10 Benefits of The Chase Sapphire Reserve Priority Pass

When signing up for a premium credit card, it’s important that you completely understand what you’re getting and the Chase Sapphire Reserve Priority Pass is no different. Seeing how this card comes with a $450 annual fee, you’ll definitely want to make sure it’s going to work for you and that the benefits will give you enough of a value to make it worth paying the hefty fee. Not everyone uses all the benefits of their credit cards; some may be great, but just not needed by you, while others are just what you’re looking for. Have a look at 10 benefits of the Chase Sapphire Reserve Priority Pass and determine whether this card is the right one for you. After all, the Priority Pass membership is one of its best benefits, making it one of the best travel reward cards. If you don’t know, Priority Pass is the biggest independent lounge network for airports worldwide, partnering with more than a thousand lounges in over five hundred cities. See if its benefits work for you! CSRC will be used from here on out to represent Chase Sapphire Reserve Card.

1. $300 Annual Travel Credit

Credits and fee waivers are the easiest and quickest ways to gain savings with your CSRC. They are set dollar amounts which are easily redeemed. Since you would have spend this money anyway, these credits can go directly toward canceling out that $450 fee. The annual travel credit is one of these credits. You’ll automatically receive credit for travel purchases you place on your card up to three hundred dollars a year. This credit doesn’t have to be used up in a single purchase, but can be spread out among multiple purchases. Stick to the categories in the travel category and you’ll be reimbursed three hundred dollars.

2. Global Entry/TSA Pre-Check Fee Credit

This is worth up to a hundred dollars every four years. All you have to do is charge the application fee to your CSRC and you will automatically be reimbursed. When you get approved for Global Entry, you’ll also be approved for TSA Pre-Check. Your application fees are covered, so applying is a win/win situation if you’re eligible. The credit is only allowed every four years because you’re only required to renew your membership every five years. The CSRC gives you time for renewal by offering the credit every four years.

3. No Foreign Transaction Fees

This is a three precent savings with your CSRC meaning you’ll never have to pay a foreign transaction fee. This applies to things you buy when internationally traveling as well as those you buy from foreign businesses when planning to travel. This is an important benefit even though its offered by most travel credit cards. You won’t have to switch cards when using it for traveling.

4. 3x Points for Every $1/Travel & Dining

You will get three Ultimate Rewards points for every dollar spent traveling or dining at restaurants all around the world. Just purchase the product or service using your CSRC when the merchant is in one of the travel/dining categories and you’ll earn 3x points. It doesn’t matter if its fast food or fine dining, hostels or five star hotels, they’re all earn you triple the points. This is a great way of building up your points.

5. 50% More Travel Redemptions

The CSRC provides the highest value on travel redemptions than any other Chase card when booking via the Ultimate Rewards Travel Center. You normally only get one cent per point of value when redeeming for cash-back, however, when redeeming through the Travel Center, you get fifty percent more for your points, which is better than redeeming directly via an airline or hotel program.

6. No Blackout Dates

When using your CSRC and booking with your points via the Travel Center, there aren’t any blackout dates ever, nor are there any restrictions on traveling. If you find the hotel, flight, or packaged deal via the Travel Center, you can book it using your point rate of 1.5 cents as discussed in number 5. Although this may not be the highest yield, you don’t have to worry about blacked out dates and can travel when you want.

7. One-to-One Points Transfers

This is by far the best value you can receive from you points when transferring them for redeeming with one of Chase’s travel partners. Ultimate Rewards points can be transferred directly to travel partners from your account at a one-to-one ration. However, they must be transferred in increments of a thousand. Once the points have been transferred, the loyalty program rules apply. It’s then possible to get up to fifteen cents per point, and sometimes higher, when booking premium cabins for award flights. You can get the best value of your points this way by upgrading your travel.

8. Airport Lounge Access

This is a twenty-seven dollar a person value per visit. The CSRC comes with a complimentary membership for the Priority Pass Select once you sign up; there’s no fee. Once the membership is activated, you’ll have free access to over a thousand lounges in over five hundred cities. Amenities can vary, but you can use the free app for getting an idea of what’s offered, anything from drinks and snacks to massages and showers!

9. Luxury Hotel & Resorts

This is a hundred to a thousand dollar value per booking. With a network of over nine hundred amazing hotels and resorts, this collection will ensure your stay will also be amazing. Some of the extra benefits and amenities you’ll receive are breakfast for two, daily, free wifi, room upgrades, early check-in and late check-out, and many other special benefits and amenities unique to each property.

10. Deals on Car Rentals

Avis, National, Emerald Club Executive Elite, and Silvercar all offer special savings when using your CSRC to purchase rental agreements, some up to thirty percent savings.

Believe it or not, this isn’t even all the benefits your will acquire with the CSRC. You can also receive auto rental collision damage waiver up to twenty dollars a day, trip cancellation/interruption insurance up to twenty thousand dollars each occurrence, baggage delay insurance up to a hundred dollars per day, lost luggage reimbursement up to three thousand dollars per passenger, trip delay reimbursement up to five hundred dollars per ticket, and travel accident insurance. If you travel, the Chase Sapphire Rewards Card may be the one for you.

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