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How to Activate a Credit One Card Within a Few Minutes

Credit Card

Nothing is so stressful as being in a financial crisis and having a poor credit history. This limits your borrowing power. If you’re lucky to get a lender willing to overlook your negative credit score, you can be sure the terms will be unfavorable. The good news is you can rebuild your credit score.

There are many ways to boost your credit score, and the credit one card rank among the many recommended options for rebuilding your credit score. This card also helps you save a few dollars as you get unlimited rewards (1% cashback) on all purchases you make with it. It also has other exciting features like zero fraud liability protection, an extended warranty, among other benefits.

You can access all these benefits only if you apply for the credit one bank card. It’s an easy and faster process. However, you have to go through the activation process to be able to use your credit card.

Activate Your Credit One Card

Credit One Bank expects its clients to activate the cards sent to them. Why do the Credit One card recipients have to carry out this exercise? First, it notifies the bank that you are in receipt of the credit card. Second, it is a necessary step in card verification to help ascertain that you’re the valid owner and holder of the credit card.

That ensures extra protection and minimizes the risk of being defrauded. The third reason is to get authorization to use the card. Remember, credit cards not activated within the specified time are canceled. Upon receiving your Credit One card, you have the first 14 days to activate it, failure to which the card will be closed. This means you won’t be able to use your card. By activating your credit card, you accept the terms and conditions set between you and your card provider - Credit One Bank.

Getting Started With Credit One Card Activation

Activating a Credit One card is a simple and fast process. However, you must ensure the process is flawless. If there is mismatched information, the card won’t activate. This article covers three ways that you can utilize to activate your Credit One card within a few minutes. These are;

  • Online
  • Customer care service
  • ATM

1. Activating Credit One Card Through the Help Of Customer Care Service

Your Credit One card is mailed to you with the toll number that you can call to have it activated. The number is either printed on your Credit One card sticker or the paperwork mailed together with the card. You can reach out to the customer care team using the toll number provided. The toll number for US residents is usually- 1-877-825-3242 and 1-702-405-2042 for those residing outside the US.

Once you contact either of these numbers, you will interact with an automated customer care support system. Once you call either of the toll numbers, you’ll be directed to an automated voice system that connects you to the customer care officer through programmed instructions. The customer care representative to whom you are connected will ask you to provide some personal information for authentication purposes. They will expect you to give details of your

  • Name
  • Birth Date
  • Social security number
  • Card verification value number
  • The number of your Credit One card

The system is well integrated such that it allows you to key in these details using your phone. When contacting the customer care team, ensure to use the phone number shared during your card application. Using a different telephone number will likely prolong the activation process.

That’s because the customer care officer will require you to provide additional information to verify that you are the legitimate cardholder. With this method, your card activation will be complete in a few minutes, but only if the information you’ve provided is correct. When placing your call, ensure you follow all the steps as instructed by the automated support system. Otherwise, your call will be terminated, and you won’t get the help needed.

2. Activating Credit One Card Online

Credit One Bank acknowledges that most people prefer online transactions and allows you to activate your credit card in your comfort. However, this method requires you first to create an account. You’ll log in to this account when activating your credit card. To register your account, visit the company’s website. After the account is set, you can proceed to the activation process.

Go to the Credit One Bank website. On the start-up page (homepage), select the ‘Set Up Online Account Access’ option. A form will appear on your screen. Fill in your details as required i.e. Official name, email address, social security number, credit one card number, security code (as appears on your credit card), username and password. Take a few seconds to verify the details you’ve keyed in. You want to ensure the information is accurate before moving to the final step. Once confirmed, tap the ‘Continue’ option and in a few seconds, you’ll be set. Your credit card will be activated, and you’ll be able to access your online account by keying your username and password.

3. Activating Credit One Card On an ATM

If you don’t want to contact the customer care team or use an online activation method, grab your credit card and walk to your nearest ATM. Once at the Credit One card ATM, swipe your card. Several options will appear on the screen, but tap on the ‘Activate Card’ options. Input your PIN and any other details required, and your card will be activated successfully.

Summing Up

Credit One Card is a card worth having. It comes with multiple benefits. Among them are credit-building features that are very beneficial to people with poor credit. Using this credit card, individuals get to rebuild their credit score while still earning a percentage of the cash spent on their purchases. If you are interested in Credit One card, make your application today. If your request is accepted, the card will be mailed to you. Then activate your credit card using either of the above methods and enjoy all the benefits attached to the specific card.

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