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10 Benefits of Having an Ulta Credit Card


Ulta is a chain of beauty stores with on-site salons. As a result, it sells a wide range of products that should prove interesting to both men and women, which include but are not limited to cosmetics, skincare products, and hair care products.

One of the many features that make Ulta stand out from its competitors is the price differences in the products that they sell. They offer high-end luxury brands, but also offer affordable products, making the store appealing to anyone without it mattering what their budget is. Additionally, Ulta Beauty is a one-stop shop for many customers due to its in-house salon, which offers an array of beauty services. Some of the beauty services that can be done at their store include hair services, brow services, skin services and make-up services. It is definitely beneficial to do all of your beauty shopping and beauty services all in one place, saving you time.

Due to this, interested individuals might want to check out the Ulta credit card, which as its name suggests, is intended to be most useful for Ulta customers. Whether you apply and are approved for an Ultamate Rewards Credit Card or an Ultamate Rewards Mastercard, here are 10 benefits that can be had by becoming an Ulta credit card user:

1. Ease of Use

There are numerous payment methods that can be found out there. Each one possesses its own upsides and downsides, meaning that each one is better-suited to particular people under particular circumstances than the others. As a result, credit cards have their weaknesses, but there can be no doubt about the fact that they offer exceptional ease of use for making both online and offline purchases.

Credit cards though, definitely make certain things a bit easier for individuals. For example, some customers prefer to pay with credit cards rather than using a bank account where their actual money is saved. This eliminates the possibility of someone getting a hold of banking information.

2. Peace of Mind

Speaking of which, it is worth noting that credit cards tend to come with excellent security as well, which is perhaps unsurprising considering the fears that people have about credit card fraud. Suffice to say that this security can protect credit card users from a wide range of potential problems as well as limit the consequences should something happen in spite of those precautions.

With the Ultamate Rewards Mastercard, customers get all of the benefits that Mastercard offers for their customers including identity theft protection. The Ultamate Rewards Credit Card also protects in the event of identity theft. In most cases, if there is ever an incident where customers have their credit card stolen and used it to make unauthorized purchases, credit card companies work closely with customers to file claims and provide reimbursements for customers.

3. Readily Available Funds

On top of this, the two credit cards offer readily available funds, which is something that can't be had via non-revolving forms of credit. This means increased convenience because interested individuals can borrow money until they hit their credit limit for the purchases of their choice. Depending on the customers' credit scores, the funds available may differ but this is a benefit that customers enjoy because as soon as they receive credit approval, they can start making purchases using their credit card. Like any other credit card, once purchases are made, the available funds decrease until the balance is paid off. Once the balance is paid off, customers have the funds available again to continue shopping using their credit card. Additionally, loyal customers typically have yearly reviews made by their credit card banks and if the customer is making payments on time, the available funds can increase over time.

4. Better Credit Score

Smart credit card users will make their payments on time and keep their balances low when possible, which can have a very positive effect on their credit score. Since the credit score is the single most popular method for gauging a person's creditworthiness, this can mean better interest rates as well as more lenient borrowing conditions in the time still to come.

Typically, when customers are approved for a credit card, the credit card purchases and payments will be reported to the credit bureau. The credit bureau will then determine credit scores for their customers based on how they are using their credit cards and if they are making their payments on time. Having one of the Ulta Beauty credit cards allows customers to take control of their credit score and start building it or improving it. It is also important to say that it is much easier to qualify for a retail credit card than a bigger home loan for example. With that being said, if customers need to work on their credit scores, then being approved for an Ultamate Reards Credit Card or an Ultamate Rewards Mastercard would greatly assist with that.

5. Two Choices

Ulta offers not one but two credit cards. The two options are similar in some regards, but it is important to note that one is limited for use in Ulta stores while the other can be used wherever a Mastercard can be used. Due to this, interested individuals have more choice, which should increase their chances of making the one that is better-suited to their particular interests. Additionally, customers may not have a credit score that will approved them for a Ultamate Rewards Mastercard, but they may be approved for the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card instead. For that reason, it is beneficial to customers to have the option of applying to two different credit cards.

