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10 Reasons to Stay at the Hyatt At Olive 8, Seattle, WA

Hyatt at Olive 8

If you’re heading down to Seattle and wondering where to rest up for the night, the Hyatt at Olive 8  comes heartily recommended. With a sleek, modern design, eco-friendly credentials, a perfect location in the downtown, and a level of service that will make you never want to leave, it’s guaranteed to offer the kind of stay you’ll be talking about for months to come. For more reasons to make the Hyatt your next destination, read on.

1. Environmentally Conscious

You don’t have to be a full-time eco-warrior to be concerned about your carbon footprint. At the Hyatt 8, you can enjoy a luxurious break without leaving a dent on your conscious. The newest luxury property to hit the Seattle scene is the city’s first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified hotel, which as Highmark helpfully explains, basically means the hotel was “designed and built using strategies aimed at achieving high performance in key areas of human and environmental health: location and transportation, sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality”… which is, we think, very much a good thing indeed.

2. Luxurious Rooms

Eco-conscious doesn’t have to mean plain and dour – at the Hyatt At Olive 8, you can pick from a choice of 346 luxurious rooms and 13 opulent suites, each equipped with energy-efficient lighting, low-power appliances, and water conservation processes. Regardless of whether you choose a room or a suite, you’ll sleep easy in the knowledge your stay is having the most minimal impact on the environment possible (and when you wake you, you’ll get to enjoy one of the best skyline vistas in the city as a reward).

3. Indoor Lap Pool

If you want to truly relax and unwind, an hour floating around the Hyatt At Olive 8’s tranquil indoor lap pool is sure to do it. The little oasis in the middle of the hectic city offers calm, saline waters in a high-ceilinged, spacious space. With plenty of room on the pool deck to take in the stunning views offered from the floor to ceiling windows, and a whirlpool spa to truly relax and decompress, it’s the ideal place to while away the hours.

4. 24/7 Gym

Gym bunnies will be most impressed with the next feature to make our list – access to a 24-hour, 7 day a week gym. Equipped with all the cardio equipment and strength training machines you’d expect to find in any first-class fitness center, the hotel’s state-of-the-art StayFit gym gives you the chance to work-out on the Peloton cycles to one of over 8,000 on-demand classes or enjoy the built-in television monitors on its well-stocked bank of ellipticals and treadmill.

5. Pet-Friendly

It can be a struggle to find pet-friendly hotels in the city, but if you don’t want to leave Fido behind while you vacation, you’re in luck…. well, you will be if your pet weighs 50 pounds or less. Let the Hyatt know in advance you’d like to bring along your pet, and they’ll happily indulge you for a minimal fee.

6. Wedding Venue

If you’re planning your wedding and are looking for the ideal venue to host it, the Hyatt at Olive 8 may be just the ticket. With its high ceilinged, sunlit rooms, elegant ballrooms and contemporary reception venues, you’ll be spoilt for choice deciding where to entertain your guests. If you need a helping hand with the finer details, the Hyatt’s dedicated wedding specialist is available to lend you the benefit of their experience. The creative culinary team, meanwhile, will have no problem in helping you draw up a menu to tempt even the fussiest of wedding guests.

7. Meeting Spaces

If you’re planning a team-building event, hosting a launch, or looking for a spacious, well-equipped venue for a board meeting, the Hyatt has everything on hand to guarantee a successful occasion. With more than 12,000 square feet of meeting space offering state of the art facilities, cutting-edge audiovisual equipment, and onsite event planning experts to guide you through the finer details, you’ll struggle to find a better spot to hold your gathering. As a bonus, you’ll be showing off your green credentials by choosing a venue that offers recycled paper materials, filtered water, and a seasonal, locally sourced menu.

8. Local Cuisine

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, you’ll find it at the Hyatt at Olive 8. Hyatt has partnered up with local farmers and producers to create menus that offer the best of locally sourced, sustainably grown (not to mention delicious) ingredients. At Urbane, the hotel’s signature restaurant, you can enjoy world-class cuisine with a local twist, along with a long, cool glass of craft beer. If you’re looking for a quick coffee on the run, meanwhile, check out the Urbane Market – a showcase for the best of Seattle’s exclusive coffees, beers and wines.

9. Prime Location

You’ll struggle to find a better spot for your city break than the Hyatt at Olive 8. Situated in downtown Seattle, the hotel has the best of the city’s varied attractions and activities right on its doorstep. Within 10 minutes of leaving your room, you could be enjoying a waterfront stroll, checking out the goods on offer at Pike Place Market, viewing the cultural delights at the Seattle Art Museum, or topping up your caffeine levels at the world’s very first Starbucks store. Venture a little further, and you can enjoy a pitstop tour of some of the finest wineries in the Pacific Northwest.

10. Concierge Service

Whatever you need during your stay, you can be assured of a first-class service thanks to the hotel’s very handy, and very helpful, concierge service. Whether it’s drawing up a list of things to do and see while you’re in the area, finding a babysitter for the evening, or working out the peculiarities of the local public transport system, the hotel’s staff are there to help.

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