, a flat-screen TV, desk, chair, and a couch in the living room for the suites.

10. Decent Prices

Compared to other resorts in Hawaii, Waikiki Beachcomber is modestly priced. Room prices begin at $179 per night but can drop to $129 a night if you book seven nights. In addition to this, you will be charged an extra resort fee of $35 per night. This can seem steep, but it is well worth it for the number of amenities and perks you will enjoy.


Whether you want to sip a Mai Tai on a rooftop pool or enjoy some paddleboarding by the beach, the Waikiki Beachcomber by Outrigger is the place to be. Here, you get to enjoy a blend of modern and Oahu culture, beautiful sceneries, refreshing air, live music at the Maui Brewing Co., and many more amenities. These ten reasons are just the tip of the iceberg.

Liz Flynn

Written by Liz Flynn

Liz Flynn has worked as a full-time writer since 2010 after leaving a career in education. She finds almost all topics she writes about interesting, but her favorite subjects are travel and food. Liz loves the process of researching information, learning new things, and putting into words what others who share her interests might like to read. Although she spends most of her time writing, she also enjoys spending time with her husband and four children, watching films, cooking, dining out, reading, motorsports, gaming, and walking along the beach next to her house with her dog.

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