6. Save on First Purchase

Both Ulta credit cards offer interested individuals a special discount of 20 percent on their first purchase from Ulta Beauty. This encourages interested individuals to spend, but it isn't necessarily a bad thing because 20 percent can mean a fair amount of savings should they plan out their purchase. This is a great incentive and most customers are excited to apply for a Ulta beauty credit card if it means that their purchase will be discounted by twenty percent. Not only are they buying something that is going to be discounted, but the customers get the long term benefits that come with the credit card, such as points and rewards.

7. Potential Bonus Points

Speaking of which, the Ulta Ultamate Rewards Mastercard comes with a second introductory offer in the form of 500 reward points that can be collected by the credit card user so long as they spend $500 on purchases that have nothing to do with Ulta Beauty. This can be an excellent head start for people seeking to capitalize on the rewards program as much as possible. The 500 welcome bonus points is a one time offer to encourage customers to apply for the Ultamate Rewards Mastercard.

8. Rewards Program

Given the above, it should come as no surprise to learn that the Ulta Ultamate Rewards Mastercard comes with a rewards program. However, it should be mentioned that the other Ulta credit card has one as well. In short, both credit cards award 2 points per dollar spent at Ulta Beauty. However, the Ulta Ultamate Rewards Mastercard awards an additional 1 point per $3 spent on non-Ulta Beauty-related purchases.

Ultamate rewards points are a great way to attract customers and encourage they continue shopping at Ulta Beauty Stores. Customers earn rewards when they make purchases. The more they spend, the more rewards they will see. Those Ultamate rewards points can be saved by customers to use whenever they would like. Once they are ready to redeem the points earned, customers can use them on anything in the store, including products or beauty services. This is a great benefit for customers to have because they can save all of their rewards and essentially get a haircut at no cost if they have the available rewards.

9. No Annual Fee

Neither one of the two Ulta credit cards, Ultamate Rewards Credit Card or the Ultamate Rewards Mastercard, have an annual fee. Primarily, this is good because no annual fee means lower costs. However, it should be mentioned that this can change the incentives for spending using the credit cards as well, which can have a surprisingly large impact on people's credit card use patterns. In this case, no annual fee is good because it means that people won't be pushed to make more use of the credit card for the sake of making the fee worthwhile. Additionally, rather than spending money on having to pay an annual fee, customers can use their money on whatever they would like.

10. Can Be Used In-Store without Being Carried

Interestingly, it is possible to use an Ulta credit card for in-store purchases even if the credit card user hasn't brought the credit card with them. Of course, they'll be expected to provide ID as well as enter some information to make sure that they are really who they are claiming to be before being able to complete the transaction. Ulta is equipped to provide assistance to their customers and accept payment even if they don't have their actual credit card on them at the moment of the purchase. This option though is only available in person and for online purchases, you will need your actual credit card.

Final Thoughts

Applying for a credit card is never a choice that is made easily, but thanks to the ease and the great benefits that the Ulta Credit Card offers, customers are able to make that choice a lot easier than ever before. With bonus points offered on two different cards as well as both of their cards being an Ultamate Rewards Credit Card, customers are sure to benefit from either one of these credit cards. The perks offered such as no annual fees and earning rewards that can be used for products or services are unlike any other credit card. Also, customers have the choice to spend their rewards on beauty products, hair products, or even a service from their beauty service salon, which makes it beneficial for customers to shop for their beauty products and get services done all in the same place.

Whether a customer is applying for their first credit card or is looking at taking advantage of the different benefits that Ulta credit cards offer, such as the 500 welcome bonus points, the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card and the Ultamate Rewards Mastercard are great choices for those who enjoy shopping at Ulta Beauty or Ulta Beauty Stores online.

